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  1. HABS SEEMED TO HAVE SIGNED MIKAEL JOHANSSON FROM THE SWEDISH ELITE LEAGUE...FORMER DETROIT LATE ROUND SWEDISH PICK "In Swedish media today... This is just some examples, there are more articles also. FBK-star on his way to Montreal "I am leaning towards taking the chance" FÄRJESTADE Mikael Johansson is on the way to the NHL. The forward has received a contract proposal from the classic Montreal Canadiens. - It tends that I'll take the chance, "he told Sportbladet. http://www.aftonbladet.se/sportblade...icle5211214.ab "23-year-old Mikael Johansson is very close to break his contract, despite two years remaining on the contract, and sign for the NHL - Montreal Canadiens club. A one-year contract - which data is worth more than eight million kronor" http://www.elitsportsbloggen.se/?p=4109 Färjestad may well lose Mikael Johansson to NHL. Montreal Canadiens star forward has offered a one year contract. "I received a contract from Montreal, but nothing is official yet," says Johansson to Expressen. (eurosport.se) http://www.eurosport.se/ishockey/fbk...lashnews.shtml" "Johansson has seen a great development as of late. A skilled player that can be used both on the wing as well as play centre. He is a good skater with impressive hockey sense and fine technical skills. Controls the puck with ease and stickhandles smoothly through traffic. Not very big, but plays with some grit and handles larger opponents well. Could improve some aspects in his defensive game"
  2. Hey Guys I used Sopcast to watch many games this year....but lately it says the NHL 3 channel which the games were on is offline.... i miss my habs games.... if somebody has useful info on the situatiion or somewhere else to watch them let me know please
  3. Does anyone know how i can watch the game on the net...i heard rds was broadcasting free every game on the net...can someone help me out i want to see some habs
  4. Good thread! I have high hopes of Grabovsky making the team as well as Kostitsyn and I believe they would make the most impact if paired up on a line. I was watching a Hamilton game last season, and the announcer referred to the line of kostitsyn - grabovsky - milroy as the AHL's best line. I have no doubting kosty as he has proved he can play at the NHL level and im sure you all dont doubt him either, not saying hes going to be a star this year, but hopefully a 20goal 45 point guy, and from what ive seen during the rangers game regarding Grabs is that he obviously has some speed and skill, but what struck me most was his composure and poise...even without the puck. I think their transition will be much smoother and they will flourish if they are paired together with possibly Plekanec to provide great play making and D-zone coverage Who knows maybe Milroy makes the team as well and the line from hamilton is all there. I hope to see lines like this Higgins Koivu Ryder Kovalev Smolinski Latendresse Kostitsyn Grabosky / Plekanec ( Guy likes 2 centreman on one line) Begin Lapierre crapshoot between kostopolous, lahti, streit
  5. You would like to see gorges play instead of boullion..............what kind of drugs are you taking?....they must be good
  6. With a few spots open on the roster, but a whopping load of prospects waiting, who will crack the line up next season. (someone who knows how should make a voting pole) I would try something like this Higgins Koivu Ryder Kovalev Smolinski Latendresse Kostitsyn Plekanec Grabovsky Begin Chipchura Lapierre First three lines should all be able to score
  7. I agree with you. He definitely has the skill set, in my opinion, to be a future second or first line player. I have faith his confidence will catch up to him and we will see a complete player with a good attitude soon enough.
  8. I am in total disgust with kovalev and to me his attitude is a cancer for this amazing team. But, i hope kovalev can mature and start acting accountable and responsible, i swear he reminds me of a neglected child sometimes And he thinks that skill alone is the key to success...for shame Mr. Kovalev I think the time is due to let him sit in the press box for a game or two so he can realise that he is not THE team
  9. The past 2 games wich were on TV.....YEES..... Sammy looked good I judge players based on every play they make, and sammy seemed to make the smart play on almost every occasion. Grabs looked very good 2, he seems to have the confidence to try things, like cutting through the middle of the offensive zone, that most players give up trying and just keep cycling the puck. Kovalev on the other hand is horrid at decision making during these games, in the NJ game he sat behind the opposing net with the puck and just waited there for what seemed like an eternity, only to pass the puck to the opposition. When ur givin that much time and space DO SOMETHING!
  10. Someone mentioned it before and it is by far....the ultimate nick name MAXIMUS!!!!! MAXIMUS!!!!! MAXIMUS!!!!!!!
  11. I fully agree...danis had performed 2 years in a row in hamilton...plus the few games he saw with the habs last year. It would definitely be a full vote of confidence by the habs organization to recognise what Yann has done for the organization
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