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  1. Howdy HabsRock11, Any chance of getting my latest one with the "Captains and Cups" in my time so it can be used in this forum. It is awesome and I wanted to take it with me into this forum. I am very new to this forum so I'll probably need directions on how to use it as well. The link used before was... <img src="http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/28/s2b250qw.gif"> Thanks much.
  2. Howdy Esteem; Been poking around here myself, bumping into things, and looking for "Old" names.
  3. Howdy Posters; Am very new to this forum, (only found it with explicit help from another). Montreal :hlogo: Canadiens fan since 1965-ish. (So the 'soon2b25' doesn't refer to my age )
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