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  1. Belleville Senators (6-6-1) visit Laval Rocket (9-5-1) tonight. Ryan Poehling should be back in action in Laval, assuming the traffic wasn't too bad this afternoon! https://twitter.com/RocketLaval/status/1194626726560772096?s=20
  2. Suzuki is ready for the NHL, no doubt in my mind. Poehling is not there yet, in spite of his first game last spring.
  3. I do think the Habs outplayed them in the second. But only in the second. And I'm very happy with that OT PK ... PK has "improved" to 29th in the league now.
  4. Two games above .500 and second place in the division for now. I hope they manage to build on this for the next month or two, the last month of the schedule will be brutal.
  5. Merzlikins' save percentage dropped from 1.000 to 0.000 so far this period.
  6. He's been consistently xenophobic in the past. In the 80s he was already ranting about European hockey players. And in this latest (final) incident he specifically called out immigrants for (paraphrasing) coming here for milk and honey and not respecting the contributions of the veterans. He could have made a powerful message about the need for everyone to recognize and remember the supreme sacrifice of the war dead, but he chose instead to blame the immigrants.
  7. Happy to see Kulak in the lineup again for tonight.
  8. I hope not. I do like him, but I would prefer to have him focused on our organization.
  9. If Weber is ready to retire in, say, four or five years ... I wonder what kind of players Nashville would be willing to give to us, to avoid the $8M or $12M recapture penalty? And then bury his cap hit in LTIR ... that one-year $24M penalty is a killer.
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