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  1. 4 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Yeah big loss if credibility when you are on an iPhone and get autocorrected


    Turn offthe autocorrect and just have the phone flag (underline) what it thinks are misspellings. I did that years ago, as soon as I saw that it was mangling all foreign names and other words.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

    Higher cap hit than I expected. Thought he had less negotiating power than Armia, but the Habs haven't exactly been coy about how much they love Lehk. 


    Certainly Julien does!


    I think both Lehkonen and Armia have upside potential for 2019-20, at least in terms of scoring.

  3. 28 minutes ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

    Statistically in their young careers, I would have to actually say that I trust Hudon a little more to produce. The difference comes when arguing about their “potential” as Puljujarvi was a 4th overall pick, whereas Hudon was a 5th rounder. 


    Yes, I think that's a good way to put it. Puljujarvi likely has a higher ceiling, but Hudon is more likely to reach his own ceiling. Puljujarvi is more of a gamble at this point.

  4. 1 hour ago, TheDriveFor25 said:

    What? Not a risk?

    This is the exact type of risk MB should be taking.. he’s a young kid with tons of potential who looked like a beast a couple years ago.. he’d be a reasonable cost, and would fit into the team window..


    It’s a low risk with the potential to be very rewarding.. 


    In principle it's a good risk, and I think there is a good chance that Puljujarvi would feel more at home with with our Finn squad, and get his game to where it should be.


    But as was pointed out to me when I proposed this (or was it Honka?) we don't really have room on the NHL roster for him. And what he really needs is ice time, I think, to adjust and get his confidence up. But sending him to Laval is a non-starter as we would likely lose him on the waivers.

  5. 1 hour ago, Metallica said:

    I am just trying to tell you that Puljujarvi isn't as bad as you make him out to be. Also I don't think Puljujarvi hasn't been traded yet not because he isn't good, but i think Edmonton doesn't want to give up on him because of his potential to be a top 6 player. I think Edmonton is hoping that like you said he goes over to Europe and Edmonton has a good year he changes his mind and stays.


    Part that, I expect, and part hesitation by other teams. The waiver rule is a killer: if he's not ready for NHL ice time, you can't get him into the AHL without someone else snapping him up on waivers. So you risk sitting him in the press box and using up a roster spot. So unless you are really weak on RW it's not a great risk to take.

  6. 58 minutes ago, BCHabnut said:

    Marner is a superstar.  I would take marner over both laine and Gardiner combined. 


    Yes, but he would end up being a superstar playmaker without a sniper that would put the puck in the net.

  7. 1 hour ago, huzer said:

    100% fake. Toronto (and Marner's camp, I'm sure) would love to trot out that Montreal OS'd Marner, and Marner refused. It'd be fun to put the Leafs in cap hell, though.


    I think either Laine or Gardiner would be a better fit (for our gaps) anyway so $11M for Marner doesn't make sense to me, either.

  8. 39 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    Waivers would be required as it's a non-NHL assignment.  Teams can do that with someone that's waiver exempt (and on an ELC) but Puljujarvi would need to clear waivers to be loaned to Finland.  The better way to do that would be to simply have him sign in Finland and retain RFA status for a year (which is what Edmonton's willing to do).


    Thanks for clarifying that.

  9. @iamhockey1 (Hockey 24|7) claims that Bergevin has presented an offer sheet to Marner for 5x$11M, but Marner has not accepted (yet). But the tweet is from three days ago so I would hazard to guess that either it's not correct info -- or else Marner will not be accepting the offer sheet at all. In either case there would likely be no official confirmation.


    $11M is the full Monty, four first-rounders, is it not?

  10. 27 minutes ago, Commandant said:

    At least Hudon has one good NHL season under his belt, Puljujarvi despite the high draft status, doesn't even have that. 


    Right. He has shown flashes of brilliance but only for a month or so at a time. And when he faltered he quickly got dropped down the lineup.


    I really think the issue with Puljujarvi is confidence more than anything. He came into the NHL too young, with minimal English skills. He's definitely not mature for his age, likely not really clicking with anyone in the Oilers' dressing room, and any remaining confidence will have crumbled as he has floated between the fourth line and the press box. A new team and an AHL assignment would be the best for him, I think, but by now he has enough NHL experience that he would need to clear waivers. And I expect that someone would pick him up from there. Going to Europe -- and not Finland -- for a year or two would probably be the best option for him to eventually succeed in the NHL.

  11. 1 hour ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    Count me in the nay!


    I would do Hudon (who has no place here) for Puljujarvi.


    Yes. But the challenge (as dlbalr pointed out to me in the Honka case) is that really Puljujarvi, too, should get some serious playing time in the AHL first, to get his confidence back and prepare for the NHL. I really think the Oilers rushed his development.


    But in order to do that, he would need to be able to clear waivers, which probably would not happen.


