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  1. Boooo...nothing Price could do there...oh well, good effort! If I can't see another game this year, I am happy I got to see this game. Good comeback, great 60 minute effort.
  2. Lol...the announcer just said, and I quote..."OHH Carey Price stands tall!!"
  3. GHG!! Lets see some ass-kicking in overtime! Way to go AK46 on that redirect goal!
  4. WOOT! WTF! Just When you think they are down!!! Thanks Grabs!
  5. Ya...I have no idea what the deal is with NHL center ice! If they can make it work in the preseason, why can't they let me watch all season long? There can't be that many ppl in the UK trying to watch, so it can't be a bandwidth issue!
  6. I agree...considering our lineup, we are doing quite well! But considering this might be the last games I can watch all year, I hope they win!
  7. Price is in...lets see how this goes. I think we are going to hear alot of "Grabovsky has been knocked off the puck...". Shame...the kid is lightning!
  8. Pretty good, I am actually impressed! Better than the slingbox! The internet in the UK is faster tho.
  9. I hope they let Huey play the rest of the game...we might actually come back in this one...don't need a cold goalie right now. On another note...despite being in the UK right now, I am getting this game on NHL Center ICe online....hope they don't block these games out once the reg season starts. My stupid slingbox isn't working and RDS won't be playing these games online this season. I really hope center ice works for me for rest of the season!
  10. Really think Kostopolous has no place on a line with the belarussians...they need a guy like higgs or pleks....even ryder would be better than Kosto!!
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