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  1. I agree. Thats 1 of my reasons for why I say MB fleeced Vegas in the MaxPacc trade MB even though it worked out for good for both teams. In negotiations there is often a clear position of power and in the MaxPacc trade Vegas was in that position. ex: when a team wants to get rid of a player the team taking the player off the team is in the power position so it is somewhat surprising when a team gives up a lot for a player that the other team wants to or has to dump. This trade is a similar situation where the Blues were the 1's that needed to dump a player so the Habs sorta paid a high price and did the Blues a huge favour by solving their cap issue. However, it has been pointed out that the pic is Wash 3rd for Kovalchuk so when viewed in that perspective it is essentially a free pickup, even though his salary is sorta high for a backup.
  2. I wrote numerous replies to this but my browser kept crashing. I thought the Cherry documentaries were good, but that was mainly due to Jared Keeso playing him. I couldn't really picture anybody being able to play Cherry but he did an amazing job and totally pulled it off. I dont think its possible for another actor to have played Cherry better. I find Letterkenny to be really funny, but its mainly the insults they say because they are constantly chirping other people and the comebacks are usually even funnier. I honestly dont watch a lot of regular network TV shows. I've had decent access to TV shows for years so I mainly watch specialty channels shows. ex: in the early 2000's I was big into HBO's Six Feet Under, The Wire, Rome - those were all great shows. I have seen Person of Interest and it was decent but I didnt follow every ep. For reg TV shows I definitely watch the Blacklist - thats a really good show. I also watched The Good Wife and thought it was really good though I dont know anyone else that watched it. It's sort of a Law show but there a lot more to it and every ep theres a law case so there lots of cameos of other lawyers they are up against and different judges that are returning characters. Micheal J Fox is in numerous eps and plays 1 of the other lawyers and he's the biggest sleazeball lawyer on the show so every ep he is in is definitely worth seeing. There is even a spin off of it called The Good Fight and its alright. The redhead from Game of Thrones was on it but she left the show after se2.
  3. I absolutely agree. Its funny because we both basically think the same thing but we are saying it in the opposite way. i.e. he's been around long enough to prove he is not a 1st or 2nd line guy so they shouldnt play him as such. Thats true with Lehks and Danualt and its another pro reason for why I wanted to see Peohling. Some have said KK plays better with better linemates, and there seems to be a serious hate on for Domi playing crappier with crappy linemates. I sorta think the same could be said for Peohling being a player that plays better with better guys. There is also the Domi issue. Surprsingly, the Habs sorta have a log jam of C's. Its safe to say that Suzuki and KK are here to stay, and probably Evans as 4th C, but who is the 3rd C? I definitely prefer Domi over Danault because he has way more potential. Another pro reason for why I tend to like Domi and Peohling is that they can also play wing so if there are injuries or a playoff series where the Habs arent scoring they can potentially try more line variations. Yet another pro reason I had for Peohling is related to Domi's contract is up and cap space and what to do. If Peohling had played and done well it would clearer on what to do with Domi and/or Danault. Due to Covid the Cap is not going to increase and they are saying that might be the case for 2-4 years. Its funny some of the members that were saying Peohlings only a 3rd line guy but didnt believe it would be a good idea to find out. The Habs could have figured out if they can save upwards of 8 mil/yr in Cap space. What the last few members have said about Lehks being a defensive and a coaches dream sounds exactly like me describing Byron. I was surprised to see Byrons name in the trade thread because he the last guy I would trade. Petry would be another. The Habs are not currently strong enough in D to consider getting rid of their 2nd best dman.
  4. I'm unsure if Domi is way overrated. I still think its too early to make that determination. I fully agree with Mete - I dont understand him at all, picked in the 4th round and somehow played for Can at WJ. I think Lekhs might be a risk of being dumped, he's decent but he has shown that he isnt capable of scoring 20g/yr so there is a strong likelihood that another player could do just as good if not better so why keep him. I definitely agree with Petry - they need to resign him, I'd give him a contract until Norlinder+1. ex: if Norlinder will be a Habs in 3 yrs sign Petry for 4 yrs w/o a NTC and move him at 1 of the trade deadlines once Norlinder (and Romanov) are capable. I agree with you on Kovalchuk. He only had 1 assist but the Caps have better forwards and dont need or play him as much as the Habs would have, its like apples to oranges so its hard to say, but he probably would have done more for the Habs. Depending on what Ilya would sign for, I'd almost consider bringing him back if the right moves could potentially be worked out. ex: sign Illya for 1-2 yrs if a team would give us a dman for Tatar. Illy is probably just as good as Tatar so if they can improve a dman for basically nothing it would make sense to do it.
  5. Now that the Habs playoffs are over I need to find some new panem and circenses. I searched and it didnt come up so I'm wondering if anyone has seen Letterkenny? It is incredibly funny, and sort of reminds me of the Trailer Park Boys in the sense that its ridiculously stupid but its almost impossible to not laugh at it. The show is based in a small town in Ontario and somewhat involves hockey. Did anyone see the 2 Don Cherry movies? The creator and star of Letterkenny played Cherry - and he did an amazing job. He also was in another show that I thought was really good too called 19-2, which was a Cop show that was based in Montreal.
