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  1. I'll just assume if the Weber / Subban trade didn't happen that the habs would be in the stanley cup? The preds are a much more dangerous team then the habs are, much more talent up front. The Preds D is far better then the habs D, CJ is a better coach then MT, Laviolette has brought his 3rd team to the cup, Subban has played well,so did Weber
  2. No one showed up, No one. Price was good, if you can't score, you can't win period. MB trade deadline players had the same amount of goals in the playoffs as the habs top LW and C. Tough to blame 4th liners for lack of scoring, not what they are paid to do.
  3. It's pretty simple, the Sens can score goals, and there best players are there best players every game period. You can't win in the playoffs scoring 9 goals in 6 games
  4. They are not close to being contenders. Price goes down, bottom 5 team period. They have know one and i mean know one who steps up in the playoffs. There talent pool is slim as far as prospects, Hudon may provide offense, but who knows. They have a few real good d prospects. They have all 3rd and 4th line centers, drafting has been middle of the pack at best. IMO not good enough, They have a new coach who plays a totally different style than that most of the current roster doesn;t fit, So yea, major changes need to happen if they want to be real contenders, need an upgrade in talent, speed, centers, youth and yes, size and toughness,
  5. hopefully 2 new top 6 centers, put Danault on the 3rd where he belongs I would remove the C from casperiotty, give it to Weber
  6. No, Bottom 5 team without him
  7. Yea, gave up 8 goals in 2 games against the sens, i think 9 goals in 6 games against the habs, minus empty netters. Shows how anemic the habs offense is
  8. huh, i guess it is possible to score goals on Lundqvist.
  9. I hope he is better than a Nestorov replacement, although MB loves his #7,8 defenseman They are assembling the Russian Red Army defense, Markov, Emelin, Sergachev and Now this guy
  10. Been saying that for years. Have to do something pretty significant in the off season to address the center position and foot speed on Defense. As habsfan points out, they have a bunch of 2nd rounders in a pretty weak draft from accounts
  11. CJ is a good defensive coach, i suspect that there will be at least 1 new assistant next year. CJ will help Sergachev's game, the d is so slow you need his speed
  12. habsretired, Subban was not elite this year, he was solid,
  13. The team has made the playoffs every year but 1 under MB,He has been riding Price through those years A lot of players need to go,
  14. Price will certainly have some conversations about the direction of the team for sure. This team is a 1 horse show wasting his best years
  15. 4 goals in 4 losses, absolutely pathetic It's like ground hogs day every year in the playoffs