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  1. I listened the interview with Miss Robitaille and I was quite impressed with what she was saying about Mike. First, her power skating school is well reknown in the Q (My son will attend a full camp next week in my Hometown in Rivière-du-Loup, so i'll be able to judge by myself, maybe Mike will be there...). She was approached by Bob Perno, Mike's agent. At first, she wasn't sure what to expect from Mike regarding his attitude towards the task. The first session went well. But it got even better the 3 others sessions cause Mike felt that it could really help him a lot and that he could really get much better in his skating abilities. He told Miss Robitaille that in the past he was only counting on his hockey skills. But in the new NHL, the new players that are coming skate much faster and better than him and if he want to pursue further in his career, he has to do something about his skating. She said that she is impressed with Mike' progress. They have one more session (Yesterday) this week, and Mike requested more sessions with her school after next week's camp in my Hometown. I don't know but it looks like Mike is having a real change of attitude regarding his career. He's no more taking Hockey for granted. Let's wait and see at the training camp in september. :hlogo:
  2. Even thought it was on a French radio station in Montréal (CKAC 730) last friday, I'm surprised nobody heard of an interview with J.-P. Dumont where he said that he told his agent Montréal is top priority. Anyway. IMO we are stack with the same type of players at the same position (wings). We are still missing a big, skilled offensive center (first or second line, depending of the quality of the player). If we say Markov is our no.1 D offensively, I say Souray is our third so we still missing a no.2 offensive Dman. Defensive Dmen are Ok with Komi, Bouillon, Rivet and Dandy( Streit is a spare or trade bait IMO). The only way I see Dumont coming, cause he's a winger, is a trade involving 1 or 2 wingers (Ryder and a prospect) with one center (read Ribeiro or Bonk) and a Dman (Rivet, Streit). I don't know how Bob see it but just count with me: Kostitsyn, Perezoghin, Plekanec, Grabovsky, Chipchura, Latendresse, Locke and others + our veterans, that's a lot of forwards. We will have to make some room for these kids someday or trade while they still have good trade value. My 2 cents. :hlogo:
  3. We have 25 players signed, only 23 will be on the roster. There is still some questions raised if Koivu will be ready for the beginning of the season. Bouillon and Streit are injured and are not expected to start the season. Gainey said at the end of last season that he would like to improve the center (big and skilled) and the defense (good offensive and pp defenseman) positions. We only upgrated the wing position with Sammy and Johnson. Dumont wants desperetly to play with the Habs (still not sure thought if Gainey is interested). Like before the Kovalev trade it's so quiet these days surrounding the Montréal Canadiens. What do you think, is Bob about to pull the trigger? :hlogo:
  4. New poster here. Hi everyone. I just want to salute a great habs's player in the name of Éric Desjardins. Thanks for your playing in the 1993 Stanley Cup Championship.
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