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  1. The biggest worry I have about this signing is that it indicates to me that Gainey thinks Koivu is our number one center for the next three years. Hence he doesn't plan to get a better center then Koivu.

    I just don't get it. He is getting less then a point a game, but even if he did get a point a game his max is about 80 points. Factor in injuries and he typically gets 60. He looks like he is slowing down as well.

    My concern is that he is not a top ten first line center now, and i don't see why he would suddenly become one at his age.

    Too much for too long if you ask me.

  2. I am dissappointed as that is first center money. I just don't see Koivu being our number one center if this team is going to become a cup contender. I could see him as a key member of the team and a number two center, but our hands will be tied.

    If Koivu wanted that much money I would have let him go and signed a better number one center as a free agent. Worse, he got a no trade clause.

    In other words we just tied up about 10 percent of the team's salary for a guy who will probably average less then 60 points a season. If you are dissapointed in Theo's salary and how it handicaps the team, wait a year and see what you think if Koivu's decline continues.

    I hope I am wrong about him. Maybe he will get better, but I doubt it. He is a small, frisky center with pretty good skills, but has never really broken out of that average "number one center" level.

    Saku is going to have to play much better then he has this year to warrent that contract, imo. People complain about ribs who makes peanuts compared with Saku and is only a few points behind....

    Ah well, i wish the best for Koivu, but from a team perspective i think this was a mistake that will ensure we stay at the level we are now for another few years. :(

  3. Are you kidding me?

    I am in no way condemning Theo in fact I do not believe he has been taking these drugs.

    I was just responding to some earlier posts of people who seem to believe that steroids are only used to make a person stronger and more muscular.

    Propecia does not mask any steriod, it masks a particular steroid. That steroid is used to add bulk and does not help reflexes, etc.

    I think the doctor said it best... He sees Theo undressed and trust him, Theo is not on steroids. :)

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