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  1. Third in Atlantic now, at least for a brief moment. And for the icing on the cake, the Leafs are currently out of a playoff position. Yes, yes, 90% of the season still left, but am enjoying the moment anyway!
  2. Armia was scratched, too. Any word on him?
  3. The key is to use those options instead of Weber taking all the shots. They did, and Drouin picked up a nice PPG. Good work!
  4. It was the second PP unit again, it’s been the better of the two by far so far this season.
  5. It's a 3-3 win for the Rocket, with Poehling scoring the winning goal. Laval is now 3-3, having won three straight after an 0-3 start to the season.
  6. Poehling has given Laval a 3-2 lead. Providence outshooting Laval 10-7 in the third, less than three minutes remaining.
  7. Is there streaming for AHL games? I have not been able to find any so far. And US$60 is a bit more than I am willing to pay for an occasional game.
  8. Well! I'll take that. Apart from some lazy play in the second, it was a good game, albeit against a weak opponent. Mete's first goal (a definite high point), Suzuki's first (nice, but less special), another PPG, a great effort by Gallagher to score the final goal -- and a SO for Price.
  9. Chiarot's penalty was really less than necessary. Especially given our PK this season.
  10. Three of the four goals scored from close range on the stick side of Stalock. Minnesota defence is regularly leaving that spot open.
  11. They are playing hard again in the third, after coasting through parts of the second period.
  12. Armia's (PP2) and Suzuki's (seconds after the end of the PP) goals were quite similar, getting the puck across the net to the open forward at the left side of the goal. Might Julien finally have the power play working?
  13. After all this time, I missed it! I shall sentence myself to a penance of watching the highlight video a minimum of 20 times!
  14. Agreed. But I do think he can be much better than the first six games showed.
  15. LD a joke? I don't think so. Kulak is solid, Mete is still very young but improving. But the question is whether we can make do with three #2/#3 defencemen on the left side, without a real #1 LD, similar to how Julien has four fairly equal lines. My bigger worry at the moment is actually on the other side -- when will Weber be back to his normal self? If he's back to rock-solid, those first two pairs are quite workable.
  16. Woah! They pulled it out of the fire, and take a 5-4 shootout win. Evans scored in SO, after Barber, Varone, Belzile, Hudon and Poehling all missed (and so did all six Providence shooters). That should lift the Rocket out of 8th (and the cellar) into 6th place.
  17. Laval only registered a single shot in OT. That after just five in the final period. Still, at least Providence didn't score, either.
  18. Here we go ... from a 4-0 lead to a 4-4 tie. Overtime it is ... at least they'll get a single point but that's pretty grim considering the lead they had. There may be some extra skating drills tomorrow!
  19. Now 4-3 with three minutes left.
  20. 4-1 at the second intermission. Providence outshot them 19-7 in the second, but Lindgren only allowed a single goal so they go into the final period with a three-goal lead.
  21. 4-0 Rocket at the end of the first period. 1x PPG, 1x SHG, 2x 5-on-5.
  22. Overall, not flat for sure. And the team stayed out of the penalty box, too. A few mistakes were quickly punished by the Lightning, and Vasilevskiy was great, Price merely mortal. That's not enough to beat TB.
  23. I don't know that any of the forwards in Laval has shown (yet) that they should be called up. Unless it's Belzile ...
  24. PP generally looks much better than last year. "Only" 20% today but still it looks more dangerous. PK was 0-for-1 (with one shot!) but I'll give that a pass. But when the opposing goalie stops 97.1% of the shots, it makes it pretty hard to scratch out a win.
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