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  1. They have dominated the entire period. If not for niemi this is a lead...
  2. So we basically have to ride price for every game. If he wanted to add some depth he should have looked for a backup.
  3. Done with niemi. Every mediocre chance is in
  4. And the pp costs us another game. You knew the leafs were going to score on the three on three.
  5. Can someone please get in front of the net on the PP... all of them in the outside.
  6. Keep it going boys... those goals by the leafs were a bit lucky... good time for a PP goal.
  7. I didn’t like the choice either... sadly, this is what happpens when you don’t bury your chances. You leave it to the bounces. Their scoring sure dried up with tougher teams.
  8. Out worked the entire game... Boston has more talent as well. Habs needed a huge effort, not this dud...
  9. Well all but over now... gong show in their own end.
  10. Refs are sure ignoring a lot of crap from Boston... not that a PP would help.
  11. Not sure which is worse...the defence or the power play.
  12. Weak goal to lose it. Shame they were doing well in the overtime.
  13. This team is .500 in the last ten games... they are young and hard working, but the terrible defence and lack of goaltending is catching up fast...
  14. Edmonton has the speed like the habs, but so much more talent. Our D and goaltending are not good enough for this.
  15. Price should have been traded while he had some value. He is too expensive even if he was playing decently. He isn’t..
  16. Bad moves all around.. Drouin was a good add, it not a great price paid. They needed to add to this team and instead lost a lot of skill and expected Drouin to be a top centre in the league...he isn’t. This tesm needs a serious rebuild. Nothing left to trade with.
  17. Yes..lack talent. Defence is not very good. No decent centres. Face offs are killing them. Lots of perimeter shots padding the shot clock. I said they are not as bad as this but they are not going to turn into a great team. The shooting percentage will get better, but I don’t see the defence improving much. You know what gets you a low shooting percentage? A team always behind that lacks finishers, but is blasting away trying to get back in the game.
  18. Brutal...maximum effort and they can barely score... just over a minute for ducks to pop two in. this team lacks talent. All there is to it. they are not as bad as the start, but they are not a good team.
  19. Our defence are terrible and can’t handle their big forwards. Our forwards are easily pushed around by their defence. If price is our secret weapon, we are in trouble.
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