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  1. Wamsley, you are bang on that is what the Habs will be wearing this year, plus they have a 5th jersey in store as well. Moe Khan The Team 990 moe.khan@team.990.com
  2. Hey guys, I will be posting up the 3rd and 4th Jabs jerseys very shortly, yes they will incoporate the CAC in the logo in both jerseys!!! Moe Khan The Team 990 moe.khan@team990.com
  3. Hey guys, I know you have your own site to discuss Habs talk, and from reading some of your posts, all of you are passionate about the team. In fact, I have posted a link on the facebook group to this site. For those who are interested and have facebook. I hope you can join The Team 990 Facebook group; its under the search name: The Team 990 Montreal's Sports Authority Even though it is an unofficial group of The Team 990, a lot of on-air personalities are also apart of this group. Also, they have really exploded in membership numbers, but the ultimate goal for this group is to be the
  4. Hey guys, I really appreciate you guys tuning into the show, no worries, I will definitely give you a shout out tonight on the show. Once again, thanks for tuning in!!! Moe Khan Team 990
  5. Hey guys, my source has sent me the new Habs jerseys that they will be wearing to honour the 100th anniversary, however, how can I post it for you guys?!? Moe Khan Team 990
  6. Hey guys, for those who have not seen it yet, here is how "centre ice" will look like!!! http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q124/cd...ens/habsice.jpg Moe Khan Team 990
  7. Hey guys, as a broadcast journalist, I was able to find out some information on the Habs, as they will be wearing upto 5 jerseys this year in honour of the 100th anniversary!!! Moe Khan Team 990
  8. One more thing, the Habs will unveil their new look jerseys just before their first exhibition game. Moe Khan Team 990
  9. Hey guys, this is Moe Khan of The team 990, for those who might know, what number will Carey Price wear this year for the Canadiens, #31??? Thanks for your help. Moe Khan Team 990
  10. Hey guys, long time I have not been on this site, however, I still do get my reports about the threads from users that I know. Anyway, just wanted to remind you guys of the Saturday morning show on the Team 990 (am) "Bacon, Eggs, and Sports" from 7-10am, we encourage all Canadiens/NHL fans to call in because it is you guys who make the show, so feel free to call us w/ you thoughts, trade ideas, free agents, etc etc etc, or you can e-mail us at baconeggsandsports@team990.com . I hope to hear from you soon. For those who live outside of Quebec, you can tune in at www.team990.com and click
  11. Hey guys, we have some good news, "Bacon, Eggs, and Sports" on The Team 990am will be going from 7-10am, so for those who cannot wake up that early for 7-9, you can call us until 10am. We will be doing our Habs coverage in the first hour, and third hour of the show, so tune in, call in, or e-mail us. We will be having on our Canadiens insider Ryan Dixon from The Hockey News at 7:40am, and Peter Maingot from rotowire.com news at 8:40am talking about Canadiens and the NHL. Moe Khan "Bacon, Eggs, and Sports" baconeggsandsports@team990.com
  12. Hey guys, I just got an e-mail from my source, that it is being reported in the Boston Globe that the Chicago Blackhawks are interested in acquiring Sergei Samsonov for Brent Seabrook. The reason why this trade could happen is because Rick Dudley the Hawks GM has known Samsonov since their Detroit Viper days in the IHL, and it would make sense for the Canadiens because they have three potential free-agents in Markov, Rivet, and Souray. Again, this is just a rumour, but it was leaked out to the Boston Globe, Samsonov for Brett Seabrook. Moe Khan "Bacon,
  13. Hey guys, for those who will be up early Saturday morning, and need a place to vent their happiness or frustrations over a Canadiens win or loss against the SABRES, give us a call @ 790-0990. We will be doing a post-game and preview of the Habs, so feel free to send us an e-mail or phone in. Also you can tune via the internet if you do not get us on the radio dial at www.team990.com, click on listen live. Moe Khan Bacon, Eggs, and Sports, 7-9am, Saturdays baconeggsandsports@team990.com
  14. Hey guys, thanks for to those who tuned into the show. I just wanted to notify everyone that the NHL will most likley be going to the new look hockey jerseys, here is the link where you can read about the new uniforms. http://www.newsday.com/sports/columnists/n...orts-columnists Moe Khan "Bacon, Eggs, and Sports"
  15. For those who will be up tomorrow morning from 7-9am, please tune in to The Team 990 "BACON, EGGS, and SPORTS". We will be doing wall to wall coverage of the Habs in the first hour. So call in or e-mail us. Moe Khan
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