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  1. Max Pacioretty Watch

    No reason to sign Pacs long term, why pay some 7.5 mill and not make the playoffs. Get younger, more talented and rebuild. The habs have zero chance of making the playoffs for the foreseeable future. No centers, no puck moving moving D that are NHL ready.
  2. MB gets an F- grade

    When they move Pacs, the habs look like no player taller than 6 feet in the top 9. Gallagher and Deslarias will be the only grit to start the season, Shaw and Byron, the other 2 players who know where the front of the net is, i believe will be on the IR.
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Everyone already knows Pacs is being moved. He tried to move him to 2 different teams at the draft.
  4. Although the Islanders finished ahead of the Habs These 2 coach signings scream attitude and character.
  5. No chance habs get any where near the playoffs. Bottom 5 They haven't addressed the center position, Drouin is not a center, both his coach and GM agree, and if you watch him, he isn;t close. put him where he will be successful, wing There defense is all bottom pair players. Petry is a top 4 on a team with a solid other 5 D. Habs don't have anything close to that. Trade Pacs, get younger. Lose for Hughes
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Signing Duclair for any reason would be a bad idea. Especially giving him a raise from what Chicago walked away from
  7. UFA Day Thread

    Bottom basement MB at it again. Well the AHL free agency Frenzy was exciting for the Habs AHL franchise.
  8. UFA Day Thread

    Price will want out of Montreal after getting shelled for a few years
  9. oh, im with you on that. I posted a stat that shows exactly why they need a turnover, Montreal is #29 in draft picks playin gon their NHL roster over the past 10 years. You don't want this crew / drafting team making decisions on young players. There record speaks for itself. I though they were average until i read that
  10. Bottom 4 team, Only 3 legit high end players, They are closer lottery pick than a playoff team, Why would Taveres talk to Montreal
  11. They have been retooling since 93. Maybe a different plan would work
  12. UFA Day Thread

    Apparently Tavares is an official Leaf.
  13. UFA Day Thread

    But the habs can counter with Pleks and Danault
  14. UFA Day Thread

    for tavares
  15. UFA Day Thread

    I read the Leafs