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  1. The Sens were hacking at price after every save... Hence the quick whistles.
  2. I wonder is Markov is banged up... He isn't as fast as he use to be, but he was brutal the last few games..
  3. Great rebound game for Price... Habs shooters were so snakebit it was ridiculous. They were afraid to shoot the puck since they had zero confidence. I sure hope they shake it off for the next series.
  4. This is going 7 and I am not sure we win it.... Anderson is playing out of this world.... Over 40 saves again...
  5. Even if the Sens horsehoe breaks, this team is going nowhere if Price looks this bad and out top players can't score.
  6. Brutal turn over but price looked terrible..zero confidence... Anderson is challenging shooters and Price is down and out. If Price can't outplay Anderson the send will win this series...
  7. Anderson is outplaying the crap out of the habs
  8. Three zip... This is over... Price has not been that great lately... Point shot and Price was on his knees before it was shot...
  9. Not sure why people think MT is being out coached. The players are being out played by the sense players who want it more... I am pretty sure MT isn't telling them to play like crap and chickens.
  10. Price is just not in the zone... Brutal penalty to take... Wake up Price
  11. If they won't pay the price to get in front of Anderson they won't score... Price needs to get it going...not a great period of work from him either....
  12. This is definitely time for the first two lines to earn their pay.
  13. Can't even get a shot... Toothless game by the Habs... No push to tie the game
  14. Habs don't look too interested in winning this...
  15. Crap.... Okay boys.... Better get rolling
  16. Chucky is disappointing so far... Just invisible.
  17. Well, close games tend to favour the Habs... 20 good minutes and they get a week off.
  18. Wow, if that was an interference call on emelin, where were all the calls when they dumped Gally in front of the net with no puck around... That looked like a simple battle in front of the net, but I guess after the bs call on the sens the refs were looking for a makeup call.
  19. I am not sure I have seen Pacs win a single battle... DD looks stronger then Pacs right now.
  20. Refs sure ignore a lot from the sens.
  21. I suspect he is trying to take the pressure to score off them and get them to just get zone time.... It didn't work, but can't blame him for deflecting the heat off them.
  22. Our pp is now just an embarrassing sequence of unforced errors. It's in their heads now, can't make a simple pass.
  23. Ceci thinks we have a powerful PP.... Check him for a concussion.
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