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  1. Habs have played a lot of hockey in the last couple of weeks… as this series goes on the Jets are gOing to have the fresh leg advantage…
  2. Yeah, I would give this entire period to the Jets, except when Perry’ line is out..
  3. Gallagher and line look like a 4th line…
  4. I expected the Jets to come out hard… they k ow they need to outwork the habs to win.
  5. The league won’t take him out of the series… too much of a star.. sad the way league operates but we all know it..they will give him a couple games at most. the first hab that takes revenge will have the book thrown at them…
  6. See the comment from edmunson…. Dirty hit but the league wIll take care of it..l if schefile makes it back into the series we will make his life miserable..
  7. Just wait for the excuses… primary contact was the chest.. or maybe one game while evans is done… he should be gone for the series.
  8. I have zero faith in the nhl to suspend him… deliberate head shot with intent to injure…
  9. That better be a suspension… he has been pulling shit the whole game..
  10. There we go… what the hell was Weber doing there..
  11. Sitting back too much and running around… saw that coming..
  12. Kids are getting a bit too cute now… need to get some pucks to the net…
  13. ImagiNe these calls in montreAl with a full crowd… the booing would still be going.
  14. Well we do put those guys out against the other teams best lines..
  15. I think that should have been no goal but not a penalty..
  16. If I was them, I would stick to their core and mess around with the parts around them… that said, I hope they blow it up.l I would be willing to trade druoin for Marner..😂
  17. I forget who but I read an article I think it was about Washington and they talked About another player who had a similar run like marner in the playoffs… they said he looked bad too, but then went on to become a huge production guy in the playoffs and everyone forgets about His first few series.. I suspect Marner will break out of this at some point.. I don’t think he played bad at all.. they had lots of chances and against a non Price goalie might have had several goals..
  18. Next day and this is still sweet…. I agree that the leafs will be fine…unless they over react and screw up their team… once Marner gets that first playoff goal they will come easy… they need to ride the youth they have. as for the Habs, we are stILL a bubble team and I won’t be surprised if they go out quick against the Jets.. we have done this before, upsetting the big team and then crashing back To reality after… sadly this might have saved some jobs That didn’t deserve to be saved and keep us a perpetual bubble team, bUt we will see.. If price stays at th
  19. Starting with the leafs and finishing a cup run by beating the Bruins is a Hab fan’s wet dream…
  20. Well, Doug Ford called it I guess… opened up golf courses early…
  21. It is good the fans are wearing masks,,, they can use them to wipe away the snot and tears.
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