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  1. Wow this team is soft, All Petry had to do is take the body.
  2. Year 8 of his 5 year plan Setting records for futility
  3. This is a complete distraction move, nothing to see here. if anyone thinks a back up is a reason for an 8 game losing streak, they are nuts. hudon in or peca in is also irrelevant. Until MB decides on a full rebuild by trading vets for picks and prospects or trading off quality prospects for help today, nothing will change. he is going to miss the playoffs 5 out 8 years during his reign.
  4. Commandant, you are an ass to anyone who disagrees with you. Get over yourself, People can have a difference of opinion, So its ok for rappers, movie directors, actors and black people to use the N word today and never get called out, But know one else can. Got it
  5. rappeers, black people and movies (Tarentino) all make money using the N word.
  6. The cancel / PC culture strikes again,. Fired for something he did 10 years ago? He apologized, Just the Canadian Prime Minister. I heard Babcock was mean, No chance he gets hired
  7. Domi needs a winger to create space, go to the net and win win battles in the corners and traffic in front of the net, Losing Shaw off his line is having s big effect
  8. Scotty Bowman Mike Keenan and any Sutter brother combined behind the bench won't motivate and improve this bunch You have seen a power play comprised of Weal, Cousins and Reilly? WTF is that? Players playing out of position, terrible defensive lineup Im nuetral on CJ, MB is in charge of the players on the team, they will miss the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years, multiple coaches
  9. 3rd pair? They are all 3rd pair. Mete on a good team is 3rd pair guy, so is Chairot and Fluery Good teams wouldnt even have Kulak and Reilly playing meaningful minutes
  10. 20 goals against int eh last 3 games, OUCH
  11. They are either in rebuild or they are not. MB is somewhere in between Im for a rebuild, selling off some players for young talent and picks.
  12. Exactly, havent been relevant in 25 years
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