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  1. Overreaction for the previous shove/dive he didn't call.
  2. FFS Carey you can't take the bait like that.
  3. I guess that qualifies as SOON...ah crap, high stick?
  4. Carrying the play, but only the one goal to show for it. Starting to feel like a familiar script...hope they push and get the next one SOON
  5. Anyone else feel like a team in an 8-game slump hardly needs this sort of prolonged distraction prior to the game? As a fan, it was nice to see the team winning again, even if only in historic video.
  6. Can't help but speculate that he might be better than a few of our roster Dmen even at his advanced age...they are that bad.
  7. That's what this smells like...desperation to get red hot goaltending to stop the slide.
  8. If I'm the owner I fire Bergevin, and bring in a guy who will follow my orders to upgrade the blueline and work very hard at upgrading the other holes in the roster...a guy who's about finding solutions rather than making endless excuses.
  9. Is it still too soon to hit the panic button?
  10. They were good for 40 minutes. You have to be good for 60 against great teams like Boston. And you probably need to bury more than one puck to expect to come out of the game with any points.
  11. I'd make a move for Ghost. Standing pat is not an option, because it's not just the string of losses...it's the way we have lost most of those games, and the fact that there was an obvious glaring hole in our roster at LD1 even when things were going well. If the price is somewhat reasonable, I think MB should pull the trigger.
  12. Wait...what...WE got a penalty there. FFS
  13. I thought Tatar was going to do it there. Drew a penalty at least though.
  14. Tatar is having himself a game. Keep it going, Tuna...just pulled even with Floating Captain...now get the hatty and pass him!
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