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  1. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Agree on both counts.
  2. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    That was a lovely disastrous play by Marchand, leading to the Blues' winning goal. Without that, who knows what might have happened.
  3. Has July 1st passed Trade Deadline day???

    You could just swap the dates for the draft and free agency, that wouldn't have as much impact on vacation dates.
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I would love to get Gostisbehere (for a some reasonable trade) but I have to thing the chances are pretty slim.
  5. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    It's hard to guess who will be available. We might even end up with a forward if there is a good one that slips down the draft order.
  6. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    First round and then some. But there are a bunch with good potential, for sure Byram isn't the only one.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Definitely better than Alzner. But losing $4M of cap space would constrain our ability to sign a UFA (or two).
  8. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Watching the women's World Cup, I'm quite impressed how FIFA's VAR system works. There are no challenges or long delays: the video assistant referee automatically reviews every major call (goal, offside, yellow card etc) and if he/she believes that the referee got it wrong, there is a quick notification to the referee. The referee makes the final decision based on the input from the VAR, including an optional review of the VAR footage. Quick and unintrusive, and leaves the on-field referee in charge. With some adjustments, I think this kind of system could work in the NHL as well ...
  9. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    I personally do think Liiga is stronger, given that there generally is not much player movement from Liiga to Allsvenskan, whereas there is movement between the top leagues in the two countries. But that's just my opinion. And, yes, Bromberg played in an adult league as well, so he should get credit for that.
  10. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    I like Heinola and Stromberg because both have shown that they can play at the adult level, in Liiga and Swedish elite league, respectively. Heinola average 19 minutes a game against strong adult opponents and Stromberg 17, so I have at least some confidence that they have what it takes to break into the NHL.
  11. LD: what will happen? What should happen? What could happen?

    A great story by Arpon Basu in the Athletic today, about Mete training shooting with Tim Turk. Turk says Mete is very coachable, and is improving quickly. Turk is really good, and can take credit for some of Gallagher's improved scoring as well. I'm confident that Mete will put some numbers on the board next season, and hopefully take another step towards being a legitimate top-four LD. Athletic's story is subscription only (though they do have a free trial) but here is a preview from Turk's web site: https://www.timturkhockey.com/how-victor-mete-is-changing-the-perception-about-small-defencemen-by-being-an-excellent-defender/
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Yes. But trade action will start before that, especially for the RFAs.
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I assume Bergevin has a plan at this point, likely with multiple fallback options. Once the Bruins and Blues finish beating up on each other we should be seeing some action.
  14. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    Based on the comments from Timmins, I see Heinola, Soderstrom and York as the three most likely candidates -- depending on what the 14 teams ahead of us decide to do, of course.
  15. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    And the D prospects in that range? Heinola, Soderstrom and York.
  16. Permanent Rumour Thread

    The way I see it ... our priority is defensive improvement (backup goaltender is far easier and less expensive issue that can be dealt with). The only real possibilities for significant improvement I see are (1) Karlsson, (2) Gardiner and (3) Gostisbehere. I think it's unlikely that we can pry away a top-quality D from anywhere else. So, my hope is that Bergevin is pursuing the three above players, in some order. Sure, if we absolutely can't get any, I'd be happy with Duchene, but that's not where the real need is.
  17. Permanent Rumour Thread

    If Karlsson is a real option, signing him needs to take priority over any other FA options. We really need D, our forwards are much less of an issue, and we have some solid prospects in the pipeline. OK, I’ll consider Gardiner, too ...
  18. It's one of the ways, yes. But we were only a few points away from the last playoff spot so any of a number of things could have won us an extra game or two, and got us into the playoffs. If we had had a stronger backup goalie If Alzner had played up to his salary If Drouin had been a little bit less streaky If our PP had been merely average If Kotkaniemi had figured out how to score on the road If Weber had been healthy all year If Price had not had a bad month If ... Anyway, this season is done. Let's see what Bergevin does this summer to address our weaknesses for 2019-2020.
  19. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Based on that ... unless we are desperate for cap space this year (or we can get someone to take Alzner's contract), it would make the most sense to do it next year. It would save $200K of cap room from 20-21 to 23-24, and let us off the hook altogether in 24-24. 20-21 would still be a big hit but we'd be down to $833K in 21-22 when we are sure to be tight on cap space.
  20. Finnish press see this as a big positive for Jokerit. And maybe it can be, if the setup works for Niemi and he can get into the right state of mind.
  21. Permanent Rumour Thread

    But in this case he may actually want to play in Montreal ... https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/going-erik-karlsson-worth-speed-canadiens-rebuild/
  22. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Weber, Karlsson and Gardiner, plus the youth movement to supplement them, would be a mighty improvement on this year's D corps. It's more than I dare to hope for, though.
  23. Permanent Rumour Thread

    We surely can't afford all three of Duchene, Gardiner and Karlsson. Maybe not even two of them. We'll be in cap trouble two years from now even with just one. So I really hope that Bergevin is prioritizing defence and working on Gardiner and Karlsson as the priority.
  24. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Don Brennan from Postmedia: https://beta.canada.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/brennan-this-time-karlsson-might-be-more-inclined-to-consider-senators-offer/wcm/5da9dc55-5851-47ca-96ad-aad95ab3cc35/amp
  25. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    Also Victor Soderstrom and Ville Heinola.