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  1. <p> Seriously? It definitely matters loosing by 1 goal or by way more than 1 goal. Loosing by way more than 1 goal shows its the team. Loosing by 1 goal typically shows that theres a possibility that a better coach may have won some of those games. Gettig blown out every night, theres no hope, but luckily thats not the Habs current predicament. I'm no fan of Martin, but I dont fault him entirely because most of the loses have been pretty close and could have gone either way if not for a few bad calls, or Price letting in a couple of fairly weak questionable goals that turned out to really matter. Take a way 2 bad calls and 2 fairly weak goals allowed by Price and that could equal 4 more wins. Give the Habs 8 more points and look where they would be in the standings. The Habs could easily be 2nd in the conf. I am bummed Martin is the Habs coach, but I'm fairly certain that wont change anytime soon.edit: I'm not even trying to suggest Price is at fault, I primarily mean by weak goals like the 1 time in 1000 dump ins when the puck doesnt go into the corner and takes a wierd direction and goes out front of the net to the other team. Theres been quite a few silly gift goals given away to the other teams by the hockey Gods this year.
  2. Hmm, how odd. I just happened to notice that nhlnumbers lists Darcy Tucker as being a 1 mil cap hit for the Laffs every year until 2014. Is that right? Tucker was an Avs when he retired so how or why would that make him a cap hit to the Laffs? Was there some stipulation in the trade to the Avs that if Tucker retires the Laffs have to pay the cash? nhlnumbers doesnt list Tucker at all under the Avs cap. I'm a tad bit confused as to how it would be a Laffs cap hit.
  3. Wow, that is great news. Its been frustrating the last few years being able to watch almost none of the pre season games. I could never figure that out that the Habs are so popular yet it took the networks this long to realise that Habs fans want to watch pre season games. I dont get a lot of chances to see the prospects play, especially playing against other NHL caliber players. It will definitely be nice to see the prospects play in some pre season games this year.
  4. Personally I dont think this ruling could possibly be good for any team. 7.5 mil is the highest amount ever awarded. I was fairly shocked when I heard the news. I was thinking Weber would get 6-6.5 mil. Even in a UFA bidding war scenario I'm not sure how many teams would want to pay Weber 7.5 mil/yr. Sure, Weber is really good, but is he worth that kind of cash at this point in his career? I could see him making 7.5 mil when he's 28+ Who is the highest paid Dman now? Weber?
  5. Signing Stillman wouldnt be a bad idea, but afaik it wont be happening. I'm 99.999% sure that he's retired.
  6. I agree CC aboot signing him cheap. Anybody who thought WiZ would sign cheap was foolish and not in the know. Wiz already thought he was worth over 5 mil/yr before he was even a Habs after getting 30some pts with the Ducks. The Ducks GM wouldnt even talk with his agent, they went to arb and eventually settled and then he was immediately shipped to NYI, who then couldnt sign him for any sane amount and shipped him to Montreal. I loved WiZ while he was a Hab right from the announcment of it. Unfortunately I think CBJ will be buying him out of this contract, eventually. WiZ is only good offensively, which is bad for Dman to only be good at what the forwrads should be doing. tbh, I wouldnt be surprised to see WIZ becomming a part owner. Too many large crazy contracts like this could end up bankrupting a fairly new small market team like CBJ. They just dont have the fans or the deep pocket owners to be buying out players of silly contracts that shouldnt have been signed in the 1st place.
  7. Hmm, with big rewards comes big risk. I gagged when I 1st heard this. Now hours later I realize it could work out perfectly, but it could also be an expensive disaster because of his age and previous injuries. Cole is generally good for 50 pts/yr when healthy and he can and does play both ways and is fairly physical, though I dont go as far as calling him a power forward. Cole will drop the gloves and stick up for his teamates too, always good, especially if he's playing with Gio and Gomez.