    I'm wondering, though, would a team be able to sign Puljujarvi and then send him to Finland for a year of maturing and conditioning in Liiga, and then bring him back for 2020-21? Based on CBA (section 13.23) it looks like waivers would only be necessary in order to bring him back during the same season. But I may have misinterpreted the CBA ...

  12. 9 hours ago, huzer said:

    But don’t you think you just answered your own question. If late first rounders rarely turn into 80-90 pt players, why would they gamble on 4 first rounders being better than the player they have and not matching? I still think the only way the Canes may not have matched is a max payer contract. I guess to some, Aho is worth that.


    They might well have matched that, too.

  13. 58 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    If he was to actually make it through waivers, then his trade value would go up (like Kulak and Olofsson last season).  That said, with Fleury and Brook needing lots of playing time (and Juulsen could be there too), there isn't really room for Honka there either.


    We do have a lot of D prospects in the pipeline. Based on eliteprospects.com, excluding Laval, eight of our 18 skater prospects are defencemen. And eight more D in Laval ...

  14. 37 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    Why trade for someone that's probably going to be on waivers in late September/early October?  Unless you really think a bunch of teams are going to want him, you might as well wait it out.  And from Montreal's perspective, why would they trade for him when he probably doesn't crack their top-8 right now?  I guess he could sneak ahead of Juulsen but then the Habs would have to carry 8 d-men, something they may not want to do.


    Right, forgot about the waivers when I was thinking about this. Honka still has a lot of potential but I think he would get a boost from spending some time in the AHL, with lots of ice time, rather than being a fourth-pair D in the NHL, with minimal ice time. But if you can’t get him into Laval without losing him, that whole idea falls apart.

  15. From defendingbigd.com, a Stars fan site:



    Finally, there is the curious case of Julius Honka. At this point, you’d have to do some serious digging to find anybody who thinks that Honka has a future with the Stars. Still, the team is holding out for a trade where they can get some kind of value for the 2014 first-round pick.

    Frankly, puck-moving right shot defenders do come at a premium. However, any deal that Honka signs, regardless of length, is going to be under the “no compensation” limit for an offer sheet. There is little chance that Dallas matches the offer, since a matched offer sheet comes with a one year no-trade stipulation.

    Honka’s there for the taking as a restricted free agent, and by going the offer sheet route, he has the ability to pick a team where the playing style and the depth chart brings a chance to both play and increase his value. An offer sheet contract should get him to the point where he has arbitration rights, and with playing time, he might actually get some comparables that haven’t spent the last season as a healthy scratch.

    If a team wants Honka, why trade? Extend an offer sheet with something reasonable and show him a way to playing time. Done deal.


    Why wouldn't someone (if not the Habs, then someone else) pick him up using an offer sheet? Or trade inexpensively -- for Hudon?

  16. 12 minutes ago, TheDriveFor25 said:

    Back to trade proposals..


    Puljujarvi for Byron and a pick...


    Yay? Nay?


    Puljujarvi for Hudon and a 2nd.


    But while Puljujarvi might work out really well in the right environment, that doesn't really solve our problems (LD and PP), either, at least not for a few years.

  17. 55 minutes ago, DON said:

    Ditto, but still see only 2nd-3rd pairing d-men on the left side and if Bergevin comes out and says "It was just too difficult to find a top 4 LH d-man through trade." given the assets they have to barter with, i will be very disappointed.:angry:


    I'm really hoping that he will address either LD (Gardiner, Gostisbehere etc) or PP (Laine etc) at the minimum. At least one of those is doable.


    And apparently Gusev is available from Las Vegas really inexpensively ... although he is not really a PP scoring threat, either.

  18. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:

    I have to think that with all the teams that need D, if he didnt get a good offer considering what Tyler Myers and others got paid... that medical cant be good.


    It's possible there is still further medical checks ongoing, although we're now more than a week past July 1.


    Almost everyone needs D -- but this year it seems that the demand from the other teams was mainly for RD, not LD. I didn't actually do a count, but that's the impression I have from my reading.

  19. 41 minutes ago, Commandant said:

    Who is this great forward they missed out on?


    The best UFA deals were the short contracts with the “P” team players: Perry, Pavelski, Panik. But I don’t really know how much of an impact they would have been able to make in the Habs’ lineup.

  20. 49 minutes ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    in the East next year, Columbus has gotten worse and won’t make the playoffs. However, their spot will be taken by Florida. NJD and Philly also improved and will probably finish ahead of us.  Next year I’ll s another lost year. 


    Bergevin has addressed one of our key weaknesses this past season (backup goaltending). If he can make another move to give a boost to the PP, it should get us to 100+ points and into the playoffs. The backup goaltending alone should get us to somewhere better than 96 points and a playoff spot.


    If he can make a bigger move (Laine, Gardiner, Gostisbehere etc) before the start of October then we can be a more serious threat in the playoffs.

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