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  1. The discrepancy in tax money was a small factor in my opinion. The bigger factor is the lack of a quality center for Radulov to play with in Montreal. Who in their right mind would chose to play with Pacioretty/Drouin over Benn/Seguin? The line of Benn/Seguin/Radulov might be best in the NHL offensively.
  2. Scouting hires and news

    It still makes me nervous. If he's on the payroll and they want him to earn it to some degree, they should have him doing something as far away from influence on the roster as possible. Maybe they could set up a new concession at the Bell Center, "Coach Michel's Scotch Bar", and have him serving up drams and anecdotes to fans during games.
  3. Scouting hires and news

    More of the same bullsh!t with this organization; a hire being made based on being a friend of the GM rather than ability. Our owner is clearly asleep at the wheel, allowing this crap to continue. Useless Daignault assistant coaching at the NHL level, bumbling Lefebvre doing a poor job of player development at the AHL level, and now Therrien...who clearly has NO CLUE when it comes to young players...is scouting.
  4. Maybe things aren't as bad as.....

    ....forget the jist of this thread....it really is looking pretty damn bad as of right now!
  5. Fire Bergevin

    Markov being pushed out the door is the last straw for me....I want this useless motherfawker fired!
  6. This feels like a huge gut-punch....I hate Bergevin more today than I did yesterday.
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/canadiens-to-charge-fans-for-physical-season-tickets-next-season-1.810653 A disgusting nickel-and-dime move by the organization IMO.
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    It worries me to hear that we are negotiating with the Jets for Tyler Myers. I shudder to think what MB might be willing to give up to make this happen.
  9. Fire Bergevin

    *mic drop*
  10. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    Good point....for far too long this team has had personnel that seem to have fetishes for grinders and smurfs.
  11. Maybe things aren't as bad as.....

    If Radulov plays with Seguin and Benn, I think it's a safe bet that Drouin won't even be close.
  12. Should we care about Radulov?

    It always seems like this team has to settle for plan C, D, or E.....plan A never comes to fruition, and plan B doesn't work out very often either.
  13. Fire Bergevin

    How many of those playing for us 'despite the tax situation' are doing so BY CHOICE? You can't compare a guy with the freedom to chose, a full-fledged UFA who is in very high demand, with players who signed contracts with little to no bargaining power or arrived via trade. Carey Price sure demanded an overpay to remain with the team, because he was going to be in the same situation as Radulov next July 1: in high demand with the freedom to chose.