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  1. Should we be concerned? How much ice time is he getting?
  2. Ylonen 1a (on OT goal) in 3-2 win over TPS on 20 September.
  3. Yeah, if we could have this kind of PP production in the regular season ... OK, returning back to reality now.
  4. I checked a whole lot of sources in Finland but no one had any details, most were saying just "injured until week 10-12 (of 2020)". Will post if I find something more.
  5. It's a "leg injury" but I believe it's actually his knee, which would explain the six months.
  6. Not a single shot by the Panthers in the last 12 minutes of the 2nd.
  7. So we have TDD on the first line, Kotkaniemi/Armia on the second and Petry on the first pair, no one else from (last season's) regulars. Will be interesting to see how this one goes.
  8. He was surely a long shot anyway, Dallas had already given up their rights to him.
  9. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I said in an earlier post, too.
  10. Gotta love this. https://twitter.com/CanadiensMTL/status/1173350228726095874?s=20
  11. That’s really the point. But given that Bergevin is interested, I have to believe that they see an opportunity and think that they know how to unlock Honka’s potential.
  12. Pronman's prospect rankings have Honka in the "legit" range, whereas Brook is "very good". Hudon might not be good enough, but if it's to be a prospect, then something in the Ikonen-Olofsson-Norlinder range would make more sense than Brook. But Bergevin would surely prefer to hand over someone who is already under contract.
  13. From what I have read, a 3rd- or 4th-round pick might suffice. I do think we have some of those. But it would make more sense to send over Hudon. Who knows, he might find more success with the Stars.
  14. I think the challenge here (same as with Puljujarvi) is that Honka would not clear waivers, so he would need to play with the Habs or not at all. So would the Habs coaching staff be able to get Honka back on track? I don't think the Finnish connection would help here; it might with Puljujarvi, but Dallas has had Lindell and Heiskanen who are not that much different in age. But would he fit better into the Habs' system?
  15. Yeah, I think that would have been a better strategy. But we'll see, maybe this way will actually work, too.
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