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  1. Taken from another board, but sums it up nicely. 



    Max Pacioretty has four goals over his last 19 games – just one assist in five playoff games. He leads the playoffs with 24 shots on goal of 46 shot attempts. 16 have been blocked; 6 have missed.

    Alex Galchenyuk has three assists in the series but has failed to score a goal in fifteen straight post season games. His last playoff goal was the overtime winner in the second game of the opening round series vs. Tampa April 17, 2015. Galchenyuk has 4 goals in 27 playoff games." - malmn



  2. 3 hours ago, Commandant said:


    You may have watched every game, but your memories of said games may betray you. The video doesn't lie. He's had high quality scoring chances and Lundqvist is making the saves.  Here is the article, with a video, again.  








    I watched the video. He has had a few good chances and didn't score. The rest of the time he is floating around. He isn't creating chances, others are. Defensively, he is caught watching far too often. 


    I know now you want to defend him, but are you actually claiming he is playing great playoff hockey and only Lundquist is making him look bad? 

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