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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    MaxPac v. PK Subban we get my favorite player back and MB gets to make another 1v1 trade
  2. 2 Habs opt for salary arbitration

    that is the one I was thinking of. I (guess I) should check my MB hate for now. He still is gm of the Team and it's not like I will jump ship or pretend I am a fan of another team just because I feel we are worse then yotes but some how still will finish higher in the standings. I have said in the past I feel MB needs to take a customer service 201 but on the collection side of things. It will give him better speaking tools and technics (it didn't help me spell). I feel; in turn this will help him on many levels with contract negotiations, be it RFA, UFA or otherwise; with media and (best of all for me anyway) I might stop hearing the things I feel make him sound inept at his job. But like I said before: I (guess I) should check my hate for MB. he is gm of my favorite hockey team
  3. 2 Habs opt for salary arbitration

    imho MB in arbitration hearings seems iffy I keep thinking about the all the negative stuff that came out of the one with the one that should not be named :/
  4. Thank You CC I was feeling summer optimism today as well, I was thinking that just maybe CP31 will take the role of Captain that, he seemed to leave to the guy with the C last year and will lead through the upcomming season. Kinda how we know he can. I think CP31 is that 'attitute' guy MB keeps talking about and I think he can pull it out of team mates. I ain't saying he the Moose (M. Messier)or anything like that but he a Deer or something (in my book) maybe he was just stuck in the head lights of that next contract and once the paycheck starts rolling in all will be good, well with him and the Team will play like they in the Show and give us fans a Game to watch every other or so night Ohh child it Hot Here in MountReal!!! I almost thought for a sec we might make the playoffs!
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    can we try for Anisimov? I would take on Hossa (the good one) if he was included
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Price is No Patrick (wink! wink!) MaxP has never been thought of as a Super Star on the wing, so no; true that. Probably gonna have to package 1st round pick with MaxP to get #1 (unicorn) Center and forget about protecting the pick for lottery and Free agent dont feel to be here unless the payday is behond prefered destination. Call it taxes or language or pot holes on (and in) the streets. This last one is loaded for me. If we get a #1C by trade we wont (imho) have that 1st round top 5 pick and I have no trust in MB to pull the Boston 3picks in row from a few years back. nor do I think he can pull a deal to have Burkes Sedin magic and sadly I have no faith he can pull a Kordic for Courtall from back in the days. Sry for the glumfish "attitute" but MB has been using this "excuse" too long now "No More" of this serving for me Thank You, I've had enough :/
  7. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I would like to see a (#1 Unicone) C come back for Max but if it is to be a D can MB do something to get S. Theodore out of Vegas for us?
  8. 2018 draft thread

    Max is from NY state (I think)so maybe playing close to home might be good after playing a year? maybe but then again I think he got gran parents in Cali and other fams in Florida so who knows what the man want
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    might have replace Juulsen for Weber or CP but yeah I would do that quickand fast
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    so Domi is gonna get traded for Hanifin? I was thinking Chucky but okay sure if that is what Dudley wants
  11. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    JoM reporting the same... http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2018/06/15/le-canadien-echange-alex-galchenyuk
  12. I agree as I said: in my heart of fan, it slices exactly in the same location. It misleadingly feels deeper.
  13. I say Subban more over Gomez or Savard because I don't see McDo as a better player then Subban (maybe stats or whatever might say so, but not in my book) and '93 cup forgave A LOT for me when it comes to Chelios. St Pat is still a sore spot and Subban just freshens the cut, as in my heart of fan, it slices exactly at the same exact location. With one exception: feels a little deeper this time yet it isn't; still through and through. :'(
  14. I would undo MB as a Mulligan (edit) Player wise St Pat from years ago and if there is a statute of limitation then Subban
  15. I guess the Subban treatment is for Norris winning Dmen under MB, sry my bad