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  1. Grabovski signs with the Islanders, 4 years, $5 million per. Take that, Oilers!
  2. RDS (and here) has Pyatt at $500K, which doesn't seem right to me. He was given a qualifying offer, and if he was $685K last year (I thought that was the case), doesn't his qualifying offer have to include a minimum raise? I feel like if they wanted to sign him at $500K, they would have had to not offer him a qualifying offer, wait until July 1, and sign him as a free agent (like they did with Kilger a few years ago).
  3. It's lunacy if Lapierre doesn't make this team. I hope Carbo is just trying to light a little flame under his egglayer.
  4. I was totally expecting Murray to be in waiverville coming into camp, but nobody beat him out of his spot, and he brought his boxing gloves. Also, like others have said here, it's important to remember that his spot is effectively the healthy scratch spot - a spot that should not be considered for a good young player in development. You park someone there who has occasional usefulness (slotted into the lineup when an upcoming game calls for a bodyguard who can kill the occasional penalty) and who doesn't depreciate by being on the shelf. D'Agostini or SKostitsyn would rot there, waiting for an
  5. Both he and Bouillon had horrible years last year, but I expect Bouillon to rebound this season. Brisebois has the edge on him of being an equivalent player at half the pay; O'Byrne has the edge of being a hitter on a team that's short on size at D. I think his only real asset is that he plays on the side where the Canadiens are understaffed (if I'm not mistaken). I'm hoping BG can slip him and his 1.7 contract to some unsuspecting GM before Carbo has to cut him.
  6. Jaroslav Halak has a mohawk. Josh Gorges also has a new haircut. Tom Kostopoulos speaks decent French, to everyone's shock. Huet says the new Reebok material felt good in the all-star game. Koivu clarifies that he doesn't actually think the Habs can't win the cup. And that, folks, was enough to cover three full pages of La Presse. I think this entire city needs training camp to start a week ago.
  7. An impression based on watching his on-bench behaviour (on tv, admittedly), second-degree hearsay, and my imagination. Everything I've heard and observed about Koivu is that he is not a particularly glad-handed sort - I remember a couple of years ago when he had Bulis on his wing for a little while, Koivu had made a nice play to set up the speedy Jan Bulis for one of Bulis' trademarked wildly-errant shots, missing an open net. Koivu was back on the bench first, and as Bulis made his way to the gate, the camera caught Koivu look Bulis in the eyes, purse his lips, and shake his head slightly in
  8. As sad as I am to see the Hammer go, I can't help thinking that the departure of his and Rivet's much-vaunted leadership is a good thing. I don't deny Souray had it, but I think that as long as he and Rivet were there, the leaders of the future would feel out of place standing up. One of the qualities that makes a good in-room leader is the ability to sense your team-mates' moods and know how your actions and words will manipulate them to be better - ultimately, and I know this sounds mooshy, a good leader is someone who combines sensitivity with charisma. So a good leader of the future may
  9. I was a real big Ribeiro fan...at least a big 2003-04 Ribeiro fan. It wasn't just that he led the team in scoring that year, or that he made Pierre Dagenais a goal-scoring threat, it was that he was so exciting to watch - he was doing stuff that nobody had ever done before, a kind of a hockey genius. The Niinimaa trade was disappointing because I saw the 2003-04 Ribeiro disappear and what turned out to be a mediocre defenseman take his place. I felt Ribeiro was more valuable than that. But even when he was on fire in 2003-04, the rest of the NHL didn't take much notice of him (except as a pl
  10. I remember that finger in Philly. It said it all - the Habs had that series locked up, and it was a perfect reply to all the abuse those notorious Philly fans must have been raining down on ol' BSmith.
  11. I'm typically a big optimist - I've got high hopes for Plekanec, Kostitsyn, Higgins and Kovalev to each float around the 60-point mark this year, to give you an idea of how optimistic I am - and I really don't see Lahti as much of a likely force this year. Granted, 20 goals is pretty solid in Finland. Only 12 players in the 14-team league scored more than Lahti's 20, and only 3 players scored more than 24 goals. But success there doesn't necessarily translate: 35-year-old Kent Manderville - remember him? At his prime, a fourth-liner in the NHL, with a career record of 37 smoking-hot goals
  12. Somehow they forgot Patrice's 28 goals and 63 assists. Incompetent.
  13. Not quite. There's winning and there's winning. Even if Price is the best goalie in camp, management has to ask what's the best route to making him a winner in '09, '10, '11...not just 07-08. Development can be a touchy thing, especially for a young goalie. Just ask Marc-André Fleury.
  14. I'm definitely against the idea of changing the look of the Habs' jerseys, but for the record, they've been this way for far less than 100 years. I don't have the info at my fingertips, but consider that they were initially maple leafs blue...
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