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  1. Considerring we try and make a push for the cup and we find a way to work it into our salary, who is outthere as a #2 center?

    Will the leafs rid themselves of sundin(highly unlikely)

    Lindros out of Dallas??

    Conroy.......is available but isnt having a great year

    Jokinen.....this was mentioned in the hockey news(florida might be looking to do a makeover)

    Weight......stl would look for youth

    Ricci........wouldnt be added for his offense, but for a true playoff performer

    forsberg........not much to say here, its up to him, philly pretty pathetic, but if by somehow we got him, i think we would be considered one of the favourites to in it all..right now were the sleeper pick

    there really isnt much out there unless you want to pull a top player from another team a sacrafice a great deal of youth. the only thing i wonder is plekanec didnt show up in the playoffs last year, whats going to happen this year? samsonov(in my eyes) didnt have a great playoffs either, but many fans say he did.

  2. hey, i now have starchoice and was wonderring which channel i should order to get all of the habs games for the rest of the season? rds? i know sportsnet doesnt carry many. I'm in to TO area so all i get is the damn leafs.....thanks guys

  3. Zubrus is good enough to play with ovechkin right? im sure he is good enough to play here. I'm not saying he is a great player, but the guys big, can skate, has pretty decent skills, and is damn good along the boards. I always like the guy when he was here, but i agree we had the better of that trade.

  4. I never realized zeddy had such a high value, ya he could be downright scary to play against sometimes(playoff..remember way back then..damn McLaren) but overall wasnt a top guy. bulis was the key player in the washington deal..go figure!

    zubrus would be nice to have back about now

    well apparently zednik still had better value than o neill

    zednik to washington for a 3rd round pick

    oneill to TO for a 4th round pick!!

  5. you get a take home exam, lucky..........althought th 8 hours doesnt sound very enticing

    why do we always have to face a french goalie? they love playing us.

    We gotta start giving ourselves some breathing room, and hopefully playing a team not playing at the top of there game will help, im curious to see how samsonov plays.

    Go Habs Go

    quote name='habsfan88' date='Dec 13 2006, 09:50 PM' post='163323']

    8 hours? ouch...

  6. If you were a goalie coming into montreal.....who do you think your most afraid of stopping...koivu..nope....higgins..nope..ryder...nope....souray...(only cause of it hurts everytime he fires the puck, haha, but nope...kovalev...ding ding, we have a winner, he can beat you from anywhere and realistically the only player on montreal who can make a goalie look downright stupid.

    playoffs will tell the story....just watch

    His linemates had a fantastic game vs Boston. Maybe they'll wake him up. He's uber-talented with uber-talented (and hot) linemates - how bad can he do?

    And if worse comes to worse, he'll hang around until the playoffs and (likely) light it up then.

  7. boy they have changed, now neither of themcould hit 40!

    I never heard of the comrie for zednik, i dont think i would have made that trade

    Zednik for Jeff O'Neil when he was still with the Canes and still penciled down as a potentiel 40 goal scorer.

    I remember the people on RDS saying "The Canes are shopping Jeff O'Neil, but he isn't coming cheap. They want Richard Zednik from Montreal".

    Oh boy, have times have changed.

  8. there was a topic about todd gill coming to montreal for rivet(back in the day), but the trade never came through.........does anyone know of any other trades that never happened for the habs?

    I cant think of many but.....

    Wendel Clark............for Corson?

    kovalchuk(1st overall pick).........markov, 1st pick, (theodore or garon..dispute), and a propsect

    i'm sure you guys have heard of a few im forgetting about :hlogo:

  9. He's a game breaker!! How many other players on thisa team are? If he wants to do something he can, like he shows in the playoffs. Koivus great and all, but he cant do what kovalev can. He does open up a lot of room for other players....remember, he is targeted. Players who come into montreal and play the habs are afraid of him, he strikes fear into the oponents when he plays. i'm not saying he always performs and he is like the best player to ever play the game, but watch how closely opponents play him, ...intimidation is a big things in sports.

    He's capable of doing many things, he just doesn't do that often enough.

  10. wins are always big against TO, weve been embarrassed by them a few times in the past, it'll be nice to get a win hopefully tonight. 3-1 i predict, look for kovalev, and perezoghin will finally pot on on a scramble to stand out.

    Good luck tonight Habs, enjoy the game fellow habs fans

    Toronto... Montreal...

    This game will be epic, as usual.

    Time for Kovalev to put another People's Elbow on Tucker.


  11. I watch all the games at home normally, if you watch them elsewhere there are to many distractions. My girlfriend understands i like watching the game and actually makes sure the game is on and lays there with me if she wants to spend time with me. I dont like watching games with a big crowd and if montreal just put a streak together(like last yr they blasted the sens witha 3 goal outburst, i dont move my position i sit in them, beacause i believe its bad luck if i do.

    I brew tea.

    Now, I'm no crazy fool -- I realize the idea that making a cup of tea in Tokyo might somehow cause a Canadiens player to score a goal in, say, Boston, is ridiculous.

    It only works when the game's at the Bell Centre.

  12. bouillion can skate, maybe cause he's hurt he isnt as good, but he's a good skater

    Good point, now let's see who doesn't skate.

    Lesser to higher skating habilities.








    Johnson (since being kneed)





    Samsonov without puck









    So what is Dandenault doing on the 4th line when he is our best skater up and down the ice, he is with Markov and (caught) Ninimaa the only defenseman that can go far in the opponent zone and come back in time.

  13. If we are a top team at the deadline going into the playoffs, Souray will NOT be traded! He plays a big role in our team and could cripple us by leaving. If we have a legitimate chance for the cup, he wont go anywhere, but if were seeded 6-7-8th and were not looking like a strong team, i believe he will be unloaded very easily. He will fetch a great deal if he keeps up his pace. He's not a blake, but he's upper echleon and will gain a high pick or prospect in return.

  14. angelo isnt going to be a great player, the most i see out of this guy is bouchard of minny. i would hold onto our picks unless we trade souray near the end of the yr and pick up a high pick then paxckage them for a blue chip prospect. We have some depth now of third and 2nd line players coming up, what we need is some top line talent, but i dont see esposito being that.

  15. Higgins settled for less because its his dream to be playing here, he could have got more easily but didnt want to because he's not selfish. he wants to look good in the canadaiens eyes, i see him as a player looking to be captain, wants to be here his whole career. He is confident he will make something of himself in later year and will be rewarded accordingly. some ppl just arent after the money.

    Lats- is living the life, he was considered a first rounder but slipped to the second, he is a good player with high potential and again, french in a french city, he's got fans loving him dating back to last yrs training camp. He probably build buzz around the canadiens more(even though they dont have problems doing this themselves), so he wanted some money and got it. i think he will be better than jordan staal honestly, but in a few yrs. The guys a bit cocky, but many great players are, now he's just to let his play back up everything. Carbo and gainey know what this kid will become, so if they can make a possibly superstar happy from the beginning, he will want to play his ass off for the rest of his career in the CH.

    money is money, its still a great deal of money if you look at it compared to most professions

  16. kinda scary having theodore come back actually, when he wants to be, he can be the best! and he's gotta be pissed about all that happeend last yr

    actually, they should put huet in against him, kinda like the guy who beat you for your job you get another shot at, but carbo probably doesnt want that to happen cause he knows who will come out on top

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