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  1. Petition To The Cbc

    only a few days after his 1000th game... what a great player... :puke:
  2. Petition To The Cbc

    Don Cherry butt kissers decided that Domi's 1000th was more important than Boom Boom's ceremony... can anyone smell Bullshit? of course The Boomer was a "French Canadian Pissou" and Domi is a great English Canadian... get my drift?
  3. Petition To The Cbc

    and another point, why is it that Don Cherry still has a job, from a public broadcast station? this guy is a joke, and a Moron, Probably friends with Sean Avery for all I know... and the fact that MY taxes are paying for this idiot makes me sick... :puke: :puke: :puke: of course ppl from Toronto dont see the big deal, in fact they had their heads soo deep in his as... ummm yeah... anyway, ends with not being able to see the sun shine... that they were actually agreeing with him on the whole "Pissous" bullshit... this idiot needs to go, end of story...
  4. Habs Tidbits

    Still, Slightly better than Ribs this year, is alot better than ZED this year... and 22g/26a for 48 points compared to Zed's 23... and Comrie was able to get 48 points with an undertalented (IMO) Pheonix Coyotes... whatever... and at 25 years old, can replace Ribs... Ribs can go play with his friend Dagenais in the Bulldogs pressbox
  5. The Next Number That Gets Retired

    Jagr will probably have his number retired with Pittsburgh, and not in NYC, so I can see a point about Roy having his # already retired with another team, maybe he doesn't REALLY need it here... and players used to stick to teams for much longer... now the most loyal players stay 5 or 6 years (compared to 10 or 15 back then) with the same team (with a few exceptions) so its harder to tell where players were better...
  6. The Next Number That Gets Retired

    and the Selke award might as well be called The Robert Gainey award (won it the first 4 times)... it was created to honour Defensive Forwards, and he was the best... he was innovating in his own way... putting the opponent to sleep... but yeah he was the best in his own way... # 1981 - Bob Gainey, Montreal Canadiens # 1980 - Bob Gainey, Montreal Canadiens # 1979 - Bob Gainey, Montreal Canadiens # 1978 - Bob Gainey, Montreal Canadiens
  7. Habs Tidbits

    I dont like the fact we didn't grab Comrie for ZED... The Great One must really be desperate...
  8. The Next Number That Gets Retired

    FOR THOSE THAT DONT KNOW http://www.legendsofhockey.net/html/indyearbyyear.htm inductees by year
  9. The Next Number That Gets Retired

    Chris Nilan? Mats Naslund? Fafan Richer? Vinny DamnPuss? certainly more deserving, but will never happen... mean while you forgot Patrick Traverse on that list...
  10. Nhl Paradigm Shift

    how can anyone be against it? Abby was on fire in Colorado too since Jan. 1st, I think it was 15 w 5d or something like that (showed in the JDM yesterday) and Huet was on fire here too (is probably looking at second straight D player of the week, yet again) Im all for it! as for the no 1st line thing? why not, its a great chance to try something new, and keeps the other teams on their toes, they dont get a chance to rest, and have to keep that checking line on longer, eliminatin their own scoring threat... could be the evolution of the trap system, where team shut themselves... whatever...
  11. Nhl Paradigm Shift

    so? Mario Lemieux did the same for years, and in TV ads at that (the soup thing) LOL... doesnt take away the fact he was a great player... not to mention Fafan Richer...
  12. The Next Number That Gets Retired

    Cournoyer, player with the most cup wins in History, 10 in 16 years Robinson, was probably the greatest D-Man in habs History Gainey, THE REASON for the Selke award... nuff said Roy: THE WAYNE GRETZKY of goalies, rewrote the record books inspired a whole generation of goalies, from Quebec, and everywhere... so to you, they weren't (or still aren't for those waiting) good enough to get their number up?
  13. The Next Number That Gets Retired

    Like I said, I can get pretty harsh... But The Boomer retired a looong time ago, and yet, his number took way too long to retire... How long did it take for Colorado to retire Roy's number? yeah...
  14. The Next Number That Gets Retired

    id say 33 Roy... they'll wait for the others to die B4 they retire the numbers, costs less that way... Boom Boom was overdue, its all I meant by that...
  15. Theo Traded To Colorado

    2 games in hand guys... not to worry, we still have arm space...