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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I been kinda holding tongue here but I think any trade that involves Shayne Gostisbehere will also be with 1 of the 2 hot sauce eating goalies in the minors. I would see o1 of Dmen mentioned, a pick in the 2 or 3rd and 1 of the goalies :/ especially after (the over) payment of Muzzin
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    hey! I Never thought Subban was gonna get traded for a guy who was older and had Never won Norris when Subban had one under his belt already, so.... hein pas possible tu dit? (edit) i know my post was long winded but you shoulda kept reading, I kinda said what you did after that
  3. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I would like to see MB make a move for a Lindholm or Theodore or OEL or something along them lines. I would be willing to give up something on the left forward side. I think Drouin is steep but if in return the Left D side can be sured up with one of the three above. Imho Drouin can go. I know this will probably not happen as that would be admiting failure on MB part for making that trade, at the very least, for a Left Dman. Swing for a real deal MB, even if it means swapping Drouin. Do It!! I know I should not say it this way. I know that youth in the league is where it's at and that getting one of the Dmen Commandant recomends would be better in terms of cost in getting said player and paying, yet I have enjoyed a good bit of the boys on the ice this year and I would like to keep enjoy it a little bit longer, like 16 more wins once season ends longer (might not be for this season) but I'm pretty sure ya'll know what I meen.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    MB stylez... to MTL: Lindholm to ANA: Drouin done? (edit) i havent checked numbers :/
  5. no; goat curry is goat curry (Great food) but Steph Curry is not the G.O.A.T. (NBA player) yet imho but sure AF shoots the rock like 1
  6. See the wording is the problem... some (me, lolll) still see the word goat as an acronym 1st; unless you put curry right after, see: goat curry. oterwise i see G.O.A.T. as: Greatest Of All Time (edit) some puke at just the thought of goat curry so u might still be on to something I like goat curry (editedit) I don't know Petry nickname but maybe now it can be: goat curry?
  7. I think, Agostino might not play, that would free up 1 spot fo sure
  8. Sound thinking. I would have done it for sure! unless, when he was picked up by L.A. he ran his mouth about how this and that. Then I would just run him into the boards every chance I would get in my 1st AHL game against him. Just saying he didn't seem like a "Rocket fire in eyes" type. Kinda Doh!nald sad if u ask me; he was kinda fun to watch when he wasn't doing an impression of the Artist (ha! impression).
  9. Jan. 5, Predators vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Man!! I gotz that HNIC jingle in my head All day!!!! Here is to an Awsome game Tonight!!!
  10. ohh Snap!! forgot Carey at 5, my bad I wasn't counting Drouin tho, like I said in post I shoot my own arguments down pretty good. And I still would like another top 5 pick in next 3 drafts
  11. All True! Still TB does have 2 top 5 picks (3 if you count Drouin even if traded) and if I look at any of the Teams I like (lollll) you count 2 (good) top 5 picks. I guess I kinda shoot my own argument bcuz of Chucky but on the Team right now there is (only) 1. I would like the Habs to be able to do that for our roster. Still if the Ghost of Sam can haunt some of the phone lines to make a trade happen for Ottawa 1st round held by Colorado, I will stop calling the phone booth the New Forum phone booth!
  12. It was an Amazing game to watch yet I still am wondering even more now, then at the start of the season, If certain moves should be made to allow this year to be for the youth to start building on experience? The Terrible year last year kinda make me want to see another Good high pick come to the Habs in the next 3 drafts. I would rather that be next year as opposed to 3 years from now but would settle for a high pick comming from another team too if we make the playoffs but my faith in MB to make that happen is kinda Weak. But What a Game that was last night!!!
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    doh!! what about 2020 or even 2021 1st round and a 3rd round in 2019 would that be fair? Maybe even pull a swap of 1st rounders in 2020 to sweeten the pot so they don't loose 2years of 1st rounders. (edit): something on their end would need to come back like a 3rd in 2020 if not a lottery pick or something, idk maybe if 1st ott lottery then we give em a 2nd, if not lottery then they give us another 3rd round. Does that kinda make sence? I think a team like Ottawa can use the 1.5mil above pay cap hit to hit the cap floor and maybe keep this low low team thing they wanna do.
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    i would add OTT: Petry for 2018 3rd round pick & 2019 1st round pick if Santa can gift
  15. okay this is messedup!!!!!! Again against the Vegas$ I am seeing ghost (edit) I can't wait to see how good he becomes after 2-3 years in the league