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  1. You would be lucky to get a 3rd for Droiun. Which is fine if you can find someone to take his cap hit. Hall was a 2nd a prospect. Drouin is no Hall
  2. Just protect evans and expose drouin
  3. A blind squirrel does find a nut every now and again 1 in the last 31
  4. Flames are 4 points back, 1 win since Price went down No offense to speak of again The best goal scorer is hanging out in the minors.
  5. As MB has proven, you can never have enough bottom pair D and 13th forwards
  6. I didn't notice him at all the past 2 months, i don't watch every game either. I wasn;t even sure he was playing the last month
  7. Calgary is 6 points back, The habs can;t score or play defense. If the Flames play well down the stretch, the habs are in trouble. Having a good offseason was good, it actually shows you how bad the other players he assembled actually are. Who really has had a really good year, Anderson, Tafolli, new guys, i think Petry has been pretty good, Edmonson was better than I expected. Gallagher was decent Everyone else has been average to below average.
  8. Anderson is, Tafoili plays both, Caufield is a better solution then KK. I pop in every now and again, i just call them how i see them.
  9. Im sure Caufield will get the call up, they have no RW's currently. playing players wherever never works. He won't save them, he will shoot on the PP for sure,
  10. They should expose Weber and Drouin for sure. At this point just waiving Drouin is a win for cap space, 1 goal in the last 31. One mare than me during the same stretch.
  11. Anyone is a better choice than MB at this point. he has proven time and again he has no idea how to ice a winning team, or develop young players. The only thing the habs have going for them is the flames are terrible, 6 points back i believe, the canucks cant play for another week or so.
  12. Those teams are bottom feeders.
  13. Maybe just maybe MB is clueless, drafting dept is poor and the choice of coaches is always wrong. Every year its excuse after excuse.
  14. No team in the league plays Chrariot on the first pair, same with edmonson, mete romanov (who may get there) Thats the issue. A poor mix of dmen
  15. Who would have guessed the vets would be so awful this year? They were the 5th worst team in the league last year. They have have missed the playoffs 4 out of the last 6 years. i am not counting last year as making the playoffs, that was a gift from the nhl. The 5th worst team in the league has no business in the playoffs. The real question is why does anyone think the vets, MB, scouting department coaches have a clue how to win?
  16. Ill take the sens situation over the habs. At least they have legit real talent. What it turns into is the question. The habs are just older with really bad contracts
  17. Putting Lehkonen in with fresh legs on the 4th line is a nothing move. The top 9 and top 4 dmen are the problem. if swapping 4th liners is the answer, your asking the wrong questions
  18. How many years can a GM miss the playoffs? MB made some good moves and bad moves, the bottom line is wins, and MB is the GM of team that doesn't win very often. He was gifted a playoff run last year. 5th worst team in the league.
  19. Its more than just the flames, take out the canucks games and ouch. When will the owner finally figure out the MB experiment has failed and time to move on.
  20. they have scored 1 goal in 3 of the last 4 games, Not just suzuki floating around out there.
  21. been that since the first 10 games,
  22. No, we are starting a blizzard so i am stuck at home and was watching the game.
  23. maybe KK can work on staying on feet for a entire shift
  24. No offense plus no defense equals no wins.
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