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  1. Another wasted 2 points with a 3rd period lead
  2. Not all players are in the line up for offense,
  3. throwing away points in the 3rd period all year, It will cost them
  4. Bad penalty check goal against check Giving up 3rd period lead check
  5. Can't win any battles to clear the zone Better period overall
  6. Another stick penalty,. another goal against Totally dominated
  7. The habs are starting a rebuild, why take high priced players. They looked good tonight, The Wild looked awful
  8. Its on the defensive side and turnovers, That and he gets knocked off his feet every other shift
  9. i wouldnt say giving up 3 breakaways and a 2 on 1 is a good defensive effort, but they didnt give up 40 shots. Pk goal against again, Tampa just p[layed a smart 3rd period, the game was over 5 minutes into the 2nd
  10. yea, The minor league is turning out a great product, the coach seems to be coaching them all up
  11. they have to have more than 4 scoring chances, they had 3 breakaways All there chances happen in high scoring zones, habs flip it towards the net from the blue line. Suzuki was ok, not sure what the complaints are, thought he played ok, needs to shoot more
  12. They also gave up 2 breakaways, Overall played pretty well, couldnt win a puck battle and got stuck in their own end for 2 minutes
  13. Looks like i picked a bad one to miss
  14. Why would 2 years from now be any different then the last 25?
  15. A bunch of teams would take price, I chance for the cup for 2-5 years is worth the contract. Oilers and Flames to name a few
  16. Retooling or revamping is fine, fans understand that. The question i have is there best 2 assets to bring elite young talent into the lineup with 1st rounders are just withering away getting old. Trade them or get them some talent, you have the all team leading wins goalie in franchise history probably wont even get a sniff of the cup in Montreal
  17. They are a bubble team at best They finally have good prospects, no reason to move them At the deadline when they are out of it, they need to acquire more picks and prospects, They have Byron Tatar can be moved at the deadline, the 2 big elephants in the room would be Price and Weber both of whom i believe said they wanted to win now, there window is closing. The habs aren't close, might be time to move them. If they miss the playoffs again, is that the end of MB, CJ and the coaching staff?
  18. Dumb penalty check PP goal against check
  19. Didnt seem to bother carolina and a few other teams playing back to back
  20. No, trade tatar at the deadline, you wind up with 1st and suzuki
  21. It was probably Byron The Pacs trade, if the habs arent in the playoffs should be able to get a first rounder for tatar as well as suzuki
  22. 40 shots against in each game i believe as well.
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