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    spoiled rotten hab fan of the 70's. They will be back there soon thanks to the hiring of Bob Gainey.
  1. My Lineup for the upcoming season Palushaj-Leblanc-Dumont Willsie-Nattinen-Blundin Conboy-Enqvist-Avtsin Berger-Fortier-Schultz Echl- D.Masse, H.Bishop,P.Lefebvre. Possibly E.Brodeur if the habs sign him Diaz-Nash Henry-St-Denis Stesjkal We still need to fill a spot with a veteran or two for the blueline. McFadden and Dame-Malka I'd sign and send to Wheeling Lawson-Delmas There was a goalie on tryout with the habs in June E.Mosher a goalie from Quebec Junior league had good stats in the Q. Maybe sign him and send him to Wheeling.
  2. I think Trotter makes the habs to start the season, maybe Palushaj too. With Eller out to start of the season they both have a chance to make it. I'm starting to think Pierre Gauthier is finished picking up anymore Ufa's. Mathieu Carle doesn't he have to clear waivers if he doesn't make the big club? My opinion is he makes the team this year. He's paid his dues as a Bulldog. he's been dominant at his position, made the all star team last year, in one of the games I saw when he played with the habs in 2010 he looked pretty good to me. Somehow I think he will latch on to the final spot on D. I hope we don't lose him like we did Beauchemin. We groom these guys for 4-5 years and then lose them for nothing and some other team benefits. I think Carle has potential, good skater has offensive talent, good passer, mobile and isn't that small at 6'0 205lbs. Anyhow he's my underdog pick to make the habs this year.
  3. You have to admit though Ryan White has been a good hockey player for the dogs and habs so far this season and he'll be up with the habs pretty soon. I was not that far off in my lineup predictions 6 months ago and I see potential in this team and I see another cup for them in the works. Good to see Dany Masse back and ready to contribute. got his 1st assist in is first game of the season. I predict more to come for D. Masse. Pyatt Maxwell R.White - reminds me of a good 2 way playing 2nd line that can score and shut you down. Kinda like Guy Carbonneau's line D. Masse- Trotter- Desharnais G. Stevenson- Russell- Glumac G. Stewart- Johannsson- Wyman Conboy- Neilson Subban-Carle Weber-Belle Benoit- Henry Anderson Desjardins- Sanford
  4. My take on the Bulldogs lineup this year Trotter Maxwell R.White Darche Desharnais Glumac Pyatt Johansson Wyman Conboy Russell Neilson D.Masse O.Fortier ECHL bound Subban -Weber Carle -Henry Benoit- Belle Anderson Busto ECHL Sanford Desjardins This team has potential I believe
  5. Hey Aussie Posse great hockey league last year hope you have another. It was head to head which is the best. I finished 2nd last year and plan on beating you and Palmetto and the other boys on here. lol Cheers Lachiners
  6. I see the signing as a positive. a depth move and provides some veteran help in Hamilton. In the world of hockey you never know what could happen. We picked up Steve B├ęgin off waivers when he couldn't make the Calgary team. Daniel Briere bounced around a lot before he became the player he is today. Martin St-Louis too. You never know when a player can just burst out.
  7. I'm not too worried about Price being thrown to the wolves like Fleury was. Fleury was playing with the pens right after his draft year Price has had two years of development after his draft year. Plus Price is better. lol
  8. I guess Mikus didn't have what it takes or they would have signed him. I'm kinda surprised mind you he seemed to get better and better as the season went on last year. Oh well I guess not every pick is going to work out. lol
  9. He will get lots of ice time next year then being a vet on an expansion team. Good for him. I hope he can stay healthy throughout the year. There must be something Timmins saw in him. I know he brings some toughness to the table. We will just have to see.
  10. Valentenko coming to North America if it's true is great news. One year in Hamilton and he could be another gem. Emelin hopefully will make the jump this year. This is the best opportunity he could have with the Habs d being so uncertain wih Rivet gone and Souray possibly leaving. Hamilton's defence could be even better then this years with this new blood coming up. Jancevski-Cote- If Habs can resign both. I wouldn't want to lose them. Benoit- Carle Emelin-Valentenko Proulx O'Byrne I think will make the Habs in October.
  11. I don't see anything else Price has to prove at the AHL level. This kid is ready for the big time. Start Price at the beginning of the year and let Huet back him up. If all goes well trade Huet at mid season for a good draft pick or some help and bring up Halak.
  12. This is what my team would look like in October if some players do want to come to montreal. lol Also keep in mind it's just a dream, not realistic but what the heck (Smyth)- Koivu- Ryder Kostitsyn- Plekanec- Kovalev Higgins- Chipchura- Milroy Latendresse- Lapierre- (Laperriere) Begin-Murray Markov-Komisarek (Schneider-Hannan) Streit-Dandenault O'Byrne-Gorges Huet-Halak Price
  13. I'd love to get either one of those two d men or better yet forward Sam Gagner but I feel they'll be long gone before we pick. Guys who I'd target if available: 1st rd. Logan Couture Angelo Esposito Kevin Shattenkirk Zach Hamill David Perron 2nd rd. Michal Repik- Getting this guy would be amazing. Wouldn't surprise me if he goes late 1st rd. Kevin Veilleux Kevin Marshall Alex Plante 3rd rd. Mark Katic Olivier Fortier
  14. I think A. Kostitsyn is going to put on a show at this years camp. I have a feeling he's going to be hungry for a spot with the big boys.
  15. I didn't mean to pick on Locke. lol I think he will get plenty of ice time and produce more than last year. I just thought he's played well with Milroy the last two years why change it. With Grabovsky and Kostitsyn I thought Chipchura can cover their butts defensively. Cheers
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