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  1. I like Mete and a shift for the 2 kids with Kovalchuck is candy I think
  2. an OT line of Poehling, Kovalchuck and Mete would be nice to see
  3. KK is 19yrs old, I dont think MB is gonna drop him just yet. KK is a good player can be Real Good.
  4. could that net a Theodore out LVK or a Lindholm out ANA? I think that would help us gain a step but not burn future but I don't think that 1st round would be for next year's draft tho
  5. I hear you when you say ask where is the plan? Patience it is one thing but it lllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggg wait 😕 Now in the 2nd round there are "gems" to be had, no? Weber, the 1 who can't be named, so there is no reason why the Russian kid can't come next year and be a "difference" maker, right? he has been playing with men. heck! he might even look like Josi next to #6 if that is where (IF he plays on Team) he plays. I think MB wanna give 2 shows in next few years: 1) Draft coming up, I think he will try for more picks as opposed to loosing em for this draft. 2) get a playoff Team on the ice. I would rather he figure a way to speed that up to a contending Team live and direct but Sam P he is not. (edit) so we need i feel to trust the wait. I do more now since, Ducharme and Bouchard are talking to the kids and not just Muller. SL, JJD probably not so good at it I think
  6. i dont think MB gives up a 1st next year since draft is in MTL but who knows?
  7. I had to bust a Wooo after that one for sure lolll
  8. in the word of the Flair: WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  9. TUNA!!!!!! get the W for Cayden; Boys!!!!!
  10. Ur better then any doc I have seen in a hospital from that diagnosis I really do hope, wish and pray KK the Person is okay tho
  11. ouch!!! Hope KK is alright, he looked like he landed alot on his head 😕
  12. well I hope he buy the beer for the boys, at the very least he should get you a beer Mr. Commandant, I know I owe you 1 at the very least
  13. Holy S**T!!!!!! He got beat BAD!!!! (edit) I should pay a bit more attention to advance stats, Thank you for the 101
  14. oOhhh Battal!!!! Yikes! I guess I'm not seeing things right 😕 Mind you I just saw his last shift and it didn't look too solid 😕
  15. is that any good?numbers seem higher so its better?
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