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  1. 3 mins into the third and Holland has another 4a night...that's 4 games straight with at least 4 pts....
  2. Nikon baby...I've had a D90 for close to 5 years now and love it. Nikon also makes a better lens if you decide to start throwing money around.
  3. *cough* Hello, is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes I can see it in your smile to be continued...
  4. HWL? What team could I be? I Love Buffalo.....hmm
  5. Cammalleri took the third most faceoffs last season winnning 60% of the them, I think he'll be playing centre. A. Kostitsyn/Cammalleri/D'Agostini Pacioretty/Gomez/Gionta Latendresse/Plekanec/S. Kostitsyn Metropolit/Lapierre/Laraque
  6. Havlat did play 81 games last season...gaining strength with age? Gabby is just as injury prone as Havlat. Hossa will probably demand the most $$$. I'd go with Havlat mostly because I'd want to watch him play 6-7 games vs Sens.
  7. Cheap Honda parts, whatelse do they produce in Japan cheap?
  8. I heard Habsworld has the BEST Fantasy Hockey League ever...sign me up!
  9. Fanpuck why do you have HWL above the Habs jersey?
  10. By far the best fantasy league I've ever been. Did I mention I might even talk to you if you join now.
  11. The PS3 is by far the superior system, not only is it the best Blu-Ray Player (the only one I know of that has firmware/software upgrades and will be Web 2.0 ready in March) but the controller layout is better, games are cleaner, and of course Gran Turismo, if it ever gets released. I've also owned a 360 but that lasted for a month. And i bought a Wii for the wife (Wii Fit...ya i know) its fun for parties.
  12. Kjell Dahlin

    UFC 91

    So really what now for Couture? He said at the end of the fight that he still thinks he's getting better; he's getting older thats for sure and I don't see a different outcome if he were to fight Lesnar again. IMO the only thing he can do is drop weight and move to 205. As for Lesnar, the guy is an effin beast. As much as I want to dislike him and his sword tat, he put on a good show, and provided he can take a punch (Randy didn't really land anything flush) he'll be champ for sometime.
  13. Lost tonight 4-3 in OT Cedric with his first start. M. D'Agostini - 3A Y. Lehoux - 2G, 1A (1 SH)
  14. So will the first preseason game be played online??
  15. I'm excited, just recieved my tickets for opening night Now I just have to book a flight home...
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