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  1. It was tough picking between Bonk and Zed, but at the end of the day I figured that Bonk is the big money player who was going to finally add some offensive depth to this team. So far he has only managed the big money part. :)

    Zed is dissapointing but I had a bad feeling about him anyway. As far as I am concerned, Ryder replaces him on this team. Time to deal him.

    Ribs has struggles, but he is still 4th in points and I have hope for him in the long run, so I am only mildly dissapointed in him.

    I didn't expect anything from Sunny and so far, he is delivering. :)

  2. They can't trade K-Rex. Any other Dman but not him. He's got Scott Stevens written all over him.


    Theo SUCKS!!!!!

    Theo doesn't suck, and two games does not make a career. Let's not get carried away.

    Theo is playing terrible lately, but he has done plenty for this org and deserves some respect and some time to work on his play.

    Huet is playing great right now and has earned more starts. I hope he keeps on this streak and I have no problem playing him until he falls apart. That said, I hope when he hits a bad patch we remember how he played this weekend and not call for his head.

    Overall, best game I have seen from this bunch in ages. I think the biggest difference is they are playing a puck possession, forechecking game rather then that crap trap. The trap takes all the speed out of both teams and speed is suppose to be our advantage.

    I hope Gainey keeps them playing this way.

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