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  1. The Impact of Shea Weber

    I think the top 3 want comes from 1 that shall not be named, that was traded for. He is a top 3 in many books (mine for sure) and wanting a player on this Team to be top 3 league wide is a wish for all on this Team, I hope, even if not possible
  2. is it odd I feel I'm seeing ghost of Bobby Smith when KK is on the ice?
  3. I don't think it was skillz, and it seems those two options are better then witch craft?
  4. the only reason I would make that move is because JB down there. I would fear to mess up the mans' confidence/ego. Like u said not playing bad so what happens in his head? CP31 seems to think (ha! thinks) it's all between the ears. Last year too right? ohh wait last year was sleep deprevation edit: I do not say sleep deprevation in a bad way btw a new born will cause that and this even more True with the 1st in the household.
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I was thinking.. anyone think the laffs would trade Marleau and 1st for Plecky (loll again) edit: add maybe something Pros for laffs they get rid of 6.25 mill on cap to make things happen elsewhere for next year and take less cap hit this year for Habs, the 1st and C to show how it's done to the young guy on the Team and maybe even how to take face offs to a couple of other folks too. idk any1 else think might be good?
  6. I'm with Toronthab, My bad for pissing on the Chuky trade but where is the bus?
  7. I feel you are being short sighted, sorry but Hudon is an Upgrade in skill over Shaw; no disrespected to the man or you for that matter. I think CJ has a good idea to interchange players on 3rd and 4th lines. Again; you might be right in the sence that against heavy playing teams Hudon might not be a better option on Shaw but I like Hudon and I think he Needs to have more playing time. His game can only get better with more licks of the ice imho.
  8. 2018 Bergevin Appreciation Thread

    Seems to me that is a another bad omen in the waiting, sorry bud! If Petry gets pissed he is getting the shaft end of the sick, doesn't he just give teams on his list that make him 'untradable'? Leaving MB to take a 'bad deal' or risk loosing some1 he (more to the point: Fans) don't want to loose. What I know, maybe ur on to something
  9. 2018 Bergevin Appreciation Thread

    I think Petry has some sort of NMC tho
  10. Fire Bergevin

    in MTL tho parade routes have to planed around pot holes (ha! pot holes) October or not
  11. Anthems

    I can respect wanting an anthem at pro events but I feel that an anthem is best suited for an international State vs. State thing. I would also like to make a side note, I rather anthems be played before the event to Honor the People of said States and not at the end to celebrate the victor. The top 3 get medals or cups or points or a combo of 3 to glorify the accomplishment. So I might be off from most People on this one but as far as Kap goes... Man not hurting no one (edit: well maybe just his pro career) and seems to have an opinion about something he feels people are not talking about. I sometimes wonder if we talking about that or something else? Sorry but I get confused Alot :/
  12. Anthems

    For pro leagues, Most def!
  13. Fire Bergevin

    https://www.lapresse.ca/sports/hockey/201810/16/01-5200426-la-serie-de-matchs-a-guichets-fermes-du-ch-prend-fin.php after 582 games of sell outs Habs had a game with still 1000 seats up for grabs. Somewhere Mr. Molson has to see it has to do with the 8th floor, no? Maybe 1 game is not enough? (edit) the Team is doing Great and still it seems ppl are not conecting (yet) with this Team. Don't get me wrong I Love seeing the Habs win but something still feels a miss
  14. Domi > Galchenyuk

    I think the guy right now it a ^#$%ed up clone of MB
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    you can go the W. Redden way but might not be ideal, still he would be close to MTL (for famely reasons and needs) and can act like coach on skates in Laval maybe, could justify paying high pay for double duty and pave way for after playing days, maybe, honestly idk I'm just spitting here :/