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  1. It worries me to hear that we are negotiating with the Jets for Tyler Myers. I shudder to think what MB might be willing to give up to make this happen.
  2. *mic drop*
  3. Good point....for far too long this team has had personnel that seem to have fetishes for grinders and smurfs.
  4. If Radulov plays with Seguin and Benn, I think it's a safe bet that Drouin won't even be close.
  5. It always seems like this team has to settle for plan C, D, or E.....plan A never comes to fruition, and plan B doesn't work out very often either.
  6. How many of those playing for us 'despite the tax situation' are doing so BY CHOICE? You can't compare a guy with the freedom to chose, a full-fledged UFA who is in very high demand, with players who signed contracts with little to no bargaining power or arrived via trade. Carey Price sure demanded an overpay to remain with the team, because he was going to be in the same situation as Radulov next July 1: in high demand with the freedom to chose.
  7. Well said. There's no way to sugar coat it: we lost a legitimate 1st line winger, who put up a solid number last season in spite of his line being centered by a bum. Those thinking that his offensive output won't improve in Dallas playing with a talented center are kidding themselves.
  8. The tax situation in Quebec (Canada in general) will guarantee we can't compete...don't get your hopes up for nothing.
  9. With the shit job MB has done, I won't blame Markov one bit if he bolts for a contender. He deserves a shot at a Cup.
  10. If I'm Radulov, and even if money and term are equal, I have to ask myself if I'd rather play with Tyler Seguin as my center...or Philip f-ing Danault. MB's failure to secure a quality center is a factor in this, I am 100% convinced.
  11. That lineup screams 'destined to exit in the 1st round'
  12. I can't even pretend to be excited about next season at this point. It will be more of the same: a pop-gun offense that depends on Price to allow one goal or less to win on most nights.
  13. Canadian NHL owners are idiots...they should have insisted for a cap adjustment to compensate for the tax climate during the CBA negotiations. Canadian teams are at a significant disadvantage to many US have to pay a guy an extra 500k to 1 million per for his take-home pay to be equal.
  14. I'm 100% on board with firing this asshat. Overpaid for Price, failed to deal for a center, lost the spark-plug of our offense last season (Rad)...useless motherf**kcer!