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  1. I believe we only added Edmundson—who has been better than expected. Yes, our D could be better (although this pesky cap gets in the way sometimes) but the point CC made was that the team we have today should be playing better than it is. Somehow it’s less than the sum of its parts.
  2. I feel for you having had to write that!
  3. Yes, they should. While Bergevin didn't fill the whole Santa Claus wish list (uhh, defence), he did significantly improve the team in the off-season. Toffoli, Anderson, Perry, Edmundson and Allen are all significant upgrades. And yet here we are. Blame coaching? Well, we tried that and it didn't make a massive difference. Yeah, we have some injuries but it doesn't explain everything. Mystifying.
  4. Why is Ducharme playing Perry for 22-23 minutes? Edmundson 21+, Weber 20+. Especially once we are behind by three goals, give some ice time to the kids -- who were holding their own anyway.
  5. I figured out how to get this from naturalstattrick.com -- and Ducharme's preaching is not working, at least not yet. 19 total assists for the D-men under Julien, but only 15 so far under Ducharme.
  6. Doesn't matter who we put in goal, if the skaters can only produce 18 shots as opposed to 16 giveaways. Need some defensive discipline.
  7. While it may be a lost cause, I hope they come out fighting for the third period.
  8. Petry has been on the ice for all three goals, Evans and Drouin for two each.
  9. I don't fully trust the accuracy of the takeaway/giveaway stats on nhl.com, but it looks pretty stark tonight: one giveaway by the Jets, 14 by the Habs.
  10. Pretty much, yes. Under Julien it was 0.182, which would rank 22nd in the league (mind you, I'm pretty sure it was worse yet last year). Under Ducharme, it's 0.234 up to and including last night, which would rank ninth in the league. That includes a 13-game stretch pre-COVID break at 0.345, and then the six-game drought after that (including Gallagher and Armia injuries) at 0.056. I don't think 0.345 is sustainable, but neither is it a 0.056. Including both coaches, we are smack-dab in the middle in the PP rankings at 16th, with an average of 0.206. And, yes
  11. In the end, Tobie Paquette-Bisson got credit for the goal, his first in the AHL. 4-3 final after the Marlies pulled their goalie and scored a late one.
  12. His game in Laval is far better than last year. Whether that carries over to the NHL level is something that we’re about to find out.
  13. At least Leskinen will shoot. And occasionally even score.
  14. If someone has the time, I would love to know whether those numbers are the same or different for Julien and Ducharme.
  15. The smaller the sample size, the easier it is draw conclusions. Last six games the PP has had neither Gallagher or Armia, so could it be that the absence of Gallagher has an impact, too, and not just “our PP sucks”? Because Ducharme has improved the PP.
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