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  1. My gran used to tell me to watch and play sports but not to look up to ppl who play sports; because ppl who did that for a living were not to bright. I think this was true in a time when it was okay to say: "jocks are dumb". So now that it isn't well they are "role models"
  2. millionaire(s) thieving a purse to get to a phone that may or may not have a pic that may or may not, not only really compromise said (BIG ticket) player/players and Then "passing the buck" (ha! passing the buck!) to a "rookie" player; (In my book) should get traded.... the rookie too for compromising his morals and if it isn't part of his morals then... uhh?!?... cut his hand he stole with too? Because at the end of the evening I am sure there was an ATM available to get said phone, no?
  3. maybe he is looking for his "Julia Roberts"
  4. I think Mario took too many shots to the head on that good friday game.... Only way I can explain Everything after
  5. can Dadonov play C? Seems he might be coming this way...
  6. I see that ALOT closer with that top6 but fe real tho... I would try put Chucky on 2nd line RW next season if he not going to play C.... I like that float in the middle thing he does from the RW, it's Swweeet as sin when he let's it rip after
  7. what about MaxPac + Beaulieu + 1st rd 2017 +2nd rd 2019?
  8. I would think Fowler would be the better partner but I think Brodin is the 1 in reach to MB
  9. I think with this trade IF the Habs can get a #1C (or even a Real #2c) and still find a way to keep Chucky... IF they keep playing him wing then they should put him on Right Wing kinda like Ovi... I like the way Chucky float in to the slot from the right to pull a shoot... Might calm some ppl who see Chucks as a loss... Any thoughts?
  10. I blame legalization
  11. I would hit up Kordic for Courtnall in that top 5
  12. I wonder if there is a way MB can pull this trade without giving up on Chucky or Micha? Stepan on market? (edit) I like the idea of trading for Drouin as mention by Commandant above... but I wonder if Stepan if there is a way... Maybe by flipping a couple prospects and picks... I would venture something like Mete, Julsson and 2nd in 2017 +2nd in 2019, yup 2019
  13. he signed
  14. Seems a bit steep... If MB I would gun for Brodin for NB and Sherbak or some other prospect... Seems to me if there is no legit #1C heading this way then Micha should stay