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  1. The Bruins made several bad trades with high profile, young offensive talent. My buddy is a bruins fan so I never hear the end of it.. who was the coach...CJ... I think CJ has a lot of influence in Boston and helped push those players out. I fear he will do the same with chucky. that said, chucky has to do better.
  2. No they don’t. I know it is early, but I don’t see the Habs making the playoffs. If they do, it will be close and they will out in the first round. The need to make some changes that improve the team, not stand still or make it worse. We won a shootout over the worse team in the east. Yippee.
  3. Vegas is currently 3-0. That’s right...a team made up of the cast offs from other teams has a better record then the Habs
  4. You know what adds character? Having enough skill on the team. This team has taken a step back talent wise.
  5. Nice goal by Pleks...maybe the quick start will change their luck.
  6. Offence still the same... lots of buzz, no goals.
  7. No centres to win draws...no D... brutal
  8. They barely beat a rebuilding team. They are going to get destroyed by the top teams.
  9. That's too much. He is a great goalie, but now we can't afford a team in front of him. Unless he is as durable and consistent going forward as Brodeur, this is going to look bad in years to come. So so much for the home town discount. We better hope for a huge cap increase in coming years.
  10. One thing we had was a deep defence pool...all gone. Now we have scrubs and aging former stars.. and still no number one centre. Scouting and development has really sucked, and I lean towards the development being a problem. They simply can't seem to coach younger players, who will make mistakes. They expect them to be old, safe and boring, then wonder why thy can't score or develop. This team gets gets worse every year... MB should have been fired before the Subban trade.
  11. Sadly, the leafs are about to rise above us again, probably for years to come. They have a lot of young talent.
  12. No, but maybe trade one of them and a prospect for talent that can deliver under pressure. Then add some more skill in the off season. dont rely on Pacs or Chucky to lead the team.
  13. Sadly, we would have been better off letting Ottawa play these guys and beating up Boston. In the end end it doesn't matter...this team had no chance beyond the first round anyway.
  14. And done... well ell proud of the efforts of many on the team.. pissed at a few that did shit... not enough talent.
  15. time to really shorten the bench. Put out two lines filled with the guys who are fighting for it. Hmmmm. Might not have enough for two lines... add in a Pacs I guess.
  16. #### it... take a miracle or a stroke by Lundquist for these guys to score..
  17. The rangers are now playing great team defence and counter punching. No real scoring chance this period. Just small guys getting rubbed out and the guys like Pacs who can push through are doing #### all.
  18. Watch the next series when another team makes Lundquist look mediocre.
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