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  1. Koivu is at a point per game I don't know what you were expecting from him

    1.25 with Kovalev at 1.3 or greater.

    Koivu is currently 37th in the league for points from a center. (Ribs is 46th) Sure, he has missed some games, but that needs to be factored in.

    In PPG, he is still not in the top 10.

    I just don't think Koivu is a top ten center in this league anymore. I would like to see the Habs get a true number one center who is a scoring machine! That doesn't mean Koivu goes, just that he moves to the 2nd line.

    I also feel that Koivu is just not reliable health wise. I expect him to play about 60 games a year so a point per game is 60 points on the season. There are going to be guys getting that many Goals!

    I love Koivu, but I am trying to be realistic. Contending teams have better top players then Koivu and Kovalev. (or at least, how they are playing).

  2. Interesting stat from TSN....

    If you take out the first lines, the number of points from the remaining lines is basically the same. The difference between the teams is the first line, where the Philly first line is awesome and ours is mediocre.

    Ribs takes a lot of flack, but I still argue is point totals are a lot closer to what they should be then Koivu, Kovalev, and Zednik.

    Kovalev should definitely be playing better but I am starting to wonder if Koivu is just on the decline in production. I don't even want to talk about Zednik......

  3. There is no question that Theo is way off his game and struggling. He has no confidence at all. He is back in his net, down on this knees, and tentative.

    While this frustrates the crap out of me, I am very dismayed at the play of this team. They should be rallying around Theo, blocking shots, bailing him out, and scoring so that he can work his way back. Instead, they have been worse. Do these guys not remember the last few years when Theo SAVED THEIR BUTTS most nights? Right now, he needs their help, and he is not getting it.

    I would not be surprised if Theo gets traded, gets his game back, and everyone will be on here complaining how we lost him for nothing. I remember a time people thought Toronto was absolutely nuts for getting that drunken, lousy Belfour guy. He then played awesome for Toronto (until this year).

    I still believe this team needs a better defense corps and some upgrades up front, but they are not this bad. They should be able to make the playoffs and go a round or two if they played to their potential. They were a fast team at the start of the season, but they seem to have forgotten that fast teams are hard working teams. They have to get back to that hard work.

  4. Plex played great, but if we need to depend on him, what does that say about our "leaders"?

    Koviu managed to be the only guy not to register a shot tonight and he looked horrible on that late goal. Kovalev is another guy who is suppose to be a leader and a game breaker. He has been anything but. Don't get me started on Zednik....

    Bulis plays really hard, but he just can't seem to finish very often. It would not be so bad if we didn't have so much depth in the "doesn't score much' department. :(

    Sigh, something big needs to happen on this team. I am not sure Gainey can really do anything (it takes two to tango), but perhaps benching Koivu and Theo for a game to send a message. Theo is obvious, but I think sending a message to Koivu is needed. Basically, he is the captain and he needs to lead now, not flounder.

    I remmember when Koivu was hurt and everyone ripped Ribs for not stepping up. Well, Koivu is back and it is time for him to step up, or take the C off.

  5. There goes THeo....put him on waivers, just get rid of him......send RIbs with him, cause the real ribs is standing up

    What exactly did Ribs do that was so bad tonight? He has had more chances then Koivu so far. The only thing he did wrong was go on for Koivu right when one goal went it, taking the minus for his Captain. Of course, Koivu is stuck with Zed tonight.... That has to suck the wind out of your sails....

    Right now, I think Theo needs to sit for a week or two until after the Olympic break.

  6. Not only does Theo suck right now, but so does the team. Guys are getting to shoot from the high slot unmolested on a shakey goalie. No one is playing well defensively.

    Time to pull Theo and sit a bunch of guys who are just aweful out there. Zed, Koivu, Bonk, .... Damn, there would be no one left if he benched everyone.

    How about this. Bench Koivu. Period. Why? Because it will send a message to the entire team.

    5 -1

  7. You know, I don't blame the guy for being flat..................He has been the captain for probably the worst decade of teams montreal has put together in history. He has been the back-bone the whole time, even through cancer. He has to be thinking what the ######? Give that man a supporting cast and he will show you what it'a all about again and again and again.....he is just out of gas right now.

    Koivu was given a supporting cast this year. They brought in Kovy to finally give him a talented winger. Again, I am not saying he sucks, but I am disappointed in his overall play. A point a game is nothing to write home about for a top center in the league, one who is looking for a big contract.

    I think what this team really needs is a true leader, one who is a little more outspoken, a little more emotional then Koivu. Perhaps you are right and Koivu needs a rest, someone to provide that leadership so he can just focus on playing.

    I am not overly impressed with Kovy either... :(

  8. Another useless goal by Koivu. Bounced off his foot after he did squat the entire game. But it will go down as a goal and plus 1 tonight.

    I like Koivu a lot, but he is not leading this team when it counts. He is invisible for entire periods. Not sure what is wrong with him. He is not playing terrible, but he is not the leader I remember him as, the guy who sparks the team, etc.

  9. Ribs is looking great tonight. He is finishing checks, knocking players down, and being defensively responsible. I think playing him with Kost is a great way to go. Kost is fast and talented, Ribs is a playmaker, and Ryder has the shot.

    I think between Ribs spending some time on the 4th line and the energy Kost is bringing to the line, Ribs is coming around. Lets see if he can keep it going for a few games.

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