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  1. 0+0 for Kotkaniemi tonight in a 6-1 Assat loss to Lukko. Kotkaniemi was +0 with three SOG in 20:21 TOI. 0+0 for Ylonen tonight in a 7-2 win Pelicans win over HPK. Ylonen was +0 with five SOG in only 9:24 TOI. (Almost 20 minutes of PP/PK time and I don't believe he is playing on the special teams.)
  2. I expect that either Bergevin or Julien would be able to answer that. But they are not talking at the moment.
  3. They may have just updated an old article -- that kind of thing happens all the time.
  4. He figures ranking goalie prospects is voodoo so can't rank them high.
  5. Yeah, that's right, it's 20% max for the 2021 season. Reducing games by 40% (from 82 to ~50) would probably be somewhere around 20% revenue hit based on the experience of the lockout season. The bigger potential hit, though, will come if the teams have to play in front of empty stands or reduced fan capacity. No one really knows at the moment, the numbers are not dropping and the US is in the 60-70K range of new cases per day again. Hopefully mandatory masks will allow games to proceed, at least in Canada.
  6. It's pro-rated automatically because salaries (and caps) are based on hockey revenues. If there are far less revenues, the escrow will bite the players in a big way.
  7. It would certainly make it easier for the Habs to get into the playoffs. Four of seven teams would make it in, and the past season the Canadian teams were ranked 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 24 (us) and 30 overall. Edmonton, in 12th, scored only 12 more points than the Habs.
  8. Liiga has had a few cases already as well (Karpat and Jukurit).
  9. That would be a completely segregated schedule. Add in one long road trip across the border to play the other teams, followed by a 14-day quarantine after crossing into Canada?
  10. A normal regular season is six months, so roughly 13.5 games per month. The compressed playoffs this year were about seven weeks, excluding the qualifying round. At the absolute latest, the regular season would need to finish at the end of May in order to leave room for the playoffs. In those five months, you could potentially run a full 82-game season if you optimized travel, but I suspect the end of May is too tight. 60-65 games, maybe even 70, should be quite possible to do, if the teams are willing to accept a heavily compressed schedule.
  11. A competent (or even a semi-competent) NHL GM will surely not sign players just because they are available. I would expect the GM/AGM team to work continuously with the coach(ing team) in order to assess needs and fit, even if the GM will make the final decisions on UFA signings, trades and drafting.
  12. We don't really know what happened in the Habs dressing room, or one-on-one with Julien. So until someone writes a tell-all book we'll just be guessing about exactly what happened between the two.
  13. Domi played LW in Arizona, that was no Habs experiment.
  14. I have to believe that Bergevin (and Julien) had figured out the RW/LW plan before any offer was sent to Toffoli. We just don’t know what it is yet.
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