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  1. Kernkraft 400-crowd remix when im in the car going to my games. Sing for the Moment - Aerosmith, so depressing but still awesome. Some In Flame too, Colony, Jotun and Episode 666. Gotta find my Daft Punk CD, i havn't listened to it in so long.
  2. 8.5-9 Very solid all-around players, big and plays that way, deadly shot, puts up both a lot of minutes and offensive numbers. Still dont know why he is not on the roster for the World Cup.
  3. Either Turgeon or Kovalenko, but i think the latter got the GWG instead
  4. Not as good perhaps, but certainly just as useful. He would be the only right-handed center in montreal, remember that.
  5. Fair enough, I'm happy as long as its not more than around $3 million per year.
  6. Tucker is the guy to hate, unless he's on your team. That's how you know he's effective. Plus I'd like to know how popular Begin is in Boston EDIT: To reply to the original question, Recchi, Conroy and a healthy Desjardin. [Edited on 2004/7/29 by thejackal]
  7. Crap, if you meant goals, then that would've been it.
  8. Brett Hull, it probably won't happen, and he prolly won't want to come here anyway. But imagine our powerplay. Last year and the second half of this year, it has been sh!t. We need a shooter. Instead of passing it around the perimeter and losing it eventually, Ribs or Koivu and spot him open in the slot coming out of the corner and BAM, it's over for the other team.
  9. 6, Somewhat overrated IMO. Didnt do much despite his salary. Edit: Brett Hull [Edited on 2004/7/24 by thejackal]
  10. Bobby and Dennis Hull? (913 goals) [Edited on 2004/7/24 by thejackal]
  11. Naa, no one would remember anything after all that angeldust.
  12. Thibault should be #41 (or is his number 40? I forget)
  13. The question is, which Souray would they get? The sharpshooting monster of Games 1-20 or the craptacular d-man/pylon of the rest of the season. Beside, I'd rather not he get injured during the World Cup. He should have some rest during the summer to regain his form.
  14. Those eyes of his were pretty scary, even on photographs. He wasnt the most talented but certainly the most hungry one on the ice night after night.
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