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  1. I think a Dubois trade would be kinda big trade, maybe even a few teams involved. Columbus would want a center and a dman I think espacially if the is centered (ha! centered!) around Danault, imho
  2. anyone watching Warrior? Bruce Lee written story now in Season 2
  3. idk why but i think the 7 yrs is more of a Fyou to Domi since its going to his buddy and his contract is another show me deal but I been watching Alot of télénovellas recently so maybe I aint seeing this right lollll
  4. I think Stan Bowman is on that list Fo Sure! ;)
  5. He found a way to move Bourque that was a Win... maybe if it is needed he will
  6. If u have a bunch canned beans u might want TP to go with it
  7. From your keyboard to the Hockey Divinities main processor
  8. I wonder how many young players will come back to the game with video game (or worse) "problems" ? I seriously wonder what the Habs (and other teams) are doing to break the boredom some of these kids are going to feel with a couple of weeks of "quarantine".
  9. that was a BigBoiii wrister, I am still happy Evans got signed out of college
  10. lolll true!!! I think some one on the ice saw la guerre des tuques not long ago and said: la guerre ! la guerre?! mais on veux Lafreniere!!!
  11. they were still up 1 at end 1st, that was good for me and I felt (still do) the effort is there from the jump
  12. im liking how they playing tonight the Team looked to hold after the Van surge
  13. that felt like 7 Mississippi's before the shot came
  14. complaining is easy indeed 😕 yet this is when I start dreaming about the draft and the possibility that the Habs get The best player no matter where they draft. I bi*** alot but that is bcuz I dont protest (like a good Quebs) I don't want to be hated for protesting. I keep watching the flat screen and day dreaming a weird mix of past ghosts and future possibilities while I think this is why legalization came about, maybe? I dont really know the kids coming up this draft( i look up this site for that CC, Brian Commandant, 3Stars! in no order) but I still have faith in TT, I like TT he
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