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  1. Too many games in the near future to bag skate them I guess...but any golfing privileges that may have been granted on the Phoenix/Las Vegas portion of the road trip should be revoked in favor of a practice.
  2. I've had enough of this...I hear Monday Night Football calling my name. They deserve to be bag skated at 7am for this farce.
  3. This team is consistent: terrible PP, and absolute dogsh!t 4 on 4 A friend of mine texted me " 4 on 4" with an emoji that indicated a predicted goal against as soon as it was called. It's on the coaching staff to whip these fools into shape.
  4. Finaly a few good chances...hopefully the tide is turning.
  5. New plan for the next period: only put guys out on the PP who don't practice on a PP unit, tell them to go out there and just go for it shinny-style. It couldn't be any worse than the results we have been getting over the past 7.333 games
  6. I find it hard to believe that they practice the PP...how can you be this damn bad unless you are winging it?!
  7. FFS Chaput...so stupid.
  8. The way it has been going, the ability to decline a penalty NFL-style would be a good thing.
  9. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    They came to life in the clutch and buried some pucks...good to see.
  10. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    He's garbage. Juulsen is just learning...but Benn is just AHL caliber.
  11. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    That ref deserves a Weber slapper in the nuts...unbelievable!
  12. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    Tripped over himself to let in a garbage goal...Jesus I'm so sick of his crap. How are you that unbalanced that even a brush of a stick can do that to you?! And then having to listen to Bob Cole completely get it wrong just adds to the irritation.
  13. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    Primary want for this game: Habs win Secondary want for this game (but a big one): Carey Price allowing 2 or less We're at the midway point of the season...he needs to start looking like a quality starting goaltender at least, if not the wall he is paid to be.
  14. Now THAT goal ticks me off...get off the damn ice already Price...awful. Down early every time all the time...raise the puck you have a goal.
  15. I'm less concerned with his angle, and more concerned about how on earth a point man is that wide open and allowed to walk on down to the top of the circle without so much as a hint of a checker in his path.