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  1. Ok, how about instead of don't care, they are incompetent at putting a winning product on the ice.
  2. Ok MB, I believe there record says otherwise since he has taken over
  3. It has been canceled, which is kind of good so i dont have to watch this garbage team But will miss good playoff hockey
  4. Molson certainly doesn't seem to care about winning or putting a good product on the ice
  5. They should hire him as a coach, anyone can do better than what they have now
  6. oh goodie, LTIR Drouin > healthy Drouin
  7. They have been tanking all year, lets hope they can have another 8 game losing streak
  8. High school kid from the USA, A plug, there are a lot of options for a top 10 pick
  9. Thats about the same chance that MB and the drafting crew will pick an NHL player
  10. Forsberg took a big body check into and he had to have part of spleen removed back when he played with the AVS. I was also reading an article that MB and CJ threw him under the bus about his work ethic.
  11. I didnt say he can;t i said on a good team he is the best 3rd liner in the game On a bad he is fine as a 1 or 2
  12. Its not a joke, MB was the one who said it, not me
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