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  1. I like how it is now but maybe a "dislike" button? I say this only bcuz a dislike can be an option to the harsh downvote. downvotes can be a good way to start convos but if some1 want to just say no and downvotes a dislike can be an alternative, maybe
  2. weak!! from the last pk Habs just awful!!! 😕
  3. the right wing could use dept I think but yeah left wing is kinda full, you right (lolll right!) aboot that
  4. true that I had not paid attn to shooting hand lolll I guess its just me that was thinking Gally was hurt, he feisty on that goal!
  5. is it me or does Gally seems like he playing hurt? 😕
  6. it hurts me see them work so hard and not even look like they getting shoots on net. But I still hope they will score at least 1 more then a second
  7. wow!!! who knew the gameat the NHL had 16 skaters!!??
  8. I think he does but not in the same way as every other player that don't look like him but then again I never made it anywhere in hockey as a career 😕 (edit) some say he ain't got speed, but he seems to keep up all right some say he ain't got a shoot but he seems to rip it okay some say he not top 6 player but (young) man was in juniors last year not AHL 😕
  9. nice! Weal on pace for 82 goal this year
  10. lollll ima '06 man too but way less insightful words to share
  11. have a great season 1 and all I kinda like the season starting with real match ups, summer was tooo long
  12. well I guess that didn't work 😕
  13. thanks hockey Divinities we have a Tuna!!!!
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