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  1. Two overtime wins, but we have them on the ropes....lets just hope they don't injure anyone
  2. Wow...Wiese is the hero tonight.... This series is all about the role guys...
  3. Love the fourth line but Malholtra would be nice on some of these draws
  4. Seriously.... They can't even get the zone
  5. Damn...not a PP to ruin our momentum...
  6. It's in their heads now... Bad decisions, fumbling the puck... They stop making the most simply plays and look frustrated... Get a shrink.
  7. These guys need to see a shrink for the PP...
  8. Playing the whole thing running around their own zone....
  9. Rusty goalie and they take long distance perimeter shots to his chest... Brutal.. Habs simply look slow and like they don't want to work for it.
  10. Brutal play...giving it away... Terrible clear attempts. They better get their heads in the game.
  11. Anderson is a rebound machine....they have to start driving the net.
  12. No one in front of the net again....
  13. There have been a few non calls in this game...
  14. The pp has to get going.... Now would be good.
  15. Better, but Ottawa is still hitting everything that moves...
  16. Well, after that shellacking, I guess only being down by one isn't too bad. I sure hope the Habs show up in the second.
  17. About time... Let's hope the pp can get one...after that period if we come out even it will be a bonus. Jesus PK is rattled...
  18. Habs need to push back...sadly, they will get a penalty the minute they step into a guy.
  19. Habs need to pick it up but at some point the reefs have to call the holding and interference going on
  20. Unreal... Refs letting everything go then Ottawa scores after a blatant missed call.
  21. Sweet... That's what happens when you work hard and get everything to the net.
  22. I hope they can make the pp time count. The pp for Ottawa is the only reason they have been in these games...Habs need to stop giving them free power plays.
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