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  1. I like that Staal is on that line because its possible that it will not just get Drouin going but ignite all 3 of them. The odd thing about Staals stats is that in a lot of the years that he wasnt getting 40+ g's he was getting 40+ a's and 60+ pts. Furthermore, Drouin and Toffoli would the best linemates Staal has had in years so that could totally rejuvenate him. I've never really been a fan of Staal but I wont be surprised if start loving him real quick. Staal is probably capable of scoring at a 40g/yr pace, he just cant handle the 25mins/game he needed to score 40. Howeve
  2. Whooo!! Habs win in OT Screw you Staal!! You suck!! Oh wait, my bad. Old habit. In my defence, research studies have shown that it can take 24 days to change a habit, and its only been about 10 days.
  3. He'd probably be as good or better than his brother Marc.
  4. I fully agree. I'm liking Dom because he seems to know what they were doing wrong and is correcting the problems. Example: Notice what side of the ice Toffoli was on when he scored? i.e. the opposite side. The goalie had to move from the right post to the left. So many times under CJ they were way to close to each other and on the same side of the ice so the goalie didnt need to move at all to make a save.
  5. I totaly agree. Often times dman are only really noticed when they make a glaringly obvious mistake. However, most of the good small things any dman does can for the most part go unnoticed. To notice the small good or bad things requires paying close attention to a dmans constant play. That generally takes time from watching many games to really figure out. Then I compare the # of good things vs # of bad. ex: 1 good move vs 10 bad, or is it 1 good vs 100 bad. For that reason last season and the one before I was having difficulties trying to rank the Habs dmen.
  6. Nice, the Habs just did another flip out, and a big one. Nothing happened from it but its still good to see.
  7. Wow, thats too bad that Anderson, Suzuki and Drouin didnt just score. Oh well, Gally just did. Great rebound!!
  8. Good game so far. I missed both goals though. Nice, I loved how the 1 d flipped the puck out of the Habs end. It wasn't a long flip pass, but it was a flipout, and it worked and created an on the rush chance. Frolik just got his 1st shift. Congrats!!
  9. Hmm, you are correct, 02 would have been too long ago. I thought the Habs caught him at least twice with an illegal stick, but I could be wrong. Either way, its unarguable that the Habs are the team that figured that out and other teams also had success doing it. I checked his stats, and they seem highly suspect to me. i.e. who gets around 35-40g/yr at age 18-24, then get barely get 20 twice through ages 25-30, then get 28 and 42 g when they're 30-31? I have to believe that his 2 years in Minny where he had 30+ g he went back to using an illegal stick.
  10. I don't beleive the Habs standings had anything to do with the Habs being on Staals NTC list. I jokingly say that the Habs ruined Eric Staals career. i.e. the Habs played numerous series against the Cannes and would call stick infractions on Staal. Every time the Habs did that they never got a penalty. Then, other teams playing against Staal started doing that too, and they never got penalties either. Eventually, the Cannes forced Staal to stop using an illegal stick and he hasn't been 30 g scorer since.
  11. Thats basically exactly what I thought when I heard about it. The audio is unarguably proof that this mentality exists in NHL refs. It also doesn't mean that its the actions of 1 ref, acting alone on their own doing vs being instructed to do so by the NHL itself. If the NHL is instructing the refs and there was a lawsuit that info would come out and be terrible for the NHL. That could put the NHL in a similar position as Vince McMahon was in. Imagine the if the NHL were forced to change its name and be called National Hockey Entertainment because it isnt technically a sport a
  12. x2!! I had the identical reaction back when I heard the Habs picked up Cole. In the same sense it is a smart hockey move. Personally, I cant stand Eric Cheeseball Staal at all, but he should help the Habs. 3 of their 4 Centres are basically rookies, and now they have a veteran C. Staal will likely be similar to Perry too in the sense that both of them are near the end of their careers, but if they do decent in Mtl they will get a contract with somebody next year. I imagine just like Perry, Staal will pick up his game with he Habs. I imagine MB isnt d
  13. Heres an interesting hypothetical: if those 3 games aren't made up by the end of the season, and the standings end up with the Habs facing the Oilers in the 1st round, and those unplayed 6 points dont change the standings and series, would those games even need to be made up?
  14. Is it just me or is Van playing for the 2 pts by holding out for OT?
  15. I missed the 1st few mins but I saw Weber do the Edmunson thing and step up and check at the Van blue line. I liked seeing that. I've seen Edmundson do that numerous times and I beleive Dom is trying to get the D to do that more. There are definitely times where the big slow Dmen can step up and check/open ice hit.
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