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  1. Played a good 10 minute stretch in 3rd and scored a couple which was enough. The D zone is still a nightmare.
  2. These guys are getting squashed out there. What happened to the fast skating offensive team, they can barley get a scoring chance. Was Reilly a healthy scratch? I don't get that one.
  3. The "real" Schlemko, or the crappy injury prone one?
  4. Price played in much better defensive system with much better team defense. They kept everything to the outside The past 2 years the defense and whatever d system they run has been terrible, no battles won in front of the net, the slot is always wide open and turnovers with odd man rushes. Until they play better D with better defensamen, his numbers will be bad
  5. Why send Mete down? Mete and Reilly are the only 2 D who are good skaters. They need to waive Alzner, Schlemko will be back then hurt again after 2 games, Benn is a UFA and should be moved.
  6. 3 on 1 habs cant hit the net, Price can't stop a beach ball. That guy needs to sit for a few
  7. Goalie equipment is smaller this year as well, Scoring is up all over the league. Bruins already gave up 6
  8. Its' terrible defense more than goaltending. I'm not saying Price has been great, but alot goals this year he has no chance.
  9. Awful defense, shakey goalie and yet the offense somehow gives them the lead.
  10. Niemi only has 1 loss, at least he looks like he tries Price needs a wake up call
  11. That was one ugly period. The habs D zone is awful, could they be any softer in front of the net. Price is sleep walking, i yank him. And yet somehow it's tied with a chance to win. That's a positive
  12. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Good, terrible turnover by Drouin and more snow angels on 2 on 1's. At least they got an early one
  13. Who knows, the other thing they do alot of is this weird Ole' check thing, they stand there. waive at the and watch the player skate around them. Might be nice to take the body every now and again
  14. And really bad defense and turnovers. I especially likes the Petry snow angel. I believe you learn when your 8 years old, on a 2 on 1, goalie gets the shooter, player gets the pass.
  15. Nov, 3, Lightning at Habs, 7:00pm

    Price 4th goal was a little soft, What do you want him to do on the other 3? They D zone gets stretched out all over the ice, they leave the slot and the front of the net open far too often. They lost 2 out 3 games this week, they scored 1 each in 2 of them. Not a recipe for success
  16. Nov, 3, Lightning at Habs, 7:00pm

    When Byron comes, no room for hudon. He is a decent roll player, can fill in anywhere in the lineup for a few games.
  17. Nov, 3, Lightning at Habs, 7:00pm

    Cant give up 20 shots a period to a team like the lightning. I wish the D could hit the net every now and again
  18. Nov. 1, Caps vs Habs 7:30

    Much more exciting than last year's crew. I was tough on the big finn being drafted 3rd, i was wrong on him, he's a player. Still can't believe they win with D core
  19. Nov. 1, Caps vs Habs 7:30

    So if Price was making less money the 4 goals that he couldnt stop are somehow better? Drouin and most of the D aren;t earning there money either
  20. Nov. 1, Caps vs Habs 7:30

    Price? He didnt let in any soft ones. The defensive zone is just awful. They run around, never take the body, turn over the puck and don't win battles. They are playing with 5 bottom pair defenseman, The good news is they are much more exciting to watch.
  21. Might have been the only habs body check all night Too many turnovers and not using there speed. Lucky to be tied
  22. Hopefully they will keep playing well. One thing for sure, win or lose they are more entertaining to watch than last years bunch. Still not sure what to think, they are winning but i wanted (expected) a top 3 pick.
  23. Tough decision on the big Finn, if he is going to stay, he needs minutes. If you have Suzuki or Poehling looking for a roster spot next year, CJ head would explode with 2 rookie centers. I would keep him up and just roll his line out there, let him learn and make mistakes
  24. This years team at least plays hard and much more exciting than last years. I wish CJ would just roll the big finn out there instead of hiding him.
  25. took a too many men penalty to start the period, with the awful PK, should be down quickly in 3rd.