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  1. What I heard Pierre McQuire say on TSN radio a few months back was that was the best and deepest draft in years. He said this was the year to not trade away draft picks and the more picks you had the better positioned you would be. But from what some of you are saying, maybe that’s not the case.
  2. Brian Wilde on Global made some very good points on yesterdays lack of real action on the part of MB. In a nutshell this is what he said. He said MB missed a huge one time opportunity yesterday. He said that Petry and Tatar's values are probably at the max right now and MB could have gotten a first round pick for each of them plus some very good add-ons. In the 2020 draft, to have 3 first round picks, plus the 3 second round picks, added to the young guys we already have or are coming, Wilde said that would have been how to build for the future. We would have picked up some high, perhaps elite talent for the coming years. But we missed it. He said the current core has missed the playoffs 3 out for the past 4 years and if they improve next year, MAYBE we make the playoffs but do we win a round? If MB had of made the trades yesterday we would be much much better positioned for the next 10 years instead of holding onto to them to make the playoffs next year. What he said sounded like a very good plan. But we missed it. I've heard a few people say in the past 24 hours that MB can win a trade but he doesn't seem to know how to build a team. I think that may be true. We may have sunk a little bit deeper in the pat 24 hours. Ugh!
  3. He could go back to 17 and if we resign Kovalchuk he could get another watch to switch back! lol
  4. Does anyone have an update on Noah Juulsen. He seemed like a good up and coming defence man. Will he be able to make a comeback or is he headed for early retirement due to injuries?
  5. I think the way Bergevin works is that he wouldn't publicly say he is open to trading them. He is publicly doing what he should, saying that he is not open to trading them. So if someone did call kicking the tires, they probably know that a lowball offer isn't even going to be considered. I think he would listen, privately, and still be able to take a great deal if one came along, and the whole time still saying he's not trading them. Probably standard approach for players of Price and Weber's standing.
  6. I think I'm speaking for many of you. I'm frustrated and getting fed up. I have followed the Habs for many many years. I remember Gump Worsley with no mask and the night Rogatien Vachon and Ken Dryden both made their first starts. So I have been surprised that lately my passion is waning, I'm losing interest, I'm not watching games that I would have other years. So here is some venting, some thoughts and questions about our team. Why are we sitting on millions of unspent dollars every year for the past few when there are obvious needs that should be filled? What are we waiting for? We're waiting for younger guys to develop but our older core, Carey Price and Shea Weber, are getting older. It appears to me that we need to add one or two defenceman and a good scoring forward at least but Bergevin hasn't done anything so far. Do we have to wait until we fall so far out of contention that there's no hope before he does something? I have to admit I have been on and off the bandwagon with Marc Bergevin over the past 3 years. Two years ago I thought he had to go but last year I was surprised, along with many others I'm sure, that the moves we made getting KK, Domi, Tatar and Suzuki turned out so well. This year it seems we're scoring goals and our PP has improved but our defence at times seems to go from being good to awful. Overall Carey Price has not played so great and I have always been a strong supporter of his. So we have to ask, why hasn't MB brought in help? He can't keep saying that it's too hard to find good defenceman who could help us. We have money and picks and some players that we could move, Byron [when he's healthy], Thompson, Reilly and some younger guys in the AHL that combined with some creativity could surely improve our current defence. Even one defenceman?? That has to be doable! Clearly Bergevin's plan is to keep adding young assets. I think we have 12 picks this year? And I understand that this draft is supposed to be very deep and the best in many years. But it's time to move some parts to get better now. For example, do we have enough pieces, I know we'd have to sell the farm, to get Alexis Lafreniere? Would it be worth trading anyone on our roster, plus multiple picks, plus, plus......to try to get a potential french superstar?? What would Sam Pollock do? He'd try something I'm sure. If we look at our roster this year and add Romanov next year or another young guy, will that make that much of a difference?? Are we going to be much of a different team next year or will it be the same again. Wouldn't the addition of two good forwards and two good defenceman make a pretty good difference. Shouldn't that have been done already. Aho was at least a plan, but probably flawed. But how would we look with him in our lineup? Why didn't we do something else? I'm sure Geoff Molson will give MB at least this year or maybe until we fall out of a playoff spot before he'll contemplate making a change but for me, I think the clock has to be ticking on MB's position. It's time for one of two people to make changes. Either Marc Bergevin or Geoff Molson. We can't keep stumbling along in the middle of the pack or a bit lower year after year. MB is in his 7th year. It's time for some major changes. What do you think?
