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  1. Okay CC I can hear what you say yet I feel to say false binary is kinda strong. I played a bit of hockey and I was welcomed to try other (urban) sports as a kid. I feel mostly because there is no way you would mistake me for any of the players you mentioned. I'm not saying I'm as good (or better) as any of them (my name isn't Lavar), just that on the bench or in play you could always hear me chirping (or deflating pucks a la Brady). I wasn't really falling in the mold quite right. I had a lot of nasty when we lost and sometimes when we won too. Maybe that's why I think CP didn't do anything wrong by not waving to the crowd even if it was after a win. I like to see a bit more of that honest, raw emotions from athletes on my favorite team. Maybe it's selfish in a sense, I feel my team is more like me then.
  2. Like Russell Westbrook with OKC thunder (I know NBA) but the way he was pissed at Kevin Durant for leaving and that mean face thing he does and the: "my only friend on the court is Mr. Spalding".... Man! put that on skates in a Habs uni PLZ!!!
  3. there is also something about playing in a premiere league for Messi, that barca would not be in, should the territory of Catalogna separate from Spain. Barca would no longer play in Spanish premiere league. Would the Canadiens get booted out of the league due to the league contract with the Habs is with them being a Canadian team? This is bothersome in so many ways to me. :/
  4. http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/soccer/201801/05/01-5149025-catalogne-messi-libere-de-son-contrat-au-barca-en-cas-dindependance.php This article speaks about how Messi has a clause to leave Barca without penalty (700 million Euros) should Catalogna separate from Spain. I wonder if such a clause be awarded to a player with the Habs if the separatist movement gains traction again like in the 90's? Sorry Mods if this kind of topic isn't welcome
  5. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    I think MB has already hung himself with the rope Molson gave him right after the PK trade but what do I know
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I did put an edit in my original post that said it would probably cost more and I did mention at the start of the last post it would be a start :/
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I was just going on a start but I would like to see MB make move that proves all the crap I dump on him about him wrong. A move to get a player back for an asset. Not to say MaxP isn't a player but compared to Karlsson; he's an asset at best, imho. I think he is the best trade chip MB got to get back some thing better. MaxP is: 30+ goal guy (Without a "1C") 25+ pass guy (unselfish for a "goal scorer") Captn (Leadership, he can sell the wazoo out of; I bet) Quick back on his skates (after injury) that don't happen too often, really (durable). Phenomenal contract (nuff said) Phenomenal contract next year (cash in now on saving! for More Savings!!) (bonus) MB can eat half that contract and that has to be worth something to Sens who some how spend but don't seem to. I think MaxP is good some night and invisible at best others yet I also think he is the kind of product you can hype up at Christmas to someone who doesn't really care what's in the box. Just wants something that will go with a new gizmo in house that's already bought and is about to trash out the thing he thinks is messing up the wifi. That is the kind of guy that will over pay for what ever the salesman says will work with that new gizmo. Can Habs be the shop Dorion blows his budget for the next year? I think so. Can MB close the sale? I don't know
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    And that along probably about a million other reasons, is why I'm not GM
  9. Honestly Don, it's kinda High school childish but I hope in good fun
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    does any1 think there could be a trade to be had with the Sens? MaxPac + 1rd round round in 2018 Vs. E. Karlson + 3rd round pick in 2019 (edit) I guess it would be "a bit" more then that after what Dorion gave for MD yet I feel the cap friendly hit + 1 full year on the contract of MaxP can be played as a chip in this trade to happen without having to give up next few years of picks. He can even eat a few bucks on the contract and Really increase the value of that "chip" but again he would Need a little sales/collections in him to do such a haggle.
  11. is that where u work? okay next time I'm looking for some crinack or a good time
  12. I thought that reaction was Way too much, so I added a little to it the other side of it. My bad, if I offended or otherwise discomforted your reading pleasure on this site.
  13. You know most of us do what we can get I see you there
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Salary cap move for next year and trade bait for picks next year. Seems if MB had sales in him this would be like "leadership qualities" for him, an intangible that is a lot easier sale then "leadership qualities", imHo (edit) Plus it would not be too hard for the Sabers to pump his (MaxPac) numbers next to Eichel (sp?)