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  1. Thank God we weathered the storm and got the W. Byron has to know better than that: even a little hook, at the offensive blueline at that point in the game, was beyond stupid. I swear if we were to keep out of the box, not only would a win in the next game be highly likely...it might not even be that diffucult. Discipline coupled with the same effort level as tonight and there's no way they lose.
  2. I seem to recall Petry sniping a few from well down the boards like that before....maybe he should try it more often.
  3. I'm about ready to strangle Bergevin and Julien both for their stubborn blindness when it comes to certain players.
  4. The lack of a blueline quarterback has hurt us for sure.
  5. It might work in the Swiss league...he could possibly pass for a legit top 6 forward there. Steve Yzerman knew what he was doing.
  6. True. Our problem is the inability of our top 6 to score, not 4th line tweaks. Drouin being in that top 6 is the most glaring problem I have seen in these first 2 games: he has contributed absolutely nothing. His errant passes and suspect decision making have done as much to help the Penguins PK as any PIttsburgh player has.
  7. The pop gun offense shoots us in the foot yet again.
  8. Everybody not named Carey Price needs to wake the F up
  9. Carey needs to tear the room apart during the intermission.
  10. Why is Drouin out there....just throws the puck away...useless.
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