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  1. This raises the question, what should we do? What would be a better approach? What could a GM do to make a big difference? Tank? (top draft choices are not guaranteed though due to lottery) Trade? (sadly we don't know who would be willing to do what exactly kind of trade with us) Sign? (UFAs haven't been keen on Montreal, is it possible to change that?) Offer sheet? (try again, with more money?) Scout? (improve draft choices or look for unsigned players?) Coach? (hire a better coach than Julien?) Laval? (what could we do there, apart from securing an ECHL franchise?) While I would like to be more competitive, I don't see an obvious way to dramatically improve our fortunes? Not to say that Bergevin has been perfect (he hasn't) but if we somehow got a superstar GM, what would he be able to do to make a big difference over Bergevin? Am I missing something obvious?
  2. Why on earth would you put Weber in the face-off circle? Not that it was really going to matter, but still.
  3. He really is. Let's hope this is the new Armia, and it's not just an early-season fluke.
  4. It's still very early in the season, but I have to say that the PP is definitely looking improved.
  5. Did you post this after the second Detroit goal, or was it just prescient?
  6. I'm not sure it's harder ... it's different kind of hard. To get a #1C, you need to do good drafting and have a high draft position, that's not easy, either. To get that #1D, draft position is less critical, but you need to again do excellent scouting, and then pile up the prospects because the probability of hitting the jackpot on any given individual prospect is quite low, and it usually takes a number of years before they mature. Kind of like goalie prospects. We have a fairly solid number of picks for the next few years now. And we have been picking up undrafted prospects, too. Whether one of them turns out to be #1D is an unknown, but as Commandant says, the more you have, the more likely it is that one of them develops into a #1D -- or at least a #2D.
  7. I tend to agree with the bolded part; I personally don't think it's quite a robot he's looking for, but it definitely is character, at least in recent years. And I think this is why he views Weber as his best trade, not because of any Weber/Subban on-ice skill differential, but because of Weber's character and the intangible benefits from that. Whether any of us agree with that thinking is a whole different question, but I do think that if we compare today's team to the one two or three years ago, the team's character is very different than what it was. Weber was only the first step on that path.
  8. Kinkaid did make some good saves to hold down the fort in the third. We don’t need him to play as well as Price, what we need is a steady, reliable backup, what Niemi was in his first season. Kinkaid might yet give us that.
  9. Honestly, I am not hugely worried about the dumb penalties as I really believe that Julien can manage and improve that fairly easily. The generally poor defensive play is baffling as our defensive corps is more or less the same as last year. But I’m feeling better about our PP tonight. Maybe there really is a plan — tgat can work.
  10. I was very happy with the end-of-period power play. Yes, we scored, but beyond that, great puck control on the delayed penalty, good control of puck in the Buffalo zone and, most importantly, players not named Shea Weber shooting!
  11. If the Habs were to offer a nice upstairs job to Weber a few years from now, at, say, $1M/year, and he were to choose to retire as a player, the Preds would end up absorbing most of the cap hit, not us. Of course it depends whether five years in red, blue and white would have been enough to want him to stay with the organization in some kind of role. Just sayin' ...
  12. I honestly believe that our PP could be much better with the same players as we have today. We have to get out of this "Weber must take all the shots" mentality and utilize our other players on PP as well. While we don't have a Laine on the team, we certainly have other players who could shoot at the net from the other side, making the power play less predictable and more dangerous. Arpon Basu wrote about this a week ago in the Athletic. Sadly none of that was visible in Toronto, certainly not in OT.
  13. We added nothing. Kinkaid is nothing. Chiarot is nothing. A solid fourth line is nothing Suzuki and Fleury are nothing. A healthy Weber is nothing. Depth (in case of injuries) in Laval is nothing.
  14. And given your prediction of 13th or 14th in the East, you expect that we'll be either the worst or second-worst team in that group, right?
  15. I think that pass from Lehkonen (for the opening goal) was perfectly executed.
  16. 13th/14th is considerably more pessimistic than any of the other predictions. illWill predicted 11th based on injuries, no one else predicted worse than 10th. Who is right, we'll find that out at the end of the season.
  17. They might be exactly what we need at the end of the season.
  18. Ahhh, thanks. I was wondering about Gallagher playing the PK ... and I only caught the last 10 minutes of the game, plus OT/SO.
  19. Exactly what I was thinking. Lots of things to work on yet, but very happy to stash away those points.
  20. He was going for the top corner ... but in the end Price pulls this off!
  21. Everyone knows where the shot will come from, making it far less dangerous. Where are the PP variations they were practising during training camp?
  22. Has Weber taken every single shot on this OT PP?
  23. 5 Leafs power plays 3 power-play goals 3 short-handed goals
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