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  1. Once again it's all our 1st liner... I bet Pleks miss Kovy a lot now >.>
  2. Price seem to have given up as a Habs.... it's sooo sad... reminded me of Patrick Roy with those hands up in the air will he request to be traded ?!? A lot of work for the Habs organization and for Gainey if he still the GM of the team !!! All my hopes for the solid Canuks to bring back the cup in Canada >.<
  3. 1st of all we need a real COACH !!! I'm sick of Montreal with their french requirement .... until we get a coach who can make the team win then the fans and media should just STFU with the 101 french law !!!
  4. I wonder how much season and years we'll have to wait Carey to finally be a solid and stable goaltender as he prove it in the juniors... I hope Price is not another Theodore and prove us to be an Osgood or Brodeur in the upcoming years !!! Tomorrow will be a very sad day I feel it's going to be a last game as Habs for many of them... Bob you believed in this team? Totally wrong....
  5. one more for the Bruins it was close... LOL and it's golfing time in less than 72hrs for the Habs !!!
  6. wow Habs play even worst in power play they rather just stick on full strength 5 on 5.... HORRIBLE !!!
  7. OMG .... It's over..... Lang Markov Tanguay Scheiner who can save us now >.<
  8. yea need to regroup... giving 40+ shots in the playoffs it ain't gonna go nowhere !!!
  9. it's a definite lost signed and caused by Gorges.... what he still doing with the Habs >.<
  10. another thing I hate about the Habs ... were playing like it's 5 on 3.... giving them too much ice to pass around !
  11. Game 1 not looking sooo good so far for the Habs !!! >.< we need to steal a game....
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