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  1. Not liking the start of the 2nd… leafs are pushing as expected..
  2. Good effort but I always worry when you co e out of that tied.. the leafs will turn it on in the 2nd… habs need an early break in the second to keep the momentum….
  3. Well the momentum is stalling and the PP has killed it..
  4. If our top vets could get their game going we might surprise the leafs in the next two.
  5. Happily so.. nice to see the kids make the big play…
  6. Well I think this is going to be a leaf comeback story tonight… I give then 80% chance to win at this point.., we need a bit of a miracle..
  7. Gallagher knows it… see that shot heading to intermission… stupid penalty…
  8. Well tie game… all momentum to the leafs… that Gallagher penalty was the turning point… I don’t have high hopes at This point..
  9. Well I think we need another goal to win this… they can’t sit on this.
  10. Gallagher can’t be taking stupid penalties like that… one goal game..
  11. For the record, Weber is a shit goalie…😂😂
  12. Sadly I predict the leafs will come out hot in the 2nd and the habs will be sitting back…they need a full 60 minutes of effort to win this.. too many snipers on ThE leafs.. price kept this from bEIng tied with a couple steals..
  13. Nice to se some life but just saw a perfect example of the problem with Weber… break out play and he just stands there while the leafs get in position then tries a long bomb pass which of course didn’t work.., no skating,,, didn’t carry the puck and get the team moving up and THE Leafs bAcking up.. just waited until everyone was stopped…
  14. My point is that it doesn’t matter up and down the lineup.. I wouldn’t put out the “best lineup”. I would put out the kids and core we are going with To give them a chance and see what they can do. I think they are just as likely to win and even if they don’t, we got something more then playing aging veterans who are not going to be part of the go forward plan.
  15. It doesn’t matter much.., you could pick names from a hat with this roster and you are not going to come up a team better then the leafs.. my main issue is we should be playing the kids for experience. The fact ThaT they think swapping about some third line D is the answer shows how out of touch they are…
  16. Well they had a good push at the end which price gave them a chance at, but not happening tonight..
  17. I am not sure why people are surprised. The leafs are a much much better team then the Habs… they have far more talent and the point totals show it… yes, the habs can upset, bUt that would be the surprise.. the habs need more young talent to build around.
  18. I expect to be thoroughly embarrassed in the first round…
  19. The habs can’t really handle Edmonton when they are flying... nor Toronto...
  20. Well only a matter of time.. habs playing defence to protect a lead...
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