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  1. ~Official Xbox 360 thread~

    Hey jet do you have Gears of War? if so is there a possible way to play against each other...him still a noob but find that game amazing on my 46 inch hdtv. my online name is darth td ...(but as i said him pretty much new to this Xbox live)
  2. Movies

    here tal k about the latest movies or recommenndations...tonight my girlfriend "obliged" me to watch a movie after the game called "the lake house and found it surprisingly good feel free to recommend!
  3. Official PS3 Thread

    anyone pre ordered modern warfare 2 on ps3? im getting my copie tomorow!!!!
  4. The Official TV Thread

    yeah it did feel warm to the heart seeing the old gang together, George Costanza is actually based on Larry David, but anyways i have all nine seasons on dvd, it got me back to rewatching them from scratch lol
  5. The Official TV Thread

    watched it, it was so and so, i liked how Jason Alexander was saying "the fans deserve a better finale than the one we did"
  6. GDT: Florida vs Montreal

    its on RIS,but dont be fooled, its only segments, still better then nothing
  7. Official PS3 Thread

    actually, i never even played the campaign!! i went straight online, as for Resistance 2, i bought it, returned it the next day, i kinda like more the realism in fps, end wasent at all impressed, i am a GOW fan , altough not anymore, ever since i got the red ring of death
  8. Official PS3 Thread

    the Best World War 2 game at the moment on the Ps3 is by far Call of Duty : World At War yeah i remember when halflife first came out, playing online with that game was my best online experience, that shotgun was simply amazing!!
  9. Official PS3 Thread

    ill check it out, i really enjoy that series, Cod 5 is amazing whats your psn name? mines Darthtd
  10. Official PS3 Thread

    thanks jets, your always up to date! hey why isint Modern Warfare with Cod? is the game going to be similar? better ? what the hell is going on?
  11. ever dreamed of being a brazialian soccer player ?

    i shall now be known as "Tosa Da Costa"
  12. Official PS3 Thread

    any good Rpgs coming out soon? talking about final fantasy turn based rpgs, sony has lacked in releasing some, also what are the must have games coming up? i know i will be getting CODMW2 , its going to be amazing
  13. Music Playing and Music Instruments

    i have been playing guitar for quite some time now, and i am pretty sure some of my fellow habs fans also play, be it drums base, keyboard or even the friggin banjo! i mostly play heavy metal , but appreciate playing 70's rock and blues! got a total of 9 guitars and a base, ill upload some pics later :hlogo:
  14. Movies

    i still prefer Borat over Bruno
  15. Movies

    yeah like they did with the fifth movie, i had just finished reading the book when i saw the movie. a movie i am really anxious to see, Inglourious Basterds link to preview
  16. "Glorious Habs now ordinary"

    tell me about it, saddly my brother listens to ckac all day at his work, and sometimes i find he gets brainwashed by all the junk he could hear there, ohh well
  17. Movies

    read the book, the movies dont portrait it correctly, unless of course you didnt read any of them..
  18. 09-10 Habs Schedule

    and what about the pre season? still no schedual for it...
  19. Official PS3 Thread

    hehe he sent it to microsoft, they sent him the box and all to send the Xbox, shipping and all was free, but not the repair
  20. Official PS3 Thread

    my friend bought it the same time as me at same place, and charged him 120$ to repair the rrod
  21. Official PS3 Thread

    well the garantee was over so it would come to about 120$ to get it fixed...i sold all my xbox stuff, i was always a sony fan boy anyways lol i had gotten the xbox for gears of war no i am really happy with my Ps3 metal gear 4 was amazing, now i just got a kick ass tv, going to replay the whole thing in 1080p :bow: and watched 4 movies so far (got the tv this weekend) Nightmare before xmax, the dark knight, hellboy one and 2 amazing eye candy heheh!
  22. Official PS3 Thread

    Hey all, i used to own an xbox 360, actually created the xbox 360 thread here, but got the Rrod, got a Ps3 instead, havent regretted it yet, if any of you want to challange me at either nhl09 or cod4 add me up darthtd is the name, also planning on getting cod world at war
  23. Euroo 2008

    what teams you counting for and why? im reuting for my home country of italy...because its my home country...can they do it? i dont know but would be great.....other team i would like to see win would be england...but they seemed cursed or...overatted....can england be the maple leafs of soccer??? lol
  24. Habs world meet and greets / road trip

    Count me in buddy, just need the time and date
  25. ~Official Xbox 360 thread~

    you're toughts on Assasin's creed? any news on GowII? and why is Gears of war still 60$$ ??