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  1. no idea i fell alseep on my training course
  2. ill pretend im sikh muslim or hindhu too that may help.
  3. Just been rejected by the police for being 'white and straight'. thats right - they told me they have a quota to fill and white and straight aint what their looking for right now. :puke: this pc nonsense is ridicolous.
  4. the euro can kiss my sweat sack. we dont want it. we dont want europe either. because of them twits every fire extinguisher is red with a smally blue,white or black colour marking on them rather than the main paintwork being a different colour for each type of extinguisher. (im office fire marshall).
  5. NEW TOPIC - WOMEN THE ROUTE OF ALL EVIL? Discuss....................
  6. do you watch the premiership regularly? he did another two footed challenge on an arsenal player yesterday.
  7. agree with you fella but i can see why you got punched- it was a sensitive time.was it a complete moron who punched you? a redneck?
  8. i did indeed. you know what pierre you have enlightened me i had a long hard think this weeknd on my political views, and i suppose people like you and i are lucky to live where we live- i moan about immigrants but at the end of the day non of us are truly of any nationality- we were just lucky to come out of vagina in the country we came out of it in all be it england or canada-so why should i hate on people who are jsut trying to do the best by them and their families? for christs sake ill be reading george orwell novels next
  9. religion is fine as long as it aint shoved in anyones face who isnt interested.
  10. we dont think that to be honest thiers only rooney and ferdinand who are world class in the england team- the rest are average. we dont think that most england fans acknowledge that only ferdinand and rooney are world class and that your gerards and terrys and lampards are average
  11. now theirs a debate- striking your children-should it be allowed to discipline them?
  12. i agree but their is a counter arguement that two wrongs dont make a right and canada not being a backwards fundamentalist state should show other countries like those in the middle east the way forward in multiculturalism- you agree pierre?
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