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  1. I do think I jinxed that ... 😬
  2. We have now scored 67% of the league’s total short-handed goals!
  3. Sadly our PP percentage us now down to 50%! 😳
  4. Luck is part of the goaltender's permitted equipment, just like the goalposts!
  5. It might have been a problem with his skate?
  6. So is our PK team. Especially considering the first four minutes we were missing Danault and Armia.
  7. Kulak got caught in the offensive zone, so Drouin -- yes, Drouin! -- covered the Oilers' break with Romanov.
  8. Kotkaniemi is not exempt (although Suzuki is) so there would be no expansion draft impact. I personally don't think Columbus would bite on Kotkaniemi+Caufield. Because their team is set up for "win now/soon", they don't have a strong prospect pipeline, and both Kotkaniemi and Caufield will need time to mature. And, for that matter, I think that two or three years from now Kotkaniemi+Caufield will likely be more valuable to us than Dubois. And this trade would move us from cap purgatory into cap hell. But that's just my opinion.
  9. Both of them are free agents at the end of the season. We would need to sign them first and then trade.
  10. I believe we would be worse. Perry is nowhere near a Drouin replacement: 20 points (max!) for a full season rather than 50. Kotkaniemi scored 34 in his rookie season, he will surely score 40-50 this year. Dubois has been at a 60-point pace the last two years. So, 20 points (to be generous) and 60 for Dubois is 80. We're giving up 40 points (at a minimum) plus 50, total of 90. Maybe my numbers are off a bit, but this is not a big win for us. And next year -- I guess we could try to re-sign Tatar if Drouin is gone, but we'd need to give significant term to a 30-year-old w
  11. Wasn’t the Drouin-Suzuki-Armia line working fairly well in the post-season? Or is my memory failing me? This is not claim that Armia is as good a skater, though.
  12. I think the point is that late blooming is possible. I think St Louis was 26 or 27 when he first started scoring at a near-point/game pace. Drouin, too, could still bloom, even if he doesn’t reach the same heights.
  13. He did have a late breakaway chance. He declined to join Assat with Kotkaniemi and get some real games in. It might have made a difference.
  14. Yeah, they all have two-way contracts so for any one of them it would cost a chunk of money. Bergevin can only apologize for the need to do it, and tell him that it's appreciated by him and the organization. If he continues to play well, the payback will be the next contract.
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