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  1. I got 2 tickets for sale for wednesday's game vs Boston REDS Section 107 Row M Cant make it to the game... just looking to get rid of them. 240$ for the pair -WELL BELOW COST- 514 919-7246
  2. As stated in title. http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/305828.html
  3. I think Bob's "wait till the off-season" to negociate contracts is hurting the team. We could've easily gotten a big centre for Komi, Streit, Souray.. instead we got nada. I can understand not offering contracts to old guys who got nothing left in the tank but these were players who were valuable and could've been traded for something good in return even at inflated contracts because they are in their prime. I would suggest this is Gainey's last chance / year unless we make it to the 2nd round. I would replace him with a younger more technological savvy candidate who's always on his blackberry looking to lock up valuable players even if it's to trade later on.
  4. Decent trade for a 1st line centre with great speed n playmaking abilities. Gomez is a proven winner, something koivu has yet to achieve and higgins has freakin stonehands at BEST. It's a shame we had to lose Mcdonough, but i honestly think he doesnt have the size needed to make it in the NHL.. think brisebois type dman. Valentenko has also been hyped as a kaspiritus type dman but has yet to showcase his talents and me thinks he's gonna go hit the KHL for more money. Gomez is looking to rebound from last yr.. despite his BIG contract I like this deal because we finally got a 1st line Centre. Pyatt was decent at the world jrs.. he can develop into a Malone type player. Gainey definitely feels the pressure of having his job on the line.. with the new owners coming in soon, he had to turn something out of nothing.
  5. Got some extra tickets to sell to this game if anybody is interested.. Grays section 331 514 458-2913
  6. As the add says, i'm selling 2 individual tickets for the game. They are in GRAY section 330-331 rows B & C. (about a dozen seats apart) 75$ each. Thanks 514 458-2913 Ben
  7. In their 100th anniversary, the habs shouldn't gamble with Price. Ankle injuries take forever to heal properly n are easily tweeked again. They should just pay the fine the NHL will force Price to pay when he doesnt /wont be able to show up to the skills competition or the game. I'd also give him a nice pay cheque to compensate.. Price should understand his role by now. GO HABS GO!!!
  8. Lecavalier would be a perfect fit for the Habs but i wouldn't give one of our top 4 D (Gorges). Higgins n plex byebye with a young D man prospect (one of the russians plz) and 1st round draft pick. And another draft pick rather than give Gorges!! I still dunno how great of a deal this is... bringing in a huge contract like that might force us to drop some core pieces from our team in the near future. But i do know it would be considered a homerun from the marketing and fans point of view! Tough call, but for a cup.. i'd do it!! It's really the after effects that scare me seing what happened to the bolts :S
  9. Been a while since i heard anything from Price.. It's been suggested in my ESPN fantasy league that he has mononucleosis.. The dreaded kissing disease!! I know in the past he's been seen quite a bit at downtown clubs drinking n partying.. but has some skank ruined us all? I'm getting a bit concerned here... discuss!
  10. This will be addressed at the trading deadline when non contending teams will look to trade their UFAs.. till then, we gotta see what the kids have to offer.
  11. Pedneault will be back shortly.. just a matter of time be4 Brunet hits da DL with a dislocated tongue.
  12. I'm thinking there's a conditional trade already set up with Toronto.. dats if Sundin actually wants to come here to MTL for a "negotiated salary"
  13. If Sundin was such a team player, wouldnt he sign with toronto and then help them out by dealing himself out of Toronto in a reasonable trade including youth prospects in return??
  14. I miss reading Farber in the Gazette. Always enjoyed his writing style.
  15. Jagr would not fit in MTL.. I'm betting we're gonna pick up a defensive minded player for the playoff drive.
  16. go have a pitcher at da old O'Blitz now old orchard pub for the 1st, then intermission time go 4 a smoke n walk around the bell centre yelling i want tickets.. ask to see his best tickets, MEMORIZE EM n then say what'll 5 bucks get me?? He might laugh n say bye but rebuttal by saying "can u eat ur cardboard tickets?? 5 bucks says u cant!! 10 bucks 4 2 of ur cheap seats lets go!!" U'll be in.. u'll recall the best seats he offered and boom!! U love me!! Enjoy boys
  17. What sucks is dat u cant even use ur free wings voucher da night of da game.. u have to go back another time to be able to use it.
  18. Sammy's turned out to be a real cancer to da team. Professionalism says they'll buy him out.. but i'd make him rot in da minors all of next year. U dont shit where u eat.
  19. Sammy's attitude is da reason why he wont play another game this season. My money is on da habs buying him out at season's end. ADIOS!! GOODBYE!!
  20. The way the guys lack the will or passion to play is disheartening.. it hurts to watch sometimes.
  21. wow.. what a surprise.. they score with abby on his knees
  22. abby put himself down on dat shot.. made the save look pretty but man is this guy ever gonna learn sound positioning??
  23. X2.. reminds me of claude lemieux a bit.. some1 u really hate to play against but love to have on ur team..
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