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  1. Happy to have hockey back Go Habs Go! Even if this year seems to be grim Red White and Blue fever is still rising in me
  2. Poll: Who should be Captain?

  3. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    I don't know what to think of tis trade but the thing I am sure about is: I didn't expect MB to be able to get a C back who might be a ble to play 1st line minutes. So until Suzuki can crak lineup I will try to not $#!+ all over MB Gj MB u already have 'managed' to impress
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I feel that MB is holding his breath for a Unicorn to show up in the draft. Kinda how Subban was a unicorn pick in the 2nd round. I do not think he will be able to 'plug holes' via trade. I know I know trades are hard and this is not EA whatever. Still I would not be surprised if MB would trade MaxPac at this point for a futur job
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    MaxPac v. J.Eberle and 2nd round pick for the cap save this yr would that work?
  6. What's happening?

    http://www.lapresse.ca/affaires/economie/quebec/201808/23/01-5194075-la-demande-daction-collective-contre-larena-des-canadiens-selargit.php I didn't know where to put this. Is it just me or is this also a sign that this Corporate outfit is disconnected at best from People? How does this company turn so? As far as I know the People have put bread And butter on the table of many folks getting LARGEpaid from Habs hockey club. How do owners have such little regards for non-millionaire employes goes behond me! I get (in a way) they don't care for the fans, they will pay higher ticket prices and higher merch prices every year and that is All on us, fans but to treat the back bone of your corp with such disdain makes me want to call out the Habs as a PLANTATION. I care NOT to hear about the name difference of the company that runs each group. If in your world you hold such frivolous distinctions then in my world I Need to remind you that the shareholders are 1& the Same, thus same Sub-Humans cash out the bulk of the money for Both enterprises. I want my Habs Hockey Team back! Make Habs Great Again! #MHGA (edit) this really grabbed my attn: 'C'est une ex-coordonnatrice principale à la rédaction, Joanie Godin, qui réclame le statut de demanderesse dans cette affaire. Ayant travaillé à l'Aréna des Canadiens d'octobre 2016 à avril dernier, Mme Godin réclame un peu plus de 4000 $ pour des heures accumulées non rémunérées et des heures supplémentaires impayées, notamment. ... La demande d'action collective est ouverte aux autres entités de l'Aréna des Canadiens, dont evenko, le Théâtre Corona et Osheaga. L'Aréna du Rocket, même si son actionnaire majoritaire est l'Aréna des Canadiens, est une entreprise distincte qui possède la responsabilité officielle de ses salariés depuis juillet 2017, est-il précisé dans la requête.'
  7. I think for the competition u could be right but if his familiarity with smaller ice needs work maybe a wee bit of time with JB might not be so bad.
  8. Max Pacioretty Watch

    My 1st cup (remembered) is '86 and maybe that is a blessing on it's own but most my friends are older then me(they member berries) so how you feel about this Team since '93 is a chorus that is very loudly sung by my friends and obvioulsy heard by me. I just don't know how to get that across to to this Team (along with my friends), so I rant and try to figure out a way to get the attention of this beastly corporation. As I do believe that the Team still cares what it's fans want. GoHabsGo! btw, Thanks for calling me youngster I arrowup that all day!
  9. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I think if Crosby was sure to put on a Habs jersy the French media would wage fake news war on Any media that would try and dis SC87 (edit) well for speaking french anyway. SC would gain Jebus Status just as Bob Gainey did. He will do no wrong and Lord Help any1 that talkS#!t of this Man Should he bring the Grail Home.
  10. Max Pacioretty Watch

    So JT can go to the Laffs bcuz of pj's he had as a 9yr old but Crosby can't go the Habs? Don sometimes I wonder the same but then I remember I like Crosby and keep my fingers crossed
  11. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Honestly; I wish I am wrong because I also think Panarin in a Habs jersy would be pretty blinking Sweet!
  12. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I think Max and Torts is like oil and water
  13. MB gets an F- grade

    the FLQ tried that didn't work
  14. MB gets an F- grade

    Well yes! I am angry at the Habs org. And Yes! I do feel that the best way to get that point across to Mr. Molson is to not buy New Habs merch. this upcomming year (edit) I can't afford tickets. I would rather use that money for New gear of Team Canada (as I am Canadian) or give that money to a second hand sports (or) clothing store to get any 'new' Habs gear. I will be helping a local capitalist enterprise that is (hopefully) run by a mom and pop and I will help them get food on the table maybe even a little beer to go with it for the end of their day. Mr. Molson spends Millions on this team (with a little new money from my house) every year. If he choses to keep MB around, then I will reserve and limit as much as possible any new money to this man. I have no choice with cable bill (or do I?) but where I do; I will object as much as I can. I have a choice with new Habs gear this year and I think ppl Need to see that Mr. Molson is like any other Rich guy. The Only Way to drive a point to them: is to HURT the Pocket BooK! IMHO
  15. MB gets an F- grade

    if u already have the merch or can get it second hand, say in thrift store or second hand sports shop, then it's okay. Mr. Molson will not get dough on merch sales like that. Hurting the pocket book is the way to go, as johnnyhasbeen said. I agree with this Fully!