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  1. Permanent Rumour Thread

    would you trade the 56 and ? in 2nd round for another in the 1st?
  2. D. Ducharme Hired

    http://www.tvasports.ca/2018/04/27/dominique-ducharme-se-joint-aux-canadiens (edit) I only like Captn Kirk behind the bench last year. I know the team is better off now with the hire and mostly with the firings.
  3. I am all in line with changes to player development, I also have a strange feeling TT might be overstepped on picks at the draft by MB. He seemed to have free licence in later rounds but might not always get his 1st pick in early rounds. Just a feeling no proof of this but he is the one that picked our stars now on team (edit: and some other ones), right?
  4. Injury news

    my bad
  5. Injury news

    I was going by memory and sweater #17 and I got as far back as B.Brunet and didn't he bust his toe shaving one morning or was that a made up taverne story? (edit) i had forgotten G.Ludwig I liked him
  6. Injury news

    I am in awe!! My brain was not able to go that far back Habs29; thanks you for reminding me the Monster Leclair was in '93 run, those OT goals after OT goals (not all JL) What Memories!!!
  7. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    Molson confirms MB back next year :/ https://www.rds.ca/hockey/canadiens/geoff-molson-a-confirme-le-retour-de-marc-bergevin-tout-en-evoquant-des-changements-1.5999706?ap=1
  8. Injury news

    just a random question, does anyone remember last time we had a #17 that had a full, healthy and productive season? Seems to me that number is cursed
  9. Habs Sign Bitten to 3yr ELC

    I feel at the least SL has to go. Coach that can't get his team to get up and play a full season to make the playoffs on a regular basis and isn't developing players to get to the Show; (I think) isn't doing his job right as an AHL hockey team coach. Maybe he really is a brain surgeon but after his playing days he thought (ha! thought!) that coaching would be better?!?
  10. Joe Morrow traded to Winnipeg

    I will only can admit (maybe) Matthews is better but the way Laine wires the puck is Phenomenal!! I like A Lot! And right about now I feel I have lost 'faith' in MB so I am just getting my subconscious ready for a head scratcher of a pick I think (a la Fisher)
  11. Joe Morrow traded to Winnipeg

    random thought... imho Laine is better then Mattews, the Peg killed it with that pick. Makes me wonder if the Habs had the 1st overall that year, given the massive Need for a #1c, would MB have picked Laine? Then again either of those two would give something to this Team that it ain't got right now.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    does anyone think a trade can be made for: (VGK) S.Theodore and a 1st Round Pick for MaxPac? Or is that unrealistic? (edit) i guess not very good as still doesn't fix the (unicorn) #1C but will help D corp no?
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    that is what I thought would happen to MB after he did "the trade" and backlash or not. MB still has a job, Team doesn't seem to be better and the D looks like a corpse. Maybe billionaire owners don't see winning like poor folk do, Idk
  14. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    on and off topic at the same time... PK is going to be on the Daily Show tonight