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  1. It was more a comment on the stupidity of Drouin on the turnover that led to the goal than an overall picture of all the goings-on in the game.
  2. That should have been a shutout...
  3. A video review went our way...I'm shocked. We lose reviews we clearly should win all the time.
  4. It's early...but...Claude needs to crack the whip on this team with regards to taking stupid penalties.
  5. That was a fun game to watch...we did a lot of things right. Unfortunate that we let up with the big lead and cost Carey the shutout, but was to be expected while playing so far ahead. I'd like to see Toffoli and Gallagher get on the board, but they were doing the right things at least and will be rewarded sooner than later if they keep it up. The only Hab that just looks clueless out there after two games is Armia.
  6. Ek is now saying that PLD wants to go to NY to play with his buddy Panarin.
  7. My priority is always a Habs game, but it's a shame that tonight's game conflicts with the Bills playoff game (and the end of the Packers game)
  8. Basically the same key to the game as in the Toronto game. I hope our guys learned their lesson about how a few dumb penalties can wipe out a lot of superior 5 on 5 gameplay and a lead.
  9. The good: Anderson, Suzuki, Romanov The bad: The PK (have to let Price see it) The ugly: Drouin with the bonehead play to hand the Leafs the tying goal.
  10. Everything was going perfect...you couldn't have scripted it better. Suzuki scores. Anderson scores. Romanov sets up the Tatar breakaway with a beautiful pass. Then it all goes to hell, starting with a stupid offensive zone penalty on Anderson (they ALWAYS end up in the back of your net it seems). A weak call on Suzuki, and then the uncharacteristic bonehead over the glass by Weber, and suddenly 1.9-ish periods of great hockey are erased and it's square.
  11. Excited to see what sort of impact Anderson and Toffoli have, how Romanov looks, and how the PP looks tonight. I'm feeling a 4-3 Habs win to start the season.
  12. 33 wins, 16 losses, 4 OTL, 3 SOL 73 points 175 goals for 125 goals against Most Goals: Anderson Most Assists: Suzuki Most Points: Suzuki 2nd in North 7th in NHL Semi-final appearance
  13. I feel the same way. I'm more comfortable with a 30something goalscorer projection than I would be with a 40something goal scorer projection for Caufield's ceiling at this point. I need to see a higher finish rate from him against tough competition to regain a gushing level of optimism.
  14. All this talk of Bergy potentially overpaying to add a homegrown talent to the roster is making me queasy. This ill-advised practice already cost us a Sergachev for a Drouin 🤮
  15. USA barely survived Finland. We should handle them tomorrow night.
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