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  1. I wonder if MB would have took a similar deal last year, let's say Fowler for KK and Byron. Today's situation would be different and the future not that jeopardized.
  2. Would like to see a Domi for a Sam Gagner + Evan Bouchard. Would like to see a Petry for Cogliano + Dellandrea. You guys see my point. Sell a valuable asset, take some deadwood salary back to land a near ready blue chip.
  3. Can't help to think how Kotkaniemi would have compete against the best players his age. For me only exceptional players should play in the NHL before 20. It's a lose lose situation to have kept the yougster in Montreal. His skating was not ready, his body was too weak to endure full 82 games, he lost the opportunity to win a junior title and habs list one maybe two years to entry level contract. Even Koivu said KK should have stay there.
  4. What would be a right price to pay for Toffoli ? Juullsen + Optional second round in 2020 if he signs Mtl. Looking for a top 9 right winger to play with Domi and Suzuki. Arnia should go back with KK.
  5. Hudon had every chance in this camp. I hope it's the last chance he has. Cousins has a better camp he should have that chance.
  6. Needs something better than Chaput. Peca ain't it. Brian Boyle ?? 2rounder...??
  7. Tatar is in a bad streak, not only the turnovers but bad penalties. I would like to see Gallagher with Domi and Drouin. To cover for Tatar blunders play him with Danault and Lekhonen.
  8. Stability is the only thing that can staight up the D. The d are not touching anybody just reacting on the play. Mostly because they don't know who they are paired with. So Ouellet and Mete out as soon as possible. Play 3 pair. Forwards who dont come back like Hudon, Drouin should be kept out off other team 1st line.
  9. That is a lot of left d, Kulak, Schlemko, Ouellet, Mete, Alzner, Benn and Reilly. Which one of those can play with Weber ? Weber Schlemko Petry Reilly Alzner Benn Juulsen Mete as to play 25 minutes a game and PP time in the AHL.
  10. Shaw speed was very good in that game. After Boston game pretty much everyone was ok to leave him as 13th player. Now 13 92 and 64 looks goood. If he can keep it up it rises his trade value. And he wins face off. Thumbs up
  11. This team sucked last year when they were caught in their zone. Same this year. Only thing i can see there is Price either freeze the puck or pass the puck. He is good at deflecting shots but his defense is not able to recover the puck effectively. Other teams are playing the deflection against him now with a good shot and go after the defense before he can even react. So i think if he freezes the puck more it slows down the game more energy to his players and less goals against.
  12. Mete needs more ice. Laval needs a PP quaterback. Schlemko is back and soon Weber. What i would like to see is Mete getting back on the scoresheet and back in Montreal with a new level of confidence.
  13. Not that much depth at center this year to release Plek, they could have convince him to stick around. Fake reason to say kids needs place to grow. Nobody is knocking at the door at c. If any of the current centers gets injured what are the options ? Vedjemo ? Good start but needs a full year, Evans produce but still lacks skating ? Chaput ? Froese ? Mcarron ? Or stuff we saw last year Byron or Shaw. So does it clear cap space ? No this is 2 250 000 $ against the cap space.
  14. One good move does not change it all. Alzner, Shaw are still 7th and 12th forward.For a bargain deal of 8.5 million,till 2022. Price at 10.5 vs Rinne at 5.5. These will hurt the reset.
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