  7. Reading all of the above posts makes me think that maybe his medical condition is the issue. If there are no medical problems would not his agent be making that abundantly clear for all to hear. The fact that we haven't heard his agent make those kind of statements perhaps is an indication that there is a serious health concern....thus no signing yet. It's always hard to tell. I'm sure we'll find out at some point as someone is going to take a chance on him.
  8. So I'm surprised that we haven't done more to try to lock up Gardiner....for a few reasons. We all have agreed that if our PP was even average last year, instead of the worst, or 2nd worse, we would have won at least 3-4 more games, if not more and would have made the playoffs. So improving our PP is a big deal. One of Gardiner's strengths is that he has the reputation of a being a PP quarterback. So if we can sign a defenceman who will fit into our top 4, top 2??, on the left side where we have a need, and help our PP wouldn't we make it a top priority to try to get this guy?? Am I overvaluing him? I know he's had some critical defensive gaffs at a bad time in the playoffs but from what I've heard, his former teammates wanted him back and thought he was a very good player. Unless the smoke and rumours I hear about a trade with Laine are actually true and MB is not spending the extra cash until he gets that settled. What do you think?
  9. I guess our discussion on this thread is probably going start to wind down but I'd like to add this. I was listening to a Toronto sports radio show earlier today, I can't remember who made this comment, but the guest on the show was asked about the possibility of an offer sheet to Mitch Marner by some rival team. This is what the guest said at one point about offer sheets. He said, Montreal did it exactly the way it's supposed to be done. They picked a player they really wanted, on a team that was vulnerable, with a reputation for not wanting to spend a lot, and Montreal structured the deal exactly the way it's intended to work. They heard that Carolin'a last offer was $7.5 million, so they offered a million above that per year and then heavily front loaded it hoping that Carolina might balk at having to give up that much money over the next 12 months. Montreal didn't set the compensation, that was already in place, but he said Montreal intentionally kept the offer within their own internal cap so that Aho wouldn't be making more than Carey Price and in the event Carolina didn't match Aho's contract wouldn't handcuff them and put them in cap trouble a year or two down the road. He said even though Carolina matched, he said Montreal's offer was well planned and was perfectly set up so that it suited them and the player perfectly. Bergevin has taken some heat and criticism, but from people whose agenda isn't just to bash Montreal, such as some commentators and players, I have heard nothing but praise for Bergevin's attempt. My final thoughts on this is that I think he did very well and if Carolina didn't match we'd all be singing his praises. It was a good move and might possibly change the future dealings of teams regarding UFA's. For me, I think he's done a very good job and that's a turnaround from what I thought and wrote a little over a year ago. We still have the rest of the summer to go, and his biggest trade last year was late in the summer, so let's wait and see what he does! We know, without a doubt, that his goal is not just to look good, but to make our team better.
  10. I agree with what you said totally. I started a thread a year ago that basically said Bergevin had to go. But I really like his work over the past year and a bit. We all see that we've improved, fast and fun to watch, new coaches that have brought some fresh ideas, a very improved group of prospects and many more on the way over the next two years. At this point it seems a much better team in Laval, even with todays pickup of Phil Varone. I firmly believe the offer sheet was well thought out, especially considering the salary cap implications over the next 5 years and I think he offered what would fit for his team, short and long term. So for me, I am giving him credit for trying and not being afraid of being criticized if it didn't work. He knew, we all could predict, what people would say if it worked and what they would say if it didn't and he went for it! Kudos to him. Two questions. Is it possible that because Carolina said they will match, is it a done deal or is it possible they are negotiating for Montreal to sweeten the pot? My gut says it's done and they're just making Montreal wait, kind of a bit of payback. What do you think? Second, I heard Pierre Mcguire on radio say that he thought Gardiner was a second pairing, not a first, and that if you slotted him correctly he would be a very good defenceman, a good quarterback on the pp, but if you slot him into the first pairing he might have some trouble. Thoughts??
