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  1. This team really needs some scoring finish.
  2. A well earned loss...bad decisions by players constantly. A bad decision by the coach to leave in a goalie who was struggling and failing to calm the team down.
  3. And they had a pp, and Marner throws a punch and negates it... Holy shit coach.., call a time out or pull the goalie and rip them a new one... Just pissing away the game
  4. I know these are kids but they sure are killing themselves with stupid penalties...and now over the glass. 6-5. Still on the pp.
  5. Goalie is killing them. Everything g is a rebound. And we are down again.
  6. They need to pull the goalie. If nothing else, the team was in trouble and needed a reset.
  7. Well let's hope they turned the corner and start racking up some wins. Gally sure makes this team play harder.
  8. Sitting back in the third. They need to get it going again.
  9. I am not sure what is worse.. The brutal reffing (how many interference calls can they ignore) or the mind boggling stupid passes by the Canadians. How many passes with zero pressure were behind the player or off the mark.
  10. Canada looks like shit...dominated by Sweden...
  11. That would be a good start for Carr....wow
  12. Chucky. Let's hope he goes on a run and builds his confidence.
  13. the team got a bit complacent. I hope Price is back soon. Maybe Pacs will show up too?
  14. Condon is crashing g back to earth,..hard.. 4th goal was a killer.
  15. Boys need to get skating and driving the net.... The refs are going to suck all night. Get mad and get playing...
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