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  1. Lets be realistic. People miss Hossa, saying he does not give his all, but he is a better player....

    Well, what about ribs Dags. They have way more points then Hossa, yet they are considered crap on this board.

    Just because we dumped a guy who then gets 13 - 20 points in the next season, does not make it a bad move. Hossa is a poor excuse for a hockey player and we are better off without him. If he was on the team we would be even softer then we are now and people would be calling for his head.

    Now I am happy Yanic is having a great season, but that was hardly predictable. Again, he would not be the answer for the habs and on this team, he might be struggling. Who knows.

    It is easy to look at trades in hindsight and question them, but that is unfair. Look at Bonk for Garon. That looked like a bloody steal. We were not really playing Garon, hence he did not contribute much. Bonk looked like a decent number 2 center and we were going to use him on the 3rd line! Wow, actual scoring from our third line. Most people were pretty excited.

    Who knows, Bonk might get his act together and be a decent player for the next two years and we will all be happy to have him. Maybe not, but at the time of the trade, it was a good move.

    Even Kovalev was an exciting acquistion. Finally a true skill player on the team. Oh the excitement... then he stuggles.

    Who knows what the future brings. There are people who would never like Jagr because he was soft, lazy, and selfish. Yet, this season he is awesome. Who knew? No one knew. That is the beauty of sport.

  2. Our main problem in this game was penalties. We took too many, and got to few from Boston. We won on even strength. If we are going to play a defensive system, well have to be a lot more disciplined in the future.

    Yes, the penalties hurt them, but they were outplayed 5 on 5 most of the game. I am not sure why you think the Habs won on even strength. Other then a few minutes at the end, they were hardly in the Boston zone.

    Also, the penalties were a direct result of poor play 5 on 5.

  3. I disagree completely, the goals going in on HUET or not his faul they are the D's fault...the goals going in on THEO are THEO's fault, believe me i wouldn't be all over him if they weren't.

    Man I've never seen a man get undressed in front of 20,000 people so often - sourray needs some suspenders or something keep those pants up

    I never said Theo was playing well, I am saying the team in front sucks regardless of the goalie. Huet is playing great and they respond by playing horrible.

    I am simply saying that a lot of people felt that Theo was so bad, the team played bad in front on him. I say they are just playing bad, period. When Theo is in, it just results in even more goals since he is sucking too.

  4. Sigh.. never changes.

    they stopped skating once they were up by one. Now they are getting beat to the puck, skated past, and have to take dumb, lazy penalties.

    I know Theo has not played well, but I don't buy the arguement that the team gives up due to soft goals. Huet has been standing on his head and this team hung him out to dry anyway.

    Does anyone remember the last time a MTL defenseman stood up to a guy at the line and knocked him on his butt?

    Playing like a bunch of pansies.

  5. Bah, I really hate Ribs on the 4th line. Put him on the 2nd line with Pleks. That line was pretty good last time they were together. Begin belongs on the 4th line, not because he is bad, but because he is a 4th line type player. He is what makes our 4th line effective!

    Hopefully they will switch before the game is too far in, much like a few games ago.

  6. Nice... theo is .500 tonight. Shame he was not a baseball player, that stat might be worth something...

    I have always like theo, but this is going beyond a below average season, he is absolutely terrible lately. His best games are tolerable, his bad games are embarrassing.

    Not sure what Gainey can do, but at some point, it is better to make him the backup for the rest of the year then keep this up. I know he cost a lot of money, but why keeping tossing good points after bad money?

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