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  1. Well! I'll take that. Apart from some lazy play in the second, it was a good game, albeit against a weak opponent. Mete's first goal (a definite high point), Suzuki's first (nice, but less special), another PPG, a great effort by Gallagher to score the final goal -- and a SO for Price.



  2. 2 minutes ago, brobin said:

    Weber is slow for this nhl... he will never be as effective as he was in the past. He is still a good defenseman but we need better D around him. He can’t dominate like he use to. 


    Agreed. But I do think he can be much better than the first six games showed.

  3. LD a joke? I don't think so. Kulak is solid, Mete is still very young but improving. But the question is whether we can make do with three #2/#3 defencemen on the left side, without a real #1 LD, similar to how Julien has four fairly equal lines.


    My bigger worry at the moment is actually on the other side -- when will Weber be back to his normal self? If he's back to rock-solid, those first two pairs are quite workable.

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  4. Woah! They pulled it out of the fire, and take a 5-4 shootout win. Evans scored in SO, after Barber, Varone, Belzile, Hudon and Poehling all missed (and so did all six Providence shooters).


    That should lift the Rocket out of 8th (and the cellar) into 6th place.




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