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  1. Bob did not blow anything. Why would we want comrie anyways, he's bad for team morale. Look at the huge stink he caused in edmonton a few years ago. NO THANKS
  2. Hey Bebe, I already posted this early last week.
  3. DEAR GOD, first team Canada now the habs. The team Canada jersey were so much nice before they changed to those proto-type pieces of garbage. Please don't do it to the most storied franchise in hockey history.... :puke:
  4. Hey fans, just wanted to let you all know that there is a great feature article on Higgins on the habs website. There is also some video clips on some of the other habs. http://www.canadiens.com/eng/index.cfm
  5. I have to say that this is something I'll never forget.... http://vidsearch.myspace.com/index.cfm?fus...deoid=971180775
  6. This is exactly my point. If you didn't call it in the first, don't call it in the second or the third, however if you were calling it in the first, call it in the second and in the third
  7. No I don't think I'd get everything 100% right. However I would call the game as a neutral party which is what these refs are supposed to be and I would call the same thing both ways.
  8. I'm complaining about the inconsistancy in the calls as well as the phantom calls that are made. I am also wondering if there was a penalty called on the high stick that is in you picture. All i'm saying, and this isn't based on last nights game, is collectively the officiating in the nhl is awefull, not just against the habs, not just against the leafs. The entire nhl. It's getting really hard to enjoy a game
  9. Maybe it's just me, but no one else see a sever decline in the consistancy of calls as well as the steady decline in the quality of the officials. I know I singled out 2 zebras in my initial post but it's not just them it's all of the refs. Next time Dave Jackson refs a habs game watch how tight of a game he calls against the habs compared to the opposing team and then compare it to any other game he calls. What I said isn't just something that I began to notice since last friday, this is something I've been noticing since last year. As I said maybe it's just me, and if it is I appologise, but I know i'm not the only one who sees this and who is frustrated with this
  10. Good day all fellow habs fans! Just wondering if any of you out there are seeing the same things that I am when it relates to calls being made and not made as well as calls against certian players and not on the rest as well as calls going against one team and not on the other. Personally I feel there is an EXTREME LACK of consistancy when it relates to todays NHL CLOWNS, whoops, I mean dignafied officials. Lately it seems that the calls are fluctuating between whats being called in the first, isn't being called in the second and then it seems it'l' only be called in the third of the ref's feel like. Now don't get me wrong. I am all for the "Zebras" enforcing the rules as they have been put in place to make the game faster and more exciting, but how can the game be faster and more exciting if all there is, is a steady stream to the penalty box. This doesn't just apply to Mick McGeouh's major brain **** on friday night, that ended up costing Craig MacTavish 10 large, but look at what happened Saturday night in the Habs - Devils game. Let me set the scene.... 2nd Period. A Devils player gets pushed into the habs net by a habs defenceman, that's fine, however, the rule states that a player, if pushed into the goalies crease, must make an attempt to get out of it. NO ATTEMPT WAS MADE. THE ONLY EFFORT THE PLAYER IN THE CREASE ( BEHIND HUET ) WAS TO BLOCK HIS FACE FROM BEING HIT BY THE GAME WINNING GOAL. Allow me to also say that Dave " I hate Montreal " Jackson was standing right there and there was no call, But earlier in ther period Downey got called for interfering with Brodeur when in reality Brodeur was out of his crease and exagerated the little contact to an Academy award winning degree. Why is it everyone in the arean, at any given time is held accountable for their actions, whether it be the coach, equipment manager, that guy who sells 12$ coke's and 20$ ice cream, hell even Youppi are held accountable for the actions but for some unknown top secret reasons ref's get off scott free or in the case of Mick " spastic " McGeough a simple comment to the media " Yeah I blew the call". This has got to stop and the refs really need to be put under a microscope and held accountable for their actions. Now I am not just saying this because I love the habs, I love the game and it's getting harder and harder to enjoy as these clowns with orange bands on their arms are getting away with "murder". Whats it going to take before something changes???? Maybe, god forbid but maybe a marquee player needs to be fatally injured or something before the league opens it's eyes and not just the revenue books. GO HABS GO!!!!
  11. That is absolute Blasphemy, if he were to do that I would probably go insane. Take it back....... TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I was wondering if anybody new a sure fire way to get in contact with any member of the habs team. The reason for this is very simple. My nephew / godson is being baptized on November 5 and we as a family not only want him to be christened into the irsih catholic church but also as a habs fan. We are trying to get a mini stick autographed as well as a kids jersey signed by the entire team so we can give it to my nephew. I am not expecting the team to privde the stick or jersey all that will be supplied at our expense I just really want this to happen as it would mean so much to us as die hard habs fans. Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellow die hards. P.s. If this post isn't in the right section please keep it open if possible and move it over to where it would be best suited.
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