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  1. 3-0 for CBJ over the Leafs ... I guess this means that the Leafs will be getting Lafreniere!
  2. Right. It surely will not be easy to beat the Flyers, but neither will it be impossible, if our team plays as well as it can. I’m looking forward to some entertaining playoff hockey. And at the end of the day, our kids will have grown and matured thanks to this experience.
  3. Carter played two games. Only allowed one goal in each one but he also only faced four high-danger chances in each one. Price faced an average of almost 15 high-danger chances in the four-game series against the Penguins.
  4. Penguins were predicted to win in four. Didn’t happen. Flyers fans (and writers) are very confident about kicking the Habs to the curb. But I think this team has demonstrated that they won’t fold quite that easily. The Athletic’s model gives the Habs a 36% probability of beating the Flyers, roughly the same as the last round. We’re not dead yet!
  5. Absolutely. Byron-Danault-Lehkonen was an awesome shutdown line. Rather than trying to move Domi to a different line, I would like a different winger for him. Weal-Domi-Belzile? Domi-Evans-Belzile? That's assuming that Evans will be ready to return. (I agree that Poehling is not ready yet for this year's run.)
  6. With the $81M cap, the Blues are now down to $2M left. Pietrangelo is currently at $6.5M, and they need to fill three more roster spots, too. Even before Dunn, they will need to dump salary. Dunn and Scandella for Hudon and Ouellette? 🤣
  7. Prior to the CBJ-Leafs game being over, the underdogs have won three of the six qualifier series. Deserve a chance? Maybe, maybe not. But certainly capable of playing hockey.
  8. Eight hits by Kotkaniemi today -- the most on either team.
  9. Did anyone see whether Muller was taking notes on that Penguins PP?
  10. They are shooting the puck at the net. Lots of bodies in front, need the right deflection.
  11. Fewer than 10 shots in a period -- only the third time in this series. And Habs winning 61% of the faceoffs, none (none!) of the forwards are below 50%. Malkin is at 20%, only one win in five attempts ...
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