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  1. Blind Guardian - Banish from Sanctuary

    live in tokyo

    greatest metal band of all time...any lord of the rings fans or like medieval times i suggest this music!


    The doors

    Jimi Hendrix Experience


    Neil Young

    Bob Dylan


    Paul Mccartney's "Memory Almost Full"

    totally agree...long live the Neil!

  2. Dammit, I just read that on the internet today. She left the most to her dog and she's left her brother the dog.

    I'll try and find the link but I can't remember where I read that.

    EDIT: Found it, gotta love Google News.


    there as got to be somehing to bend that will...i mean comon...thats saying the dog as a bank account?

    she must really not like her grand children F*#*# crazy old hag....shes probably having the laugh of a lifetime!

  3. i coulnd tfind the link...but they said on the radio on friday that a woman gave 13 million to her dog in her will...leaving her two grandchildren with absolutly nothing...she even gave her own son 10 million lol

    if anyone finds the link please post it!

  4. PS2 is last-gen.

    I've read in a couple places that PS2 will be up to date with the current gen. I wouldn't miss it either, they've totally redone the skating engine and it's amazing. Don't worry though Fanpuck, the controls haven't changed. Quite simply though, the demo is amazing.

    i just dont like the fact that the skaters dont really go fast...but i guess its ultra realistic

  5. I really, REALLY don't care about Assasin's Creed.

    I also didn't care about Bioshock until they released the demo on Sunday. Holy crap, I'm getting that ASAP.

    So you still dont care for Assasin's creed? the game looks amazing

  6. Actually, he was arguably better in his first season than he was in his last two. Yes, he started skating with the puck but he loses it more often than not, he wasted a lot of opportunities. Ryder will never be a 40-40 player, he's already in his prime and he's already shown us everything he's got.

    agree...quick release, one trick pony, or as many call him ...the most useless 30 goal scorer

  7. Yep, played the Blue Dragon demo, it's pretty sweet.

    I just went to All Game Demos and then down to Blue Dragon since I don't think it's a new release anymore.

    awsome!!! ...actually final fantasy was the only thing pushing me away from the Xbox 360, but with the new company making eastern oriented Rpg's it's going to be turning quite alright!

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