  6. I'm not 100% sold on CJ but I'm not suggesting that he should be fired, but in the event that his health doesnt allow him to continue it will be an issue of who to replace him with. I would not consider KM at all. I question if KM should be the AC and theres no way I would suggest promoting him. I often agree with you say but a big oh hell no to trading Domi to the Leafs. That is potentially an absolutely terrible idea. If the Leafs were the only team in the NHL that would take Domi I would probably sign him long term with the intention of sending him to the AHL to rot forever before I'd trade him to T.O. Hypothetically, if Domi was a Leaf and only scored in 4 games a year it would be the games against the Habs. It could easily bite the Habs in the ass big time and make the Habs a perennial wildcard team at best if they lost 3-4 games to the Leafs every year. Same goes with any other team in the Habs division. It would not be smart to risk that chance.
  7. Why thank you for asking. 😉 I find it interesting that I have seen members here voice displeasure of MB and CJ but I havent seen anyone yet to bash KM, and I dont understand why not. Who is the Habs PP coach? The Habs PP has been dismal for years so it seems fairly obvious to me that they need somebody better. I think it is ludicrous to ask if KM should be promoted to running the ship, I believe the correct question is if he should even be on the ship.
  8. I honestly dont really consider them to be a bubble team or team tank as some seem to call them. 🤣 Last year it was just stupid luck they failed to make the playoffs. They are the 2nd team ever to have 96 points and not make the playoffs. The year before that they sucked, but they should have done a lot better that year. I have no idea what happened that year but it sealed Pacc's and Galchenyuk's future with the Habs. The year before that they did really good, and the year before that I blame on Subban. PK won them 5 games that year but probably cost them 10 and they missed the playoffs by 11 points. This year they had a ton of bad luck with injuries and at the same time. The Leafs almost missed the playoffs and might have legitimately if the season had actually played out - which is nutbar considering. The Leafs also had stretches of 2-7-1 but were only missing 1 top player during those stretches but the Habs had 3-4+ top guys out during their prolonged suckfests. The Habs definitely need better dmen, and Romanov should help that, but they should probably pick up another guy in the off season. I think they are in fairly good shape and should be a playoff team.
  9. Drouin is definitely a skilled guy, I dont hate him but he can be frustrating to watch because he looks like he should be capable of getting 25-30g/yr. It looked like he improved this year and might have had a career year if he hadnt been injured and the season was completed as normal. In these playoffs he did really well with Armia and Suzuki so it looks promising for next year that he'll finally hit the numbers he should have. I'm not sure why so many like Danault, he's alright but I wouldnt place him higher than Domi. I find it hard to say what to do with Domi seeing how he had 1 great year and 1 alright year and his contract is up. I think a lot of what happens with him will depend on how reasonable he is with his next contract. Before these games started I thought that Danault and Lehkenen might be at risk of being gone next year. Lehks stepped up and won game 4 vs Pitts and did well vs Flyers. Danault is decent is but I am unsure if they should keep him after what Suzuki and KK have done.
  10. I'd love to see Droiun score more, but at least he has shown that he can be a great passer so he is doing something vs nothing. In a way Drouin sorta reminds me of players like Kovalev and Subban, players that could win you the game or lose the game, and with an equal chance of either, but with Drouin the odds are much worse that he'll lose the game.
  11. Ya, I agree. I loved the game 2 5-0 win but I kinda had a bad feeling aboot that performance coming to soon and that it could bit them in the ass. Before that game the Flyers thought the Habs had no chance but after that game they realized the Habs could actually win the series so they werent overconfident anymore and after that game and got 2 shutouts in a row. They Habs do have some great talent coming, Romanov next year should be exciting to see and Caufield the the year after. Caufield is tiny but he looks like he could be incredible. I can't wait to see him play in the NHL.
  12. One of their dmen needs to score from the point. C'mon, getter done!!
  13. They often seem to take crappy shots when no one is out front of the net, and sometimes its even when there is a pass opportunity to a player that is in a better position to shoot.
  14. Maybe Suzuki should rub Harts head for luck again. Ya, they seem to try to take a lot of shots, but fairly useless ones from far out that are easy saves.
  15. That is true but that doesnt really mean much. Put Domi on the 4th line for 27 games and see how few goals he gets. Domi wouldnt excel in the role and it would not be due to Domi lacking skills or talent, it would be because the lack of skills and compatibility with his linemates. Does anybody else understand why the Habs even have Weal? It's because when he was called up with Philly in 2016-2017 he had a magical month and almost got player of the month. (look at his stats from that year) Weal got those points in 1 month, and that was but once, yet they're are hopeful he can recreate that success. Team USA made Peohling their #1 centre, and they developed him for years and knew what he is capable of or they would not have picked him to be their #1 C. It can't be argued that Team USA made a bad decision considering he won the MVP C of that tourney. If Poehling is just a 4th line guy what does that say about all the other centres on every other team in that tourney? There is just something about that which doesnt make any sense.
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