  11. I think this was a very good and thought out move by Bergevin and his team. I think he has learned/decided that he doesn't like nor want to massively overpay for players on July 1. Maybe the Alzner contract brought him to that place. I think they looked at what Aho was worth in terms of salary cap considerations over the next few years and draft picks and I think they figured that their offer was going to make it very difficult for Carolina's owner to pay out that much cash in the next year. So this becomes what CC just stated.....a brilliant move/steal or something that just didn't work. But I won't look down on Bergevin if Carolina matches. I think its a bold gutsy move. He's not thinking of his job or reputation, I think he's genuinely trying to do the right and best thing for his team. I like MB's work and I think we should give him some time to see what else happens. He's swinging for not just a single but a triple or a homer. Good for him. No matter what he did he would be criticized. I'm glad we didn't get Duchene. I hope we get Gardiner. But I love what he's trying to do here. Even Aho's agent said that this is a very difficult position for Carolina to be in. Whatever the outcome, I really like his plan and work. Well done MB.
  12. I think this was a carefully thought out plan and they offered what they thought was reasonable for this player. If they offered more people would criticize. We'll wait to see what happens. We may still be surprised at how this could go. There are still paths to us getting Aho. Has anyone heard anything about Gardiner??
  13. Eklund just wrote that now Montreal and Carolina can talk trade. Is that true? Once Montreal makes and gets a signed offer sheet back can Carolina now approach Montreal and try to work out a trade? Eklund says that's what will happen now?? Thoughts??
  14. Since Carolina has a week to decide, are we in limbo until then since we've committed that amount of money? Does that mean we cannot sign a Jake Gardiner and if Carolina matches we end up losing the opportunity to sign those players? Are we kind of on hold free agent wise until Carolina decides? I still really like this move.
  15. I love this move! Question. Is Montreal allowed to offer something additional to Carolina, a prospect, to entice them not to match the offer sheet?
  16. I just heard two TSN radio reporters, one from Montreal and the other Toronto, saying they wouldn't hesitate giving up a 1st rounder, Suzuki and Poehling for Sebastian Aho.....21 years old, 30 goals + 53 assists = 83 points last year. They both said what a great, immediate fit with a known commodity vs. players with great potential but haven't transitioned yet. I think I would do it as well. They said people have called and said, "no way do we give up prospects like that". But you'll giving up prospects to get back a prospect really. I hope MB is at least looking to see what he can for Aho.
  17. I've been reading reports that MB has been talking with Carolina. IF that's true do you think Bergevin could be trying to do a Drouin for Aho trade? Would we need to add a pick?? What do you think?
  18. Is not our greatest need a left top pairing defenceman who can quarterback out PP? therefore should not Jake Gardiner be our top priority??
  19. Just a thought, I hear a lot of talk about getting Shayne Gostisbehere. My questions is, why is he available? Has he done something or is it a cap issue. Just curious.
  20. I'm not sure where to put this question, so I've put it here...sorry if it's the wrong spot. Hypothetically, if a team wanted to make an offer sheet to a Mitch Marner type of player, I know the compensation is connected to the amount of $ offered to the player. So let's say for argument sake it's 4 first round picks plus..... Does the team then have to go out and somehow get 3 more first round picks, assuming they have their own this year? Do the picks have to all be for one year or can they be spread out over a few years? So could a team give the Leafs their own first round pick for the next 3 years after giving up their own this year? Can they be anywhere in the first round? So 4 late first round picks? Just curious as I was thinking about what it would cost a team if they did make an offer sheet to a Marner type of player. Depending on the answers to my questions, Marner would be a fabulous pickup, but what would it cost you to go out and get 4 picks if you had to versus just giving up your own first round picks this year and the next 3. Thanks.
