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  1. Thanks Dark Faerie87. That does help.
  2. lol.. Oaky, so the Sens do have ligitamate NHL Stanley Cup wins. That means that they are THIRD overall Cup winners in the league, right? Montreal-1 Toronto-2 Ottawa-3
  3. lol. You guys are nuts...lol. So clarify this for me please. The Habs have 24 Cups and 24 NHL Stanley Cup Banners, right? So the Sens have.........and ARE THEY RECOGNIZED BY THE LEAGUE?(NHL) ...Was this an attempt on the part of the Sens organization to squeeze their NON-NHL Cup wins into the modern league stats? So the Sens have how many National Hockey League Stanley Cup banners in their building?
  4. hi im new here but i have a question maybe you can answer for me. i read at another board that the Senators won a few Stanley Cups a long time ago. I know that's true, but what i want to know is if a cup banner hangs from the roof in the Sens building. they had a big argument about it and know one could tell for sure. so is there a Stanley Cup banner in the Sens arena? vanessa.
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