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  1. In reply to the posts above...the schedule is hardly intense, if we had two games left with each of Boston, Philly and New Jersey I would call it intense. We haven't even had many back to backs recently and only one to go. The only intensity or pressure is the need to win winnable games.
  2. At the end of the day Habs are a money maker, owners got their salary cap and place is sold out, there is no debate there. It has nothing to do with win loss record.
  3. My dislike of Cherry is not about how much he likes the Habs or how he tells it. It's about cheering for the likes of Domi, it's about concentrating on the punch thrown after the whistle...I can go on.
  4. We need to get our hands on one of those and give him a shot. It's not going to cut it that the only player in recent years that has come anywhere near the heights of the scoring charts is Kovy.
  5. I can't remember the last time I spent first intermissions or whenever else he is on actually sitting and watching him.
  6. The question to ask is why was he sent down and not (insert player not named Lapierre)
  7. I say IN but if we end up exiting in the first round I will be only barely happier than not making it
  8. Liverpool are on fire Go Gunners
  9. We need players like him sure, but I believe we will not win any cups without at least one player who gives us 40 or even 50+ goals.
  10. Looking at the 10 UFA listed on the contracts page and based on recent (and a bit of not so recent) performance at best 2 are worth keeping. I doubt any of the RFAs are going anywhere and the new players that will come via UFA will provide the change needed so that 'keeping' the RFAs won't mean not shaking up the team.
  11. Losing the offensive numbers of Ryder and Souray in one summer is fatal, not really sure where to find matching offense in a trade either, I'll go for option 2
  12. Vanek is good and maybe even under rated but 7 million? NHL is truly officially back to the old Guerin/Yashin contract era (First post after a long time Go Habs Go )
  13. I really like the 2 line pass, less clutching is ofcourse good too..but overall I am not for drastic rule changes. Is there a thread for non-favorite rule changes? because I am totally against shootouts
  14. I agree about Bobcat, he is probably the best radio host in the city. Changes his mind a bit sometimes, about Leafs and other local teams, but he is being honest. Leafs Suck, that is a very cool avatar.
  15. Using Markov purely as an example...of a defenseman with some offensive ability. And btw it is 100% natural to expect a first rounder to be doing well and making the coaching/management decision a no-brainer.
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