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  1. Yes, for sure. If I was the coach and he got a SO I'd play him in the next game. It sucks Allen didnt get a shutout but after that performance I would likely play him again. 12 games is insanely low. Even if Price is having a great year if Allen can produce similar stats I'd consider playing him in 26 games. Price hasn't had any real competition since Halak so if Allen is playing great too it will challenge Price to do better.
  2. Wow, perfect time for Lehks 1st of the year. Great goal!!!
  3. Good on Julien to challenge that call. Petry only made contact with the other dman and not the one that went into the goalie. Was funny that the Habs had both of their dmen behind the Oiler's goal line. 🤪
  4. I'm certainly happy that those penalties didnt turn into the Leaf game. Allen is looking decent for sure.
  5. No kidding. That's crazy. Its like the Leafs game all over again, minus the lead.
  6. It makes more sense for them to try swapping sides before changing the lines. Regarding Edmundson no comment from me so far on his defence but I'm liking his physicality. He seems very solid like a brick wall. When he hits the other player gets knocked silly.
  7. Hmm, top 2 D you say. If the Habs can lockup a large and very talented C while unloading an albatross contract at the same time, then its been nice having you Weber. 😇 I like Weber, but his contract will eventually burn whoever has him so if its possible to dump it I would certainly consider doing so. I agree that Caufield is also untouchable, but I dont know enough about Guhle to say the same for him.
  8. You are totally right. However, Flor is on a downward spiral and Barkov probably sees the approaching Iceberg and just wants to get off a soon to be sinking ship. I doubt Flor sees themselves as a Cup contender or even a playoff team this year. The surprising thing is that CBJ lost their #1 goalie and scorer and amazingly they did better the next season. What chance would the Habs have if they lost Price and say Gallagher and do better the next year? None. CBJ could also trade directly with the Jets for Laine, but like the Habs they dont want to give up numerous p
  9. I was thinking a 3 way too, and not with Flor but the Jets. i.e. what do they want for Laine? The Jets and CBJ would likely be the best trading partners for those disgruntled players. I'm sure the Jackets GM would take Laine for sure. Do the Jackets have anybody else or pics that they would be willing to lose or that the Jets would take for him? If no, do the Habs? If they are unable to workout a direct trade between themselves can the Habs somehow get in on it? Realistically I wouldnt move Romanov or Suzuki and I doubt I would move KK either. The Habs have numerous positio
  10. Sweat, Tatar scores another one. He's looking really good on breakaways.
  11. Ya, unfortunately it looks like Edmunsdon needs to adapt back to playing zone coverage. The Cannes play an odd man on man d, which he wasn't overly good at and it seems to have messed him up. I really like how he steps up when the other team clear their own zone. That's been a big pet peeve of mine for years. i.e. the Habs seem to always gift the entire neutral zone and their blue line to the other team. That's way to much ice to simply give up like that.
  12. Petry scores again for 3-0 lead. He's making the Oilers pay for trading him to the Habs.
  13. It's still too early to really say but I was sorta thinking the same thing even in the Leafs game. It might be better to swap Toffoli with Anderson because he would likely do better with Suzuki and Drouin, and Anderson would probably be just as good with KK and Armia. i.e. split up the 1 crazy strong line spread it out and make 2 strong lines.
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