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  1. The reason Koivu could not get in anyones face regarding their play was that his own play sucked. He needs to get his game together (great first step against Toronto) before anyone is going to listen to him.

    I suspect that the reason Koivu's contract is not resolved is because Koivu wants a large, multiyear deal based on him being our number 1 center for the next 3 to 4 years. I (and probably Gainey) don't believe he can be that number one center. Either Gainey wants a shorter term, or he wants Koivu to take 2nd line center money.

    If they don't get on the same page soon, I suspect Koivu will be traded at the deadline or will have to wait until the summer to see his true market value. I don't think he will like what he sees.

    While Koivu is an above average player, he is a 60 point a season guy, small, and heading into the downside of his career. Very few teams are going to consider him the first line center on a cup contending team. A 2nd center on the cup contending team, but not first center.

    I sure hope he faces reality and tells his agent to get a deal done with Montreal. If we can keep him for a reasonable price, Gainey will have the room to look for a complementary, big, number one center down the road.

  2. Now that is what I have been looking for from Koivu. Leadership. Played hard tonight, drove the net, and everyone looked better.

    I am still miffed at the non-call that let the leaf's tie it. I don't think Theo was set for that one.

    Overally, Theo played way way way better tonight. He made some key saves and looked more confident. Even that 5-3 he made a few huge ones before they scored.

  3. No way!!! That means that Plekanec is moved to another line and I want him as our 2nd center because that's where he will be next year...no way Ribs is back next year. Bob will drop him for anything this summer if not before.

    Ribs is nothing more then a heartless bum who deserves to be sitting in the stands!!! As long as we him as our 2nd line center this team will have no 2nd line...

    Ribs as a poor quality shot, he's weak and easy to push off the puck, doesn't play with toughness, can't win a faceoff, is lousy defensively...need I say more...this guy is not part of this teams future, so lets stop wasting time and giving him a zillionth chance that he doesn't deserve.

    Facts are facts. Ribs has way more points then Pleks. The habs offense is really bad now and Pleks is on the 2nd line, getting a ton of time. I like him, but I have not seen him doing much.

    I also don't think Pleks is going to be a number 2 center in this league. Personally, I think he is going to take Bonk's job. If Ribs gets replaced (and I agree he probably will), I hope it is for a much more proven, offensive player.

  4. As much as Ribs has struggled and took much of the blame when Koivu and Kovalev were hurt, I think it is worth noting that we have gone from Bad... to worse since he was moved to the fourth line.

    I think it is time to put him back on the 2nd line and try to get him going again. He does provide offense (he is still in the top 4 on the team in points) and his line always gets shots, even when they suck..

    I would put him back and tell the defense and Theo that they have to cover for any defensive lapse. They simplely have to generate more offense.

  5. They are just not skating. I realize they played last night, but how many times have they been outskated by the team that played the night before.

    I do wonder if these guys have a conditioning problem.

    And there is the complementary 5-3 we always spot teams.

    About to be 3-0...

    Yup... thanks for failing to clear the puck Koivu...

  6. koivu isnt the problem... its his wingsmen!

    While Zed sucks lately and Kovalev is missing in action, Koivu has been no better. He has had Ryder on his line for a few games and didn't look any better.

    Another thing is that excuse is never accepted for Ribs, who a month or so ago was struggling with Dags/Higgins/Ryder who were not finishing too many plays.

    Koivu has looked terrible lately. No speed, no finesse, no shot. He looks disinterested, perhaps depressed. I don't know what is wrong with him, but as the Captain, he needs to crank it up and pull his line out of the slump.

    Lately he has only shown up briefly in the end of games. His goal off the toe was about as much offense as he has put out lately, which is not enough. This is a guy who should be able to go down the ice on his own and get a scoring chance.

    Perhaps he shouldn't be scratched, but demoted to the fourth line for a game might send a message.

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