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  1. Well that was finally about time for that firing. MB is clearly trying to save his job. The scouting department should be next. MB will be gone at the end of the year if he doesn't make the playoffs. Now if the owners think last year was making the playoffs with the 5th worst record i believe, then he is nuts too. They were awful and needed a pandemic and special rules to get in. CJ has missed the playoffs 4 out of the last 6 years, MB i think is the same. They beat the penguins which has lost 10 straight playoff games if i remember correctly. Price was very good. Ad
  2. Ill put it another way, He isn;t anything close to his contract, he is a floater and invisible most nights . The trade for Sergachev was terrible
  3. Drouin has had a good 10 game stretch (playoffs) and good 15 game start. Other than that he has been awful
  4. Danault is better than Drouin period, Drouin contract is one of the worst on the team period, regardless of what people think he will become, he is a floater and non factor
  5. Tatar Weal and Mete i think are gone for sure probably 1 of Lekonen or Armia as well, IF Evans and Poehling keep improving they are fine on the 4th line and can take PK minutes
  6. MB has hitched his wagon to a team that's basically a 500 club under his 8 year reign of terror. When the season shut down he was in full rebuild mode, then a pandemic and a 500 playoff run has turned into a contender? I'll believe it when i see it. He has also signed some pretty lengthy contracts with several NMC in them. We will see what the results are. I will give him credit for this years off season though, probably 2nd best IMO.
  7. Play the kids at center, the only ones who produced come playoff time
  8. What has the vets over the past 10 years produced exactly? poop, that's what
  9. How does Drouin justify his contract? he is the one in trouble, he is basically useless
  10. Its hard to be equally effective moving from one wing the other or LD / RD' It does make a big difference on in 3 zones
  11. Tatar is a ghost in the playoffs and is UFA next year. Don;t see him resigning
  12. It remains to be seen if CJ will play a Russian, Ands also remember it was KM who let the kids play not CJ. danault will get 30 minutes a night if CJ could manage it
  13. I think i read somewhere Romanov was given the "wink" if he signs he stays with the big club
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