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  1. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Sorry, I mixed up Royun and Prince Albert. But even so, I got the tie-breaker wrong ...
  2. Nick Suzuki

    Nature of Wins, I hope!
  3. 2019 Memorial Cup

    What a finish ... Huskies take the win 4-3 with less than a minute to go. Both teams were guaranteed a spot in the semifinal at least, but this was all about the playoff seedings. If I deciphered the CHL tie-breaking rules correctly, Guelph will get the bye into the final based on the GF:GA ratio, and Prince Albert and Halifax will play again in the semi-final for the other spot in the final.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Reading more about this, I'm thinking maybe Sekera is a good risk. At least his contract is only two years, so by the time our youngsters start expecting big money, he'll be a UFA.
  5. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Guelph defeats Prince Albert 5-2 to secure a spot in the semifinals (vs Royun-Noranda) -- Suzuki scores two goals and an assist.
  6. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    If I counted correctly ... 0/1 vs Finland 2/3 vs Great Britain 1/3 vs France 3/4 vs Slovakia 3/4 vs Germany 0/2 vs USA 2/2 vs Denmark One could argue that Finland and USA have NHL-calibre teams, but then against those teams the power play id not score a goal ...
  7. Custom Habs Poker table for sale

    House! I'm short a house, too ...
  8. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Another strong game for Teasdale. Let's hope he can show the same kind of skill once he gets to the pros.
  9. 2019 Memorial Cup

    6-3 final for Royun-Noranda. 1g+1a for each of Teasdale and Fonstad.
  10. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Royun-Noranda leading Prince Albert 3-2 just past the halfway point; both Teasdale and Fonstad have scored a goal so far.
  11. 2019 Memorial Cup

    4-2 final for Halifax. Lavoie with a nice SH goal, Suzuki had to settle for the single assist in spite of ten shots on goal.
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Yeah, it might work. But it's a big risk, even if he still has the skills, he might never get his confidence back, and you really don't know until you are well into the season, especially for backup goaltender (see Niemi for an example).
  13. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Halifax has the early 1-0 lead over Guelph -- but Suzuki already has four shots on goal in the first ten minutes of the game!
  14. 2019 Memorial Cup

    But we expect more than just what is expected!
  15. 2019 Memorial Cup

    That's a solid opening game for Guelph, they are looking good for the tournament.