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  1. Really? Maybe a 5th back is all you get he is a solid 4th line center I thought Byron would be another piece to move, i read still no time table for return, had a set back along the recovery route
  2. Brook isn't even a top 4 in the AHL right now, I like Fluery, but he is a bottom pair d-man Romanov will be the LD upgrade next year if he can be signed Assuming MB sticks to his plan, as others have mentioned moving Tatar, Petry and Thompson are all good moves based on return, Thompson will get a 3rd or 4th, Petry and Tatar are 1st plus a good prospect, question is can the return fill NHL roster spots
  3. How long is patient? 8 years not enough? MT and CJ systems are almost identical, it doesnt work with a small perimeter teams.
  4. Domi is on a weaker team and should be playing at C. He needs to play with appropriate line mates, Same with Suzuki
  5. They have to decide who the centers are moving forward, Domi as just mentioned does much more damage at center ice Domi Suzuki Danault KK Poehling is playing well on the wing
  6. It was the vets that were on the ice the last 2 minutes,
  7. Those forwards are part of the defensive problem, see the last 2 minutes of tonights game, they fall apart and lose battles all the time
  8. You still need players to play defense, you need players that can win battles, play physical, crash the net and defend the front of the net, those are the same forwards they have had the past 2 years, no playoffs
  9. Doesn't mean they dont need to acquire more, They are no guarantees with prospects
  10. Call it whatever you want, You have a coach that missed the playoffs 6 out 7 years, assuming they miss this year You have a GM on year 8 of a 5 year plan who has been told to retool or whatever and can't build a winning roster The league is built for mediocre teams to stay around playoff contention
  11. firing MB, the scouting department and CJ doesn't change the fact they need a rebuild with young better prospects
  12. The Habs do not have enough prospects and young talent, They are in a rebuild, It's the owners and MB directive Also, Tatar, Petry, and Thompson should be shopped as well Glad they held on but team like this don't make the playoffs,
  13. Depends on who is running the ship, We are currently year 8 of MB 5 year plan Supposedly the are going with youth and talent i heard last year, which means sellers at the deadline
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