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  1. It will probably be necessary for Canada to do the same yet.
  2. Agreed (on conference finals). Maybe (on draft order). No one knows yet what scheme they will finally settle on.
  3. Ssssshhhh... I really don't want this 24-team setup, I want decent draft picks in a year when we have a ton of them. If the Fear of Carey makes that NOT happen, all the better.
  4. So, there are substantial performance bonuses. Maybe that's what took this long. How does a "junior salary" work? He gets paid (only $10,500, but still) for paying in the OHL? Is this common?
  5. And no performance bonuses were negotiated, either. Unless Hillis was holding out for some, but it seems unlikely. CapFriendly reports that he'll wear #88.
  6. Two full seasons in the KHL. And he will be two and a half years older than Kotkaniemi was when he plays his first NHL game.
  7. In no way is this is a fit with our rebuild plan.
  8. While I am not defending his HoF nomination, Langway was an awesome defensive defenceman. Not much scoring, but that was not his game, that should not determine his worth. I was disappointed when the Habs traded him, and from a purely hockey perspective we should have never made that trade. But the economic situation was bad back then, and Langway pretty much forced Grundman into making the move.
  9. If the plan is to trade him, would a three-year contract make sense? Would a (little bit) longer contract make him more attractive to another team?
  10. I did find it interesting that the two of you had effectively polar opposite views of how Gainey performed as a coach. (And Carbonneau, to a lesser extent.)
  11. They do need cheap talent ...
  12. I wonder what the rationale is for changing the lottery format. Good for the bottom-five teams, bad for us, yes -- but why would they change it now? Would it in some way be better in a COVID year?
  13. So, basically, he'll be an inexpensive signing for one year, and you need to hope you have made a good enough impression in that first year for him to be interested in staying.
  14. Is Bergevin reading this forum? 🤣 One-year ELC -- and then an RFA, I hope? With arbitration rights?
  15. I like his attitude. He says he needs a fresh start, and he's willing to do what it takes to succeed, even if it means playing in the ECHL at first. Some of the nuances of what he's saying are surely lost with Google Translate, though.
  16. I was actually pretty pleased with how Lindgren played toward the end of the season, once he started getting some starts. Much better than I expected. And better than Kinkaid for sure, and probably good enough for a backup for at least some NHL teams. But what he doesn't have is a track record showing that he can do that over a whole season. Which might make him a throw-in, yes ...
  17. And that's based on an $84M cap. That's not very likely, is it?
  18. I think we'll be lucky if we get a full 2020-21 season.
  19. Full face shields for everyone? No contact? Seriously, I agree with you. I very much doubt we'll see any further hockey for this season. Let's just hope that we will be able to do that for the start of the 2020-21 season.
  20. It's not where things are made. Stores keep less stock now and rely on JIT (just-in-time) delivery, planned well in advance, and based on usual sales volumes. A rush to buy TP will quicklyu empty out the shelves, and increasing purchasing volumes doesn't happen so quickly as the suppliers have their volumes planned, too. Things have calmed down somewhat now, though, and most things (apart from hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol) can be found fairly easily. Even TP.
  21. I expect it'll be all virtual, with video links between all the team locations and NHL central etc, something that wasn't really as practical yet in 2005. I don't think they'll want to bring a thousand (or more) people into a hotel, either.
  22. I agree with all of that, even if I didn't explicitly say that in my post. 😃
  23. Signing a two-year Liiga contract makes sense for him: if he doesn't make it to the NHL a year from now, he will still have at least one more year under contract with Ilves. I don't think Ikonen is particularly injury-prone but he has had some bad luck. But at this point I do agree that the injuries will make the road to the NHL harder for him. He may end up staying in Europe or playing in the KHL yet unless 2020-21 is fabulous. How well has he recovered from the injury, and how good will his training (prior to the season) be? We'll know more in six months or so.
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