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  1. HABS Avatars And Sigs

    very nice habrock11.
  2. Game Thread | Devils vs. Canadiens | 01/06/07

    Its great Koivu and Lats are in.Hope Koivu get his 500 point against Brodeur.
  3. Game Thread | Devils vs. Canadiens | 01/06/07

    Anybody can confirm the line-up today for the Devils game?
  4. Game Thread | Devils vs. Canadiens | 01/06/07

    Habs will beat the devil today.Nice game thread spider-man.
  5. Habs will have much better 2nd period.
  6. Another Habs PP coming up.
  7. Come Habs lets get PP goal.
  8. Go...Habs...Go!!!!!!!
  9. Hopefully Koivu and Latendresse are good to go for toworrow against NJ.
  10. This is going to be a tough game lol. Koivu is out so I guess Grabs or will be playing second line center. Pleks playing first line center lol? If they can win this game it will be huge, but it doesn't look good. This is a great chance for Kovy and Sammy to be the go to guys on this team
  11. Anybody have updated what line-up is going to be against the Rangers? Sounds like Latendresse and koivu are definitely not playing. Sounds like rest are going to play even if there are still sick.
  12. HABS Avatars And Sigs

    Could anybody make me signature of Latendresse please?
  13. Habs moved Lapierre and Grabovski

    Hopefully Maxim Lapierre and Mikhail Grabovski they well in the game against the Rangers.
  14. The Carey Price Thread

    Congrat to Carey Price For to be named WJC MVP and Top Goalie.Can't wait too see him Habs jersey in couple years.
  15. This is going to be rough weekend for Habs but I beleive they will beat the Rangers today.