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  1. why exactly does anaheim want souray? i guess they want to make them the cup favourites to compete with nashville. I would want a Getzlaf straight up for souray, or that bobby ryan and a pick. We need a young center(high potential, or at least a forward coming back, unless they have a bluechip defenseman whos young. Anaheim doesnt have a great amount of youth im thinking they will sacrafice, that Penner doesnt interest me. San jose has a few prsopects in there system, but not real high end guys, and Bernier and Michaluk(sp) arent going to be coming back this way.
  2. If he's not going to sign, and BG will have a good idea on this, trade him, we could get a great young prospect(preferably D) and a 1st rounder plus a role player. This guy will save us 6 million by not being here next yr, i think we could bring in 2 good defenseman for that. Or keep Markov(a necessity). We could always add Samsonov in that deal if we get less in return that way we save even more salary next yr. A Marleau, Markov and anther lesser defensman wouldnt look bad next yr
  3. 3 games...thats it????? thats a load if i ever saw one, that was pretty serious
  4. There is a balance, for sure. But you've also got to remember that all of our prospects aren't going to make it. Face it, many Habs fans severely over-rate the team's prospects. We've supposedly been one of the top 5 teams in terms of good prospects, yet we haven't developed a single stud. Higgins, Plekanec, and Komi are all good players, but they're not gonna be stars. Komi will and probably is right now lowercase Foote,.......he's very good, one of the top hitters in the game Higgins has gone dry lately, but he was on force at the start but a safer estimate of higgins will be a 50-60 point producer consistently. not a star, but a very good player Pleks wont be a star, and nor was he ever suppose to be kost, perez, grobovski, lats..all have a chance of being a top two line players......weve seemed to fill our roster with a bunch of players from the farm, whats to argue, im sorry we havent had any top 5 picks over the years (except Price and just imagine what he will become)
  5. I was hearing the horton was wanting out of Florida anyways...the management wasnt happy or something along those lines. the guy would take a lot to get out of there though, but we have some prospects. Whats left on Bertuzzi's contract, the guy can be one of the best if he wants to and we have the right kind of talent he needs to be surrounded with. all passers, no shooters who can carry the puck in for him and go to work, it'd be like having a bigger latendresse
  6. ya well were bound to get a good stretch run, we've had some bad luck in the last weeks. good effort tonight boys, too bad we couldnt solve emery, terrible refs again....who would hav thought? what was the final amount of penalties for both teams?
  7. We wanted some toughness in the lineup incase someone on pit started taking liberties on our skill players as retaliation for the Crosby stuff but samsonov has been playing well as of late
  8. We grabbed kovalev a few yrs ago while trading a pick away, and prospect i could see us getting another top talent, not a second tier player, why not trade for a top talent that we would actually target in the offseason, seems to make sense to me
  9. well it needs to be Huet, but ill go with latendresse
  10. this guy was considered a goal scorer when we drafted him, his upside is still pretty big. I love the way he is playing, but i think he will be a very good second line player once he gets some confidence back in his shot. I seem to remember him playing quite well with koivu and kovalev a few seasons back...
  11. I've been away for the last couple of days at field camp, i know we lost the games,i saw the ottawa game(yikes), but did we play well in the rest of the games, or did we look bad?
  12. Obviously some teams play better without playing all the time, the big tens proved all season they were the top teams. Having a month off does a lot to a team and thats why i think bowl games should be moved up. An example is in hockey, over the christmas break, you always worry about coming out flat, think about if they had as long as college football.
  13. I don t think he is too worried because he still wants to be a number one goaltender in this league and it wont happen in mtl. He is ufa at the end of the season, thus making him available to find any suiter he would like. I like the guy, but he salary is a bit much for a backup
  14. Who else is there on the roster that has a hard shot...........ill go out on a limb, way out, and i say he wont win the contest, hahaha The temperature and ice condition play a big role in shots 101!!
  15. Ya i noticed the West looked like actual proven players, while the east had some interesting picks, the West must be better if the two best defenseman in the east our souray and campbell, haha lol suprised all the TO fans didnt try and get one of ther guys there
  16. Joni................Pitkanens first name
  17. Good game tonight boys, we actually looked like we skated out there and are getting over the flu, but its one win, we need to keep it rolling! Pleks looked good tonight....hard to knock off the puck and good at getting his stick in the passing lanes Koivu looked like the Koivu of old, nice pick of the guys pocket behind the net Lats...what a beast! I thought Ryders other chances he didnt cash in on were his best plays komi was hitting em down like usual Samsonov....man can that guy get bounced of the puck Johnson had a bounce back game Overall a good effort by the habs, many calls werent being called in the game, but were habs fans, we should be use to this
  18. Every player has athere good and bad years, i dont think this season should be the telling tale of halak and danis...although Danis is getting older Abby is a free agent after this year, he will be let go, or only brought back for less money(i dont think he would take it)
  19. The asking price will be to high for him, it will be and thats a shame. It'll take some youth
  20. Good Dmen come at a price, but lupul and torres...thats a bit much, hell, id love any of those guys on the habs, it would be like us giving latendresse and Ryder for Joni Hey Philly looks like there sellers right now, theres a few pieces i wouldnt mind getting out of them
  21. i've never really have gotten to see too many great goalie prospects while they are young, and can anyone tell me if Price is as good as everyone is making him out to be. I've watched the canada games and he makes the saves look easy but he hasnt had to many game savers, or spectacular saves(i remember one glove save). I wonder if hard, and quick release shots will get by him based on how the shots were going in on the shootout. He could handle the dekes, but the quick wristers he had trouble with. BTW ive seen Alex auld, and mike Leighton in the ohl, and now ive been watching trevor cann for the petes, but he doesnt look that amazing either, even though he is highly touted..... i guess its good ill never be a scout
  22. so far there are no concrete rumours saying he is available, because he is an important part of detroits roster, but there have been whispers that detroit is in the market for another type of player and that he would be moved in that deal. they are also wonderring about salary
  23. Mike Johnson can play all three forward positions can he not? this opens up even more options
  24. Secondary players are not what we need, we need a quote on quote second line center, or smasonov to be moved. I dont think samsonov will be moved so that means a center for our second line. We have d depth, even though it is a bit costly. conroy is very safe defensively. Nagy and doan would be amazing to have, but then where do they play, who do we shuffle down, and i dont even want to imagine what we would have to give up for them. Jokinen would be pretty damn good, but that means we would not sign our dmen next year. I think a markov is more important to us than a jokinen. Plus we'd have to give up on a very good prospect, although this years draft isnt suppose to be a very good one, so trading our top pick wouldnt hurt as badly as it may have in other years.
  25. I dont have a website for you, but if you go out and pick up the HOCKEY NEWS for the month of January(it has ovechkin on the front), it has some weird stats suchs as....points in the last minute of a game, equalizing goals, go ahead goals, first goals, empty nets, player with most points in less than ten minutes(riberio believe it or not), teams days off, etc I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but its kinda neat, you can also go to the hockey news website.
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