  21. I just heard Pat Hickey on a local Montreal sports program. Mitch Melnick asked him what he thought about the Habs 15th pick in this years draft. He said that if it was him, he would trade the pick for a hockey type deal. His reasoning was that anyone they pick this year will be at least 2-3 years away from helping them, if ever. Immediate help via a trade for the 15th pick and perhaps adding a piece, would guarantee help this year, which they need to help get them into the playoffs next season. He said it's time to get help now and not just plan for the future given the ages of Price and Weber. He was asked about the need for left handed defencemen and he said that he had been talking to Trevor Timmons the night before who stated that they are expecting Romanov to be here for the 2020-2021 season and for him to be ready to step in right away. He also added that Bergevin has made it pretty clear in the past that he was not willing to give up young assets so he didn't know if that was an option for MB. But maybe if its for a younger asset and not an older veteran MB would consider it. What do think? Keep the pick and wait, or package it with something else and get someone who will be around for a while but can also help us now. Any suggestions on who might be a good fit?
  22. Just a comment and a question. I've been following Nick Suzuki's amazing run this season and especially what he's done in the playoffs. His playoff stats are similar to those of some current NHL superstars like Connor McDavid when they were at his current level. So the question I have is, what do you think his role in the NHL could be? Could he be a bit of a late bloomer in terms of his offensive output? Could he be better than what we thought even a year ago. I read a reporter say before Christmas that Suzuki will never pull people out of their seats with his offence. Could that have changed now? Has he exceeded where we thought he would be talent and skill wise? What do you think his NHL role will be?
  23. Question. Eric Engels stated in his recent article that he thought Montreal had one of, not the top one, but one of the deepest pools of young drafted talent among NHL teams. He listed Kotkaniemi, Poehling, Josh Brook, Cale Fleury, Cayden Primeau and Nick Suzuki. I'm interested in what you think. Agree or disagree with his assessment? Are our prospects that good?
  24. You're right...I forgot about Deslauriers. I found myself wondering during their last game if he has anything to give to a team like this. He would have fit better the past few years, not so much this year. I agree with what you said, give Sherbak a shot instead.
  25. I know only 10 games into our season is a very small sampling but I thought we could evaluate every 10 games or so and see how we do for the entire season. The biggest question will likely be, can we keep up this speed, buy-in and work ethic for the whole season. The positives: - after 10 games we have had a much better start than last year with a 6-2-2 record for 14 out of a possible 20 points. - we are both a very fast and young team. We have seemingly very quickly become a team that successful NHL teams are made of. Young and very fast with some skill. - we have some good and exciting surprises with a number of our players: Max Domi, Jesperi Kotkaniemi, MIke Reilly, Victor Mette, Noah Juulsen...... - some veteran players who at this point are playing much better than last year. Jonathan Drouin, Thomas Tatar, Carey Price....... - the players seem, at this point, to have "bought all in" to the system the coaches have introduced. - the coaching staff: 1. the new additions of Dominique Ducharme & Luke Richardson seem very well received by the players and they have improved us [according to the players]. - the new system: we are much more fun to watch and we seem to be playing to our strengths.....speed, a strong forecheck, a good back check, paying attention to helping the "D". - young players not yet in the NHL. I'm thinking Suzuki, Ryan Poehling, Cale Fleury.....we should see a few more, one or two young guys at least, make the jump next year. - we seem to be accomplishing a "rebuild" on the fly without having to go years and years at the bottom of the league. - the two key trades we made, Max P and Alex G., at this point are very much in our favour. I know that can turn around quickly, but 10 games in we have to declare we have a big advantage at this point. We'll see after 20 games if that has changed. - we have done very well without Weber and Schlemko. The negatives: [this section may be small now but has the potential to grow as the season progresses. - if our play continues this way, more or less, we will not get a really high top 5 draft pick next June which most of us expected. - the disappointment and no games in for Nikita Scherbak. - maybe...Andrew Shaw? Too many penalties, undisciplined, possible trade material? He has been good with Kotkaniemi though. - what happens when Weber and Schlemko return? Who has to leave? Thoughts?
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