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  1. I'm not much of a Jack Todd fan, but he hit this one out of the park: https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/jack-todd-ilya-kovalchuk-is-fire-on-ice-the-canadiens-need-to-keep-him
  2. How about we keep Kovalchuk, and fire Bergevin instead?
  3. I think that'd be dumb. We have plenty of draft picks and prospects...we don't need the 2nd or 3rd rounder we'd get for him...he's worth more to us in the lineup next season. Get him to sign a 1 year deal while he's on a high, with fond memories of the fans chanting his name.
  4. I want to see Kovalchuk bury a puck for the win
  5. Huge goal...hopefully we build on it and take momentum back from Vegas.
  6. This was such a refreshing change. Usually when we outplay a team in the first, a multitude of shots only produces 1 goal. Tonight, 9 shots produced three goals. I asked a buddy "When was the last time we finished 3 times on 9 shots"? His answer: "Rocket Richard may well have scored two of them that night".
  7. As for those arguing about where he'll fit when everyone is healthy, I'd be happy with Kovalchuk in, Byron out. Get what you can for Byron and ship him.
  8. I'm sold...give this guy a contract for next season at first opportunity.
  9. I've watched enough stone-handed pluggers with 'character' fail to make plays and bury shots...I won't let you take enthusiasm for Kovalchuk away from me.
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