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  1. I know what I need to do...stop watching. Between lockdown driving me crazy and this team, I think I need a break. Later all.
  2. It's crazy...he was "Norris consideration Petry" for a good stretch...and then, off a clifff.
  3. The replay shows you are right...it looked like Drouin got that. I stand corrected. I'm so pissed at this team I'm seeing sideways now apparently.
  4. JONATHAN DROUIN IS A USELESS PIECE OF TRASH....all this talk from some on this board about his vast improvement is pure and utter BS. After almost costing them a goal, he flat-out does...he put that great poke-check by Allen right to a Jet with yet another of his 'brilliant' blind one-touch passes. 🤬
  5. Drouin turnover almost ended up in the back of our net.
  6. It's better than the dark abyss it was pre-Ducharme to be sure, but it's still far from good. If losing one guy (and that one guy isn't a Matthews/Ovi type) causes your PP to fall off a cliff, that's an issue. And the issues, specifically, are lacking a dynamic puck carrier who is also a threat to shoot to work the carry-in, and when we actually do get set up, a guy that buries a high percentage of shots. CC sure looks like he could be that guy.
  7. No Caufield in the lineup eh? Damn. (I know there was a 1 in 1000 chance of seeing Drouin out, Caufield in today....but a guy can dream)
  8. Our PP has been absolute s*!t since we returned from our Covid protocol holiday: 1/18 (5.5%) over the last 6 games. This team isn't good enough defensively to win many games without cashing in on a decent percentage of our PP opportunities.
  9. We lost a guy who had 14 goals for the rest of the regular season, have a sputtering powerplay, and a bum with 2 goals is currently occupying a top 6 LW slot. I'm not sure what time we would be waiting for exactly that could be more perfect than right now.
  10. Two things MB needs to do tonight: 1. Call up Caufield 2. Send Drouin directions re: how to find the pressbox at the Bell Center
  11. You are right...he's not a Gallagher replacement, but he's damn sure looking like a stellar Drouin replacement.
  12. Nobody on our current roster can one-time a puck like Caufield did on that goal. His stay in Laval better be VERY short.
  13. We need the teams below us to continue to be pretty darned bad...we are a 'bubble team', after all.
  14. Same old story: don't get 3, don't get a point.
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