  8. Personally I really liked the Wiz pickup right from the begining and as time went on that only I liked him more and more, but I've always kinda known that all he will be is a great long term rental player. I really cant see Wiz being resigned for several reasons. Resigning Wiz will cost the Habs a pick (5th?), and I bet NYI traded him for the next reason, I know the Ducks did for sure: Wiz wanted 4 mil/yr from the Ducks after 1 30pt yr that he was -5 in, the Ducks GM didnt even respond to his agent and it went to salary arbitration and then the 2 settled for what he made this year and then the Ducks GM shipped him the NYI and then they shipped him to Habs. After having a 50 pt yr he probably thinks he's worth close to 6 mil. The last reason is Wiz might be great offensively but his defense isnt that good. He's always a minus player. I wouldnt pay him big money. 4.5+, no thx, even at 4 not sure if I'd do it. This wont be popular, but I think the same aboot Markov. He's great offensively, but he does have defensive lapses, and I'm still baffled by his injury in the playoffs last year by Cooke. A vet like Markov should have beeter situational/positional awareness on the ice. i.e. know when they are in a dangerous spot not to put themselves in a even more vulnerable position with the leagues #1 cheap shot artist right there. Markov seems to be injured way to often so I would only resign him if its cheap or a performance laden contract. Just think his reg 5.5mil salary could be spent on a large top 6 forward. At this point if available I would rather sign the right power F than bring Markov back. Another great example of lack of positional awareness is Hammer rotating the wrong direction when Horton scored in OT. The vets should know better. Hammer did a 270 rotation so he could have his stick on his forehand, but he could have rotated 90 and had his stick on his backhand and been in time to stop Horton from scoring. I dont know if I would bring Hammer back, I guess if he resigns cheap I would. I would bring Gill back no questions asked, hopefully for a bit cheaper though just because he is aging.
  9. Julien had the Booins go to Lake Placid to get inspiration from the 1980 Miracle on Ice. To combat this JM had the Habs walk around the Bell Center. Go Habs Go!!
  10. Did Gill even touch him? Thank God they didnt score on that weak PS.
  11. I'm waiting for JM to start letting Price take faceoffs.
  12. hahaha, what a game so far Eh. I'm actually liking it. The Habs are now officially useless, no need for other teams to worry aboot em now. I'm starting to think JM's is the sole reason for this slump. JM probably wants a Wash series too so he's playing stupid lines to drop in the standings so he gets it.
  13. Wiz seems to be fairly decent at carrying the puck up ice too. Thats in the eye of the Beholder though. I'm pretty sure I know the reason for that. I dont disagree that the puck often flies off his stick when stick handling like that. That happenes to everybody who tries moves like that. The bizare thing I have noticed aboot Gomez which seems to differentiate him from the other danglers is the move hs does right before the puck comes off of his stick. Gomez seems to try his hardest biggest dangles only towards other Habs players. I'm convinced that he subconsciously does this. Most of the time when Gomez dangles and looses the puck its not a turnover, its more of an errant pass to a Habs player near by. He does somehwat control when he looses the puck,and where it ends up.
  14. Well thats definitely what I`m hoping for. It could be history repeating itself. There is a classic text book example of proof for what I am saying. Does anybody else remember 93? I'm sure everybody remembers the end result, but do you remeber the specifics? Like how many teams that were higher in the standings than the Habs that the Habs faced that year? A = 1, just 1, the Nords in rnd 1, who were just 2 measly points better than the Habs. All the other rounds the Habs faced inferior teams. Keep in mind that the Habs finished in 4th place that season, yet they only faced 1 marginally better team in the playoffs. Ironically this year looks like it could play out almost identical to that year. Lower seed Buff swept 2nd seed Bos 1st rnd, Habs swept Buff 2nd rnd, after beating slightly higher seeded Nords 4-2. President trophy winning 2 time repeating Champs Pitts gets knocked out in 7 games by the lowly Isles. Isles played way above their heads and exhausted themselves beating out Pitts and in rnd 3 get spanked by Habs 4-1. Habs faced the Kings in the finals, who were the 4th worst team in the West. Although the Habs won the Cup in 93, they werent truely the best team. They basically lucked out by not really having to play any teams that were actually better than them. All the top teams were knocked out by the lower seeded underdogs and the remaining teams were no threat to the Habs. This year I would say the Habs chances are fairly decent against any teams other than Philly and Bos so if the Habs can avoid them and other teams manage to knock them out for us, it could be a really good year.
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