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  1. I know we have a lot of goalies right now, but garon played well back here in mtl, hes going to be a good goalie, i would like the guy.............never will we get him because we have two numbers ones.

    ok maybe saying he sucked was harsh but he still didn't show he was able to carry a team in his shoulders.

    at 29 he's no spring chicken either.

  2. last yr higgins got off to a really slow start, and eventually gained his ice time. all our rookies last yr had there spurts, perez started hot with koivu and kovalev, then midway was plekanec, the higgins stormed the rest of the season. I'm not expecting much from latendresse this yr, or next yr, yr three is where he will become what he will become. i like him gaining experience on the team, please tell me what he will learn in juniors? how to get more lazy?

    I expect him to be with the team the whole season, and I also expect him only to round the corner, as it were, after the x-mas break ... a la Higgins. Latendress has a lot to learn, and he is in the right environment to learn it.

    Sending him back to Jr. would stunt his growth, IMO.

  3. It is funny its not more recognized. i guess i may be biased because i play the sport,a do enjoy every minute of it. Anyone who would watch a game would never be disapointed. Its becomeing pretty big in some cities though, peterborough for one i crazy about lacrosse, orangeville, kitchener, also. anyone who hasnt seen a game should watch one. Anyways it was a great game with canada winning it. Go Canada Go!

  4. I was curious what kind of training hockey players go through at the top level. I play lacrosse and football myself but i was wonderring about hockey. Gary Roberts is known as a a guy who puts more effort into it than most, do some not have too work out to make it to this level?(so blessed with skills). im guessing leg strength is the top agenda to work on.

  5. I could see a few players being picked up because a players team thinks they get too much money via arbitration, but i cant see teams waiting this long to solidy there team, itll just happen and more unloading will have to occur. i like gomez and think he would fit in well here, but i think gainey wants to see if riberio has what it takes and will give him a shot. if it doesnt work out, there will always be guys we can pick up during the year. briere would not fit in here with our current roster.

    Is Connolly going to arbitration??

  6. In London Canada, Team Canada defeated Team USA in the world lacrosse championships(field lacrosse). Way to go Gary Gait on leavig the game on top. Team USA has not lost in this event in like 35 years until this year.

    suprised no one has posted about this already

  7. In person ive probably seen them play 5 times this yr, but there always on tv, and its pretty good hockey to watch, there a good team. Ive seen him on the second line only 3 times, and some spot shifts. 2nd powerplay you are right about though

  8. the guy is good, not as good skills as plekanec, but pretty impressive. He's been a fav of mine for awhile, but i never expected him to be scoring the way he is now. Well see if he keeps it up. I thought that higgins and chipchara were the same style players???

  9. NHL: Vancouver/edmonton

    players: marleau, tanguay, gagne, jovo, lecavalier

    Womens: megan agosta (because shes from my area and i know her)

    NFL: detroit lions(dont laugh)

    players: charles woodson, , LT

    Tennis: anna kornikova(sp?)

    Kart: Tracy

    MLB: Toronto

    Player: Hinske

    NBA: Detroit

    player: Garnett

    Megan Agosta........i actually know her, shes a yr younger than myself, and yes she is as good as everyone says she is. I actually have worked out with her awhile back, she can bench press a hell of a lot, you wouldnt believe for a girl. Nice girl, real friendly and she played hockey for her highschool team on the guys team and was there best player

  10. the guy will be 4th liner at best. he plays a good game, but doesnt get alot of time in peterborough, ive only seen him on the second line for spot shifts basically. he does have decent linemates on the third line cause the team has good depth. he not like ferland from what i have seen. ice time would have helped him though

  11. We saved cap, ya thats the only good thing coming out of this.

    are u guys telling me you are happy having either abby(possibly, we dont know if we will resign him) and huet as our number one goalie for at least 4 years to come?

    And the market for goalies witll be tough this summer, theres a great deal of teams looking with older goalies right now.with saying that, if we get luongo, ha im happy....but not likely.

    Look at all the teams that have won the cup in the past...good goaltending makes the difference!! there are a select few teams ala detroit who had osgood, but look at the team in front of him, you cant honestly say montreal will have that kind of team even if they do add, say a bertuzzi or a chara.

    Just watch as theo next yr is playing amazing, i dont think he will be on his A game in the playoffs(but still good), but colorado was looking towards the future, were as we are looking to make some noise this year.

    I see huet as an equal to a boucher in his good years, or a biron, never that top goaltender, but i would like the guy on our team. Montreal needs a good old french boy minding there nets, i know that doesnt sound right, but it is true.

    Abby plays in front of a good team in colorado, to be honest, id rather have danis playing. Abby isnt as good as his stats, but we will find out, just wait till mtl has a few games where they need that great goaltending in the playoffs..it sure wont be abby who provides it, this is huets yr now, but watch for mental wear. remember..few goalies, or players for that matter can handle mtl pressure, lets see what playoff pressure will do to em. if im wrong about theo and everyone next year, be sure to bring it up in a convo with me

  12. Ok, we saved cap, got a goalie who can play right now, but we just lost our best player, hands down, everyplayer has a bad year, this was theodores. big deal he is stil in my mind top 3 in the league!!

    Colorado just set themselves up. ok you guys say we saved money, but now we have to go out and get ourselves a number on goalie, this team is only as good as its goaltending right? well huet and abby aint going to do it for like 4 years before price hopefully can step in, that mean we will have to spend some dough on a very good goaltender....i dont like the move, there had to of been a better goaltender to get straight up for him.....i would have rather got garon back, maybe even a younger goalie prospect.

  13. Personnally i dont think you can not take Kessel, ya he's a hit or miss but you might be getting a gaborik right? I dont think you can chance that. with saying that, Johnson is my favourite, he really stood out in the juniors. and about staal, ya hes a good player, his game is like spezzas, alot like it actually, but from what ive seen im not that impressed, i watch quite a few petes games(staals team) so i have a good read on him i believe. also jordan isnt suppose to be the best of the staals, its suppose to still be the even younger brother

  14. I'm not sure who really won here, i would have thouhgt babchuk was the better of the prospects, but since chicagos pick will be lower, i guess richmond is more sought after?

    Interesting trade none the less, normally u dont see a simple trade like this

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