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  1. I was just at a goalie camp in the Toronto area and Jason Missian was an instructor there. The guy is huge, in his butterfly he is as big as me standing in my stance. He needs some work, dont get me wrong he is good. but he is in very good hands as far as goalie coaching goes (Jon Elkin). He is a quiet guy. I watched all of his training sessions with Jon Elkin this week, he did well. He is a straight up butterfly goalie. This guy is going to be good, you have to see him to grasp how big he is. For the moment he is backing up another jon Elkin trained goalie Trevor Cann, who is sick....
  2. my life is slowly coming to an end..... I agree, i think their gonna pull him in the third. Biron with another big save..... ######
  3. I liked the older one better, thats not saying i dont like the new one. Its just that the new one, its kinda hard to see what is going on the mask. It took me awhile to see what it was on his mask last night. His new one is still very nice though, I like the Backplate with the full Slovakian flag. i just liked the old one more.
  4. quick glance at the date.... F**K!
  5. This is about habs goalies. Although Tretiak was absolutely amazing. Patrick Roy was the greatest goalie in habs history, in my opinion.
  6. Looking at the standings now, I'm confident that the habs can beat any of the other teams, the only team that scares me are the Penguins. They have good goaltending and an amazing offense.
  7. The goal was prices fault, but no he had almost no time to read that and yes.... he was "asleep". He was dragging that leg acrcos with him to follow the play and never expected the shot, not very many goalies would expect that shot, its also a backhand making it near impossible to read. If he had time to read the shot he should've gone into the butterfly, he shouldnt of already been down in the butterfly cause if campbell roofed it it would have been even more embarrassing. The one leg down or the "vh" doesnt fit into Price's normal style but is more of a thing you would see from joseph. He wa
  8. I like it, goes with his western look. I loved his team Canada one though.
  9. Good bye Huet, you were my favourite goaltender for so long. My best memory of Huet was the first time i saw him play during the Sens in the 06 season. I went crazy, i was wondering why they were playing him against the best team in the league (sens in 06). I actually called my dad up and was mad that they were starting him. After that night i loved him, that first season we had him was like a dream, i will never forget that season. Good luck to Huet in Washington, they're a good team. We knew it was coming (just not his soon ). so good bye Cristobal Huet, the man who save our 06 season. Im g
  10. Link WOW! I was just looking at desjardins stats and was blown away, he seemed to be a top ECHL goaltender. The call up to Hamilton will bring his game to a new level. The Depth of the Montreal's goaltenders is mind blowing...... Price, Halak, Danis and now this guy!! Cant wait to see what he can do in the AHL.
  11. I agree with many of you in saying, in my opinion we have hurt our chances at the cup... i feel like crying
  12. My condolences cataclaw, good job on the thread. we need to beat them tonight, or i wont hear the end of it from my friends..... GO HABS GO :hlogo:
  13. Halak just stopped 31/32 for the OT win over the lake erie monsters. final score 2-1
  14. Anyone heard the Huet pronunciation change, you pronounce the T HueT, doesnt sound as good. watching NBC
  15. they've changed the pronunciation of Huets name. to i guess the original. im watchin NBC, and they said that its the "new" pronunciation. any one else notice this?
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