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  1. What was that all about? Refs feeling sorry for Wesley or something? That was abyssmal to call Begin on the roughing, then let them maul Koivu. That was a well played period until the refs got involved. Should be 2-2 after one. Hopefully they can bounce back.
  2. So that guy just hooked and tripped Koivu, no call.... sigh
  3. Oh come on.. he finishes his check and gets a roughing call to put them up 2 men... That was garbage call
  4. That is the second horrible giveaway by Koivu, this one led to a goal. I sure wish he would stop the cute flips up the middle when there are guys coming right at him....
  5. Team actually started with some jump.. hope they can keep it up. Not crazy about the lines tonight, but that doesn't mean they won't change...
  6. The reason Koivu could not get in anyones face regarding their play was that his own play sucked. He needs to get his game together (great first step against Toronto) before anyone is going to listen to him. I suspect that the reason Koivu's contract is not resolved is because Koivu wants a large, multiyear deal based on him being our number 1 center for the next 3 to 4 years. I (and probably Gainey) don't believe he can be that number one center. Either Gainey wants a shorter term, or he wants Koivu to take 2nd line center money. If they don't get on the same page soon, I suspect Koivu wi
  7. They started that way, but in the 2nd ribs moved back to the second line and begin moved back to the 4th line. Both lines looked better after that.
  8. Now that is what I have been looking for from Koivu. Leadership. Played hard tonight, drove the net, and everyone looked better. I am still miffed at the non-call that let the leaf's tie it. I don't think Theo was set for that one. Overally, Theo played way way way better tonight. He made some key saves and looked more confident. Even that 5-3 he made a few huge ones before they scored.
  9. What BS... they call everything on the habs and let the Leafs back in on a non-call... Why can't the Habs ever get decent refs when they play TO?
  10. why can't they get a guy in front of the net on the PP?
  11. Harry Neale is so dumb. Apparently, Mtl only got 12 shots against buffalo the other night, leading to another shutout for Hasek.... Moron
  12. Funny how that was the fastest I have seen Koivu skate in weeks, Kovalev kept up as well, and they score.... Speed kills, use it!
  13. Funny how that was the fastest I have seen Koivu skate in weeks, Kovalev kept up as well, and they score.... Speed kills, use it!
  14. I sure hope so. The first and second lines have to start scoring soon, or it won't matter who is in net.
  15. Well, I am not a total moron, ribs and pleks are now on the 2nd line together. I also like that because Pleks can take the draws.
  16. I would change the lines right now. I would put Begin back to center the fourth line, move Ribs up to center the 2nd, and put Pleks on his wing. Right now Ribs is useless and just makes the 4th line less tough.
  17. Facts are facts. Ribs has way more points then Pleks. The habs offense is really bad now and Pleks is on the 2nd line, getting a ton of time. I like him, but I have not seen him doing much. I also don't think Pleks is going to be a number 2 center in this league. Personally, I think he is going to take Bonk's job. If Ribs gets replaced (and I agree he probably will), I hope it is for a much more proven, offensive player.
  18. As much as Ribs has struggled and took much of the blame when Koivu and Kovalev were hurt, I think it is worth noting that we have gone from Bad... to worse since he was moved to the fourth line. I think it is time to put him back on the 2nd line and try to get him going again. He does provide offense (he is still in the top 4 on the team in points) and his line always gets shots, even when they suck.. I would put him back and tell the defense and Theo that they have to cover for any defensive lapse. They simplely have to generate more offense.
  19. Buff 5 - Tor 4.... Toronto is putting up a fight.
  20. Seriously, I am starting to miss Dags. At least he would be shooting.... LOL
  21. They are just not skating. I realize they played last night, but how many times have they been outskated by the team that played the night before. I do wonder if these guys have a conditioning problem. And there is the complementary 5-3 we always spot teams. About to be 3-0... Yup... thanks for failing to clear the puck Koivu...
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