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  1. I never said Theo was playing well, I am saying the team in front sucks regardless of the goalie. Huet is playing great and they respond by playing horrible. I am simply saying that a lot of people felt that Theo was so bad, the team played bad in front on him. I say they are just playing bad, period. When Theo is in, it just results in even more goals since he is sucking too.
  2. Sigh.. never changes. they stopped skating once they were up by one. Now they are getting beat to the puck, skated past, and have to take dumb, lazy penalties. I know Theo has not played well, but I don't buy the arguement that the team gives up due to soft goals. Huet has been standing on his head and this team hung him out to dry anyway. Does anyone remember the last time a MTL defenseman stood up to a guy at the line and knocked him on his butt? Playing like a bunch of pansies.
  3. And there is the patented "Habs 5-3' gift. Why these guys take so many penalties when on the PK is beyond me.
  4. The team is really playing poorly. No offense, bad defensive coverage, and no hitting. They better kiss Huet's ring finger and call him "Sir' if they end up winning this one.
  5. Nice stop by Huet. Team was pumped by that stop.
  6. Bah, I really hate Ribs on the 4th line. Put him on the 2nd line with Pleks. That line was pretty good last time they were together. Begin belongs on the 4th line, not because he is bad, but because he is a 4th line type player. He is what makes our 4th line effective! Hopefully they will switch before the game is too far in, much like a few games ago.
  7. LOL, I guess when I upload my camera I will have to post it. He is only 6, but he covers more of the toilet then Theo these days.
  8. My son did a pretty good impersonation of Theo... I went up stairs and he had his goalie pads on, while taking a crap on toilet.... I just about lost it I was laughing so hard..... PS. I am not kidding.. I took a picture
  9. You know, the team has had no luck on the PP, but they are still trying hard. They are skating well and getting chances. A few bounces and this would be a close game.
  10. Worse, we are outplaying them. Take away Theo and the refs, we are winning 2 -1....
  11. Nice... theo is .500 tonight. Shame he was not a baseball player, that stat might be worth something... I have always like theo, but this is going beyond a below average season, he is absolutely terrible lately. His best games are tolerable, his bad games are embarrassing. Not sure what Gainey can do, but at some point, it is better to make him the backup for the rest of the year then keep this up. I know he cost a lot of money, but why keeping tossing good points after bad money?
  12. I am starting to feel bad for Ribs. He is now a minus 2 thanks to theo...
  13. Time to pull Theo.. he is trying, but it is not his night.
  14. These refs are crap. Another non-call. Seems they only call soft penalites on the habs. I have seen at least 4 blatent interference non-calls, a trip, and some good old holding. Yet not one PP for the habs.
  15. What was that all about? Refs feeling sorry for Wesley or something? That was abyssmal to call Begin on the roughing, then let them maul Koivu. That was a well played period until the refs got involved. Should be 2-2 after one. Hopefully they can bounce back.
  16. So that guy just hooked and tripped Koivu, no call.... sigh
  17. Oh come on.. he finishes his check and gets a roughing call to put them up 2 men... That was garbage call
  18. That is the second horrible giveaway by Koivu, this one led to a goal. I sure wish he would stop the cute flips up the middle when there are guys coming right at him....
  19. Nice elbow Ribs.. . now he is playing Gainey's style.
  20. Team actually started with some jump.. hope they can keep it up. Not crazy about the lines tonight, but that doesn't mean they won't change...
  21. The reason Koivu could not get in anyones face regarding their play was that his own play sucked. He needs to get his game together (great first step against Toronto) before anyone is going to listen to him. I suspect that the reason Koivu's contract is not resolved is because Koivu wants a large, multiyear deal based on him being our number 1 center for the next 3 to 4 years. I (and probably Gainey) don't believe he can be that number one center. Either Gainey wants a shorter term, or he wants Koivu to take 2nd line center money. If they don't get on the same page soon, I suspect Koivu will be traded at the deadline or will have to wait until the summer to see his true market value. I don't think he will like what he sees. While Koivu is an above average player, he is a 60 point a season guy, small, and heading into the downside of his career. Very few teams are going to consider him the first line center on a cup contending team. A 2nd center on the cup contending team, but not first center. I sure hope he faces reality and tells his agent to get a deal done with Montreal. If we can keep him for a reasonable price, Gainey will have the room to look for a complementary, big, number one center down the road.
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