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  1. Before you bash on all of america. Take a close at the ;list, what do they all have in common.
  2. The part i seriously don't get, CJ likes big, physical tough teams who play a rugged style. MB has iced a team of potential top 9 players may be the softest in the league. Pacs Danault Gallagher Drouin Galchentuk Shaw Lehkonen Pleks Hemsky How does that work out?
  3. Really? Streit, 5 years ago maybe. How many worn out re- treads can MB actually sign? As for the Shaw comments, i remember MT calling him out and sitting him many times. If memory serves me, i believe MT had an epic blow up on Shaw that Price had to step in and MT was gone shortly after.
  4. 1 of only 2 "gritty forwards they have. that is one soft top 9. With CJ coaching, i have no idea how that will work. He likes the physical element to his teams. kind of reminds of what happened his first go around.
  5. Not too bad, I hope CJ gives him a real shot at center. Hard to follow who thinks what on him playing center or wing.
  6. For those dreaming of a Yakapov Galchenyuk reunion, unless he gets shipped to Colorado, it aint happening.
  7. This team has been bad for a long time. Price saves there bacon and makes them look better then they are. As Price goes, the habs go period.
  8. I thought they couldn;t score because of MT, the system?
  9. That's about what it would take IMO. I don't know anything about Anisomov, but his value is close to Galchnyuk's by himself
  10. It would be Anisimov plus for Galchenyuk, Like a young D ready to crack the lineup type of player.
  11. They haven't even played a game yet. give them 20 games. I don't think MB is done either. CJ is a way different coach then MT, he will have this team at the start of training camp to work his magic.
  12. I guess that's why they signed Hemsky. Better options out there in my mind.
  13. Johansen traded to the devils for a 2nd and 3rd.
  14. Why is Alzner damaged goods? He hasn't missed a regular season game in many many years
  15. Shaw is about the only forward with grit and toughness. He is over paid a bit, but not much. CJ will use him much more effectively then MT ever did.