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  1. Not terrible, but .5M - .75M per year too high and a year too long from being a 'good' contract IMO. That could change if life gets back to post-covid sooner than later and the cap rises of course.
  2. If he looks anything less than sharp even in the early going, that's the move to make. If it continues for an extended period, swing a deal with a floor team to dump him and cut losses. It should be poop or get off the pot time for Drouin.
  3. Size that can score...that can only help us.
  4. We are concentrating on goals because we have seen far too many games where we had plenty of chances, but a lack of finish resulted in losses. Need a scorer, not a playmaker dishing passes to guys who seldom finish.
  5. I think that's where you have to call 'scorecard': Drouin .229 goals/game played as a fulltime NHL player, Hoffman .346 goals/game played as a fulltime NHL player. 19 goal scorer vs. 30 goal scorer...I know who I'd rather have in my top 6. Tell anyone who only wants to watch French hockey players to become a fan of a team in the Magnus league in France....this team needs scoring to win, not names/language.
  6. I'm bracing myself for another season of watching Drouin floating around and producing little...we are all used to him disappearing by now I guess.
  7. If Drouin is our 1st line left winger, we are truly F-ed. I want to see a shooter added: Hoffman is who I'd be happy with, since acquiring Laine is a pipe dream. Also, Hudon has no business being in our lineup...or any NHL lineup for that matter.
  8. I didn't like what I saw from him last season...refused to shoot the puck at times, and seemed to sulk when asked to move around. Poor performance + selfish attitude coupled with the emergence of KK and Suzuki guaranteed that Domi was on his way out.
  9. Of course it would be a yes, but it's a pipe dream.
  10. Why on earth would you saddle Suzuki, who seems like he might have #1C potential, with a winger who is NOT a first-liner by any stretch of the imagination? If this happens, it's only because our GM has falied YET AGAIN to get the legitimate top line scoring winger this team desperately needs. P.S. Just watched Sergachev score, and I have to say it....the more I watch Sergachev play, the worse the trade looks. MB straight-up got screwed.
  11. Elite D-men traded for a washed-up bum in Gomez, and an inconsistent floater who fluctuates between being a 3rd and 2nd line caliber winger in Drouin 🤮
  12. Ovi in a Habs uniform is a pipe dream. He will retire in Washington.
  13. A floater well past his prime...pass.
  14. Getting tougher to play against in our own end slowly but surely...I like it. Next item on the wish list: a scoring upgrade on the wing. Make it happen MB.
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