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  1. I have a 1999 Subaru Impreza TS......I'm up here in peterborough ontario so it works great in the winter. i've had it on the trunksroads in Alberta, if you ever want a car that has superior handling and AWD, this is the car for you. Gas is decent, but I definetly will be looking for a manual subaru soon....its too boring driving an auto after having a manual.
  2. actually check the fight out on youtube, the svitov started when he wasnt ready with his gloves on, after that it was fairl even, although emelins head was caught for a bit, but he ended up on top
  3. With that contract i wouldnt want richards, that a huge hit for a player of his stature. Hes a good player but not worth the money and niskanen? i have heard some good things about him but he is pretty young, i dont think he is an upgrade. This might sound like a weird sistuation, and im still on the fence. If we want to go for it, i think Fischer out of ottawa might be an option. Hes having a bad year but he was the real reason ottawa made it so far in the playoffs, he is a clutch player. He could be had very easily due to his play and his large salary. What were looking for is grit, determination, speed, a centre, decent faceoofs, he brings that. I dont like th salary but its like bringing in a ryan smyth, the tye of player you need to win with. add Kuba to the deal and we could be looking to give them something decent. They need depth and we have lots of that. just a thought
  4. Hey guys, Komi been hurt this year, hasnt played to last years potential. This is a blessing in disguise for signing him. We all know what he is worth, and Gainey will get it done.
  5. while i like what the kid is doing and think he will be a good player down the road, he's still young, remember hossa came up and did well, lapierre did the same thing. early success doesnt mean lng term success. once he stop producing i can see a bunch of ppl jumping on him. I think he should stay up till that happens, and explain that he did what he was asked to do, but because of roster limits he has to go down, make it known he will be called up shortly and keep that fire going
  6. Hey guys, has the puck dropped yet, im trying to get it on cbc streamlined, but its only showing the TO game, even under the habs feed??? maybe there are showing the leafs till puck drop?
  7. I go to the same school as him and watch a bunch of the petes games, i'm sure ill run into him, anything i should ask that people are curious about?
  8. You cant break up the top line in kost pleks and kovalev! why would you, doesnt make sense. koivu will play on the second because he has proven he plays very well (think olympics) with fast, scoring forwards. Tanguay is like a Selanne who worked very well with koivu. Now you have a choice....higgins lats and lil kost have all played well with koivu in the past. But you need some defensive presence or size. both higgins and latendresse play well along the boards, and both could be goal scorers. You should have higgins to play with koivu because of his speed. Both his linemates have explosive first steps. Lang needs a set up man, enter lil kost who works hard defensively as well. Having latendresse play with lang adds size and someone to muscle the puck along the boards. So your top 3 lines: kost/pleks/kovalev tanguay/koivu/higgins Lats/Lang/lil kost your fourth line changes depending on opposition. I really believe that Laraque will not play all 82, more like 50-60 if that. He has more skill that ppl give him credit for. Begin will play but will be injured at some point, kostopoulos deserves to play after his playoffs and lapierre will play because the team is transforming him into a long term plan i believe. everey player on the fourth lines goes hard and will get there games off to rest bumps and bruises, and rightfully so.
  9. Wasnt propal the one who said some negative comments about french players a few years back? he has always had a big mouth. but the guy can score, when put in the right situation, he goes hot one year, cold the next, etc etc
  10. Hi, im just curious if there are a great deal of subaru cars in Quebec and mtl? im looking to buy a used subaru and have found very few in ontario, but when searching on kijiji, there seems to be a large amount from Quebec(but most are wrote in french, and im not strong in french reading) are subarus cars you see commonly on the roads in quebec? I like the legacy, imprezza(not wagon), and WRX. thanks
  11. Hey guys, im surious what websites you normally look at find trade rumours? spectors? ? what else?
  12. He could be a useful vet on certain teams, look what Mellanby did for the thrashers, helps a bit id say, recchi will do the same
  13. They should let you watch the pre game warmups from the lower bowl. i was able to go down and take pics, nothing was said to me. dont sit in anyone seats, just in the walkway. they might come around 10 min before the game though and ask for tickets, but theres nothing wrong to be walking around down there, as long as your not taking seats
  14. You can pretty much expect one goal from Ryder, just to keep himself laying on the number one line, then go back into a